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Welcome to Xbox Chaos: Modding Evolved

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About this blog

Random stuff to the second power!

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Nate the Great

This is the magical story of how a lonely Xbox 360 S traveled all the way from Mexico, in dreaming of it's future, wished to find an owner who'd love and parent it into an RGH. The story you're about to read is true, with names unchanged. Now please, sit down and enjoy this... story.

We'll start with it's birthplace, China. Now, where it spent it's childhood, in Mexico. That's right folks, this console spent it's early years in Me-he-co, the place of cartels, drugs, and cheap prostitutes (don't ask). It's childhood was fair, as it used to play games with it's buddies which extend to each corners of the Earth. Together it and his friends would play exciting games like Viva Pinata, Sonic, and other titles that the children in India are oh so jealous of. Though, it's childhood was tragically cut short when his current parent decided he was no longer good enough for him, and sold him to a fellow in the good ol' States. This fellow was none other than the one and only DevUltra, who promised to provide a safe and nourishing environment where it could blossom into the RGH it had always wished to be. Mr. DevUltra loved his new adopted child, and treated him well. He was slow and kind to it, playing with him as a retail boy until Mr. Ultra felt he was ready to help him grow into an RGH. Once Mr. Ultra felt his son was ready, he carefully undressed him and did his best to transform his boy into the glorious RGH he always dreamt of being. Mr. Ultra succeeded in upgrading his child with the hardware his son needed, and though Mr. Ultra tried his best, his efforts were cut short when he was unable to dump his sons memories, and was only left with a partial file of his sons memories. Mr. Ultra was devastated, but charged on hoping he'd still be successful. And though Mr. Ultra's perseverance was unbreakable, he was unable to succeed. Mr. Ultra tried his best to cope, but just couldn't. Fortunately he had an amazing friend named Xythera, who he knew would take care of, and fix his son. And knowing so, contacted Mr. Xythera offering to give Mr. Xythera his son, in hopes that he'd be able to correct what he could not. And so comrads, that's where the true journey begins!

(Breaking Character Now)

So, I just aquired this console and the first thing I'm going to do is install the NAND hardware. I'll be installing the wires needed so I can access the NAND. Let's begin.

NOTE: After spending 30 minutes writing that story, I'm not going to bother adding comments for each photo explaining what I'm doing right now. The photos speak for themselves. I'll add comments later.

(These photos are in order)

Chapter 1, Finding The G-Spot

First, I had to decide where I wish to have my consoles NAND access wang hanging from, and after a short examination I found the perfect spot right above the video connections.



Capter 2, Fitting The Cable



Capter 4, Soldering To The Motherboard




Capter 5, Adding Connectors





Chapter 6, Examining My Work







For now I have the system boxed, and ready to take home with me. When I get home I'll buy the DGX and CR Rev. C

If there are any typos, don't bother pointing them out. It was 2 in the morning when I wrote this.

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