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Some New Donator Enhancements



Since getting donator status is rather difficult to do, I have decided to add a donation system. In no way do I want anyone to think that this is supposed to be like a premium service. This is simply just some very basic changes to site functions that I think people who pay into helping pay site bills should get. The set donating price is currently 5 dollars. Donating this will allow you to hold the donator group name for 6 months. I have decided to go a time based route so that I can offer donators to this site more features than what are currently implemented now. These are listed below.

  • No site search flood control
  • PM box size increased to 1000 as opposed to 50
  • No limit on the amount of pictures in a signature (provided it isn't ridiculous and takes up too much space)
  • Each signature picture can now have a width of 300 pixels as opposed to 250
  • Double the amount of people you can have in a PM
  • Increased global forum storage space
  • No download section restrictions
  • Ability to change display name up to 3 times a month
  • Donator award badge (this you keep forever)
  • Ability to hide your own posts and topics rather than just deleting them (very useful if you want to work a post in little bits a time).
  • Ability to delete your own shouts in the shoutbox
  • No shoutbox post count requirements
  • Access to site donator forum
  • Knowing you helped make a difference for this awesome website!

Also for previous heroics, you can also PM me and ask for this status since I feel you deserve a gift because of all the content you have donated (1 year). Current donators will get a year from me as well. You may have received an email stating a transaction was completed. Please ignore this, you haven't been charged.

Finally, no one should feel that they should have to purchase this. The last thing I want to see become of this is people getting criticized for not donating or vice versa. This is simply here to help us pay for site hosting. In order to get this, simply click on donations in the navigation bar. Donations are handled through paypal. Once you purchase, the status should activate immediately. If it does not, PM




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