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Update For March 8, 2015

Lord Zedd


The latest plugin update under Assembly's Updater has been pushed. It should be available shortly on both update channels.

The Github Commit can be found at:

The changelog for this update is as follows:

  • updated rmt2 and standardized better
  • fixed up h2 bsdt and standardized the others
  • fixed string size in reach sbsp
  • fixed bit names
  • named new mode ik block in reach+ animations
  • named ai melee damage in reach+ units
  • added the swarm and transformation blocks to odst char
  • renamed transformation block to morph in h3/odst char
  • added jmrq plugin for odst (ur welcome gamecheat)
  • fixed and named boarding properties in char
  • named extra targets block in odst hlmt
  • fixed error on h3 scnr
  • added missing block in h3/odst jmad
  • named editor folder indexes in scnr
  • other small char edits/additions
  • named script values for h4 vignettes
  • fixed objective conditions block in scnr
  • small edit to odst+ squads
  • fixed phantom types enums in phmo
  • standardized and mapped pphy
  • updated naming in metagame globals in matg
  • updated all lsnd
  • updated all snde
  • updated and standardized drdf, and by extension csdt and rmbl
  • fix typos in h3/odst goof
  • added enums to h3b, reach beta, reach, and h4 sily/goof
  • fixed big issue in reach beta impo

A healthy-sized list this time around. Some changes came about while working on Outbreak. You will notice bitfield bits in reach are now named "Bit #" instead of just "#" which had been bugging me for quite some time. A semi-important fix is that the Boarding Properties in CHAR tags is named and properly sized. Injected AI should now be able to board you if the animations are all good. There was also a critical typo in ReachBeta's IMPO that caused freezing on injected objects.

Perhaps the biggest change is that now most SILY/GOOF parameters have been named and put into an enum. Previously only Halo 3/ODST only had them set up. Along with names the enum includes the value type the xex expects from each SILY parameter.


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