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Halo 2 Game Night (Well, Afternoon)



Yes you read that right! Halo 2!

We are going to be having a Halo 2 Game Night on May 11th at 2 PM CDT. This is in honor of the Xbox's history as seeing the next generation of Xbox is going to be announced very soon. For most of this game night, we will simply be playing Halo 2 to relive what the game is like. Please note that this will be on the Xbox. I do believe that original Xbox games do not have a ping limit (correct me if I am wrong) so theoretically, one could play this game night with a retail Xbox or Xbox 360. I hope to have some mods at the end involving the phantom map pack, however, I need to work out the logistics of that.

We should be playing on XBSLink, however I will also open up XBConnect if need be. Hope to see many of you there smile.png

Please go to the Calendar Event link below and RSVP!

(If some of you really want, maybe we can sneak in a bit of Halo 3 Beta stuff once people get tired of Halo 2)


I'm not sure how a map pack would work out with retails joining in, unless we picked specific ones and replaced dlc maps with them (for that matter, can retails even install the dlc anymore without the multiplayer map-pack disk? I feel like modded xbox's used an 'installer' executable to get them working).


You definitely don't need a ping patch for original xbox games, I play system link with friends on it at least once every few months.

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Sorry about not showing up. I have many excuses. One of them is Bioshock Infinite nut that was two hours into the game night.

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