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Deadly Premonition Director's Cut (Pc) Stuffs

Lord Zedd



So I'd been playing around with the Xbox version for a while, and now that there's a PC version more people can actually follow along. So here you go:

If you do a 4-byte search for "007747D4", you should get one result, which will be the information for the current player. Here's a quick labeling of cool things:


You can assign a hotkey that adds to that Z float and you can essentially have a Jump button.

Those scale floats, well,

Update: The new value up there is better to search for and works both indoors and outdoors, and any character.

Then in the savefile, located in the game's \savedata folder, has 2 things to point out:

Offset x5CA is the character, your choices are:

0 York

1 Emily

2 Child York

3 Raincoat Killer



I should note that anything not York will probably not be able to open doors, among other things. But for a good amount of cutscenes they work add some silliness;

Then at xCBF9 would be your current room, though many times your current coords will start you under the world and you'll fall to your death. Don't really have a list of good rooms, sorry.

The .DLC files in \addon are textfiles and the "bonuses" each suit/whatever brings can be tweaked. (PARAM0-PARAM5)


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Oh wow, good to see some modding like what used to be done in the Resident Evil 4 days. I may grab this game tonight.

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seeing this, i can conclude i can do this on xbox version with peek poker :P with that said once i save the game, would the characters stick?

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