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Metroid (Halo 3)

Posted by Saint Dickolas , 03 December 2012 · 784 views

Metroid (Halo 3) Hey guys welcome to my new Blog! I recently got an RGH to replace my old broken JTAG and I can mod again! Hooray!
I have a full modding schedule which will keep me busy for a while, so hopefully I have lots of content coming!
I am hoping for one new mod/video a week, but we'll see how it goes.

Anyway this is week one a supose, so here we have it:

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MOD POST: http://www.xboxchaos...o-3/#entry22021

Ok, so someone on here suggested that someone make a Metroid mod, it could be done as the CQB helmet is very similar to Samus' helmet. I saw this and though this is going straight to the top of my list! So I spend what seemed like an age studying Samus and attempting to recreate her in Halo 3. Cold Storage was the obvious choice of map due to the flood infection and the very Metroid-like creepy feel to it.

I began with the shaders on Samus: her visor, and her body. For the visor I used the regenerator equipment crystal shader, and for the 'red' parts of her armour, I used and elite eye shader. I know its not red but it is as close as I could get it with what I had to work with. I had to get back to grips again with modding as I had forgotten a lot about how stuff worked, and Zedd was really patient with my questions, so thanks Zedd! :biggrin: I ended up installing XBDM and the Xbox SDK (which I thought was AWESOME! Especially the Neighbourhood! Loved It!) to get everything working, I was going to at some point anyway.

After the shaders I moved on to drips and drabs of the other parts of the mod: The Metroid, the Morph Ball, and the Shoulders. The Metroid was basically an elite replaced with a Monitor and given the same movement properties as the monitor. I added a squashed tire, re-textured and a slightly squashed jammer equipment, with the same texture as Samus' visor. The little horns were made by the Life Sapper, which I will talk about in just a bit.

The Morph Ball was the forge character changed to a mongoose. I then attached a energy drain to the wheel to make it spin and re textured it with the visor realtime shader. I initially had an issue with this as the forge objects spawned up side down, so you could not drive the mongoose. I could not find a work around, I tried rotating parts, move the collision model, all sorts of stuff, but nothing seemed to work. In the end I discovered that if you look straight down while turning into the morph ball, everything works out as the mongoose spawns on its end.

The shoulders were just resized soccer balls re textured to the same as the morph ball and attached to samus. The arm cannon on Samus' right arm is resized fusion core that has also been re-textured.

The weapons. I added 4 weapons to the mod. The Power Beam, Missiles, Seeker Missiles, and the Life Sapper. The power beam was originally the assault rifle. I swapped the projectiles out with ghost bolts, and changed the firing effect. I had to change the position of Samus' left arm to fit the arm cannon properly. While doing this I discovered I could change Chief's position right down to each part of his finger, and even stretch him out which produced some pretty comedic results.
The Missiles were just a rocket launcher with the firing effect removed and the left hand position changed. Same goes for the Seeker Missiles, but they sort of failed as I gave them the same tracking data as needler shards, but they did not seem to follow any of the other players...

The Life Sapper was originally the Spiker, giving it the to spikes used in the Metroid's body. I nulled out all the shaders other than the spikes and resized the spiker to fit the Metroid better. I made the projectile relatively weak in damage and completely reduced the range so you would have to touch something to reduce its health, like in the game. I did however raise the amount of projectiles fired each second to combat the low damage properties of the projectile.

So that's blog post no.1! The next ones may not be as long though, I don't think I have enough time lol!

Cya round guys,
-p0iz0n / ARCH

Can't wait for more, I don't get how you figured out how to change the position of his arm and everything that's awesome
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