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About special spawning (actions 140, 141, and 142)



I've deciphered more about how the respawn actions work. The first one we'll take a look at is 140, which has technically already been documented. It's a bit of a misnomer, though, as it's not entirely clear what it does. In simplest terms it turns on respawn zones, but it's not entirely the same as SpawnZoneSetEnabled. Basically it allows the player to respawn within a respawn zone. You could use the word prefer if you like. Either way it says "use the respawn zones", where as SpawnZoneSetEnabled merely turns them on or off. Dunno why there's a need to differentiate, but there you go.

So this entry (Action #140):

<E type="Action" name="PlayerSetBaseSpawning">  <Param type="PlayerReference" varRefType="ExplicitPlayerType" dataType="Iterator.Player" />  <Param type="Bool">False</Param></E>

Should really be:

<E type="Action" name="PlayerAllowSpawnAtRespawnZones">  <Param type="PlayerReference" varRefType="ExplicitPlayerType" dataType="Iterator.Player" />  <Param type="Bool">False</Param></E>

The second, action 141, turns every available spawn on. So say you have some team spawns outsize of your respawn zone. With action 141 those become enabled, letting players spawn on them regardless of whether they're in a respawn zone or not. The default here is True, so you'll only see the game ever turn this feature off.

Action 141 should now be:

<E type="Action" name="PlayerUseStandardSpawns">  <Param type="PlayerReference" varRefType="ExplicitPlayerType" dataType="Iterator.Player" />  <Param type="Bool">False</Param></E>

Finally, action 142 seems to control a weighting between the two. Say you want both spawns inside the zone and spawns outside to be available, but one should be preferred over the other. Here's an example.

  <E type="Action" name="SetSpawnZoneWeighting">    <Param type="CustomReference" varRefType="Int16">0</Param> <!--Inside spawn zone weight-->    <Param type="CustomReference" varRefType="Int16">20</Param> <!--All spawns weight-->  </E>

This comes from Dominion. As you can see here the weight is balanced a bit more toward using every spawn, so the game should allow both, but prefer regular spawns a bit more. Let's look at another:

  <E type="Action" name="SetSpawnZoneWeighting">    <Param type="CustomReference" varRefType="Int16">999</Param><!--Inside spawn zone weight-->    <Param type="CustomReference" varRefType="Int16">0</Param> <!--All spawns weight-->  </E>

In Ricochet we see the opposite, and to an extreme. Here no matter what the odds player should *NOT* use any available spawn, rather they should ONLY use those inside the respawn zones.

Of course the research is still a work in progress, so there may need to be adjustments made, but after some testing I've concluded with the Megalo Cafe team discussed the other night is correct.

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