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    9,704 - Before rebuild



I promise it would be great (if it worked properly)

I am currently redoing the whole map because everything is breaking and it's making me hardcore rage.

Here are a bunch of pics of stuff that works:

Cores, Skulls, Flag, Bomb, Rocket, and the 'Named Location Marker' (that I never set any strings to because I can't find out where to add the strings)


Custom vehicles - Tankhog, Spectre (wip dont judge pls), Wraithhog, Supply Hog, Rebel Hog




A lot of Falcons




Rocket Ammo, Sniper Ammo (look to the left) and Ammo Boxes (and a neat sniper scope also wip)


Shade Turrets (and Halo 1 AR)




The 5 'Planes' - Grass, Rock, Water, Sand, and Forerunner


They are all Grid reskins but are neat nonetheless:


Things that broke:

- Motorcycle

- Improved AA Wraith

- Covenant Crusier

Stuff that never worked:

- UNSC Pillar of Autumn

- UNSC Frigate

- Covenant Capital Ship

Stuff that was going to be added:

- Snow Plane

- Random cool things from other people's maps (wasn't set in stone pls dont hate)

- Volcanic Rock Plane

- Lava Plane

- Ice Plane


- Pelican

- Phantom

- Sabre

- Other random Campaign stuff

- Spawnability of all Spartan/Elite variants

- AI of some sort

- Flat rock made into more natural terrain flats (anyone know how to make the collision be upscaled along with model?)

- A lot of custom weapons (like 20 extra slots)

Unfortunately a lot of things were really broken and things broke as I added more. I am re-adding all the content into a clean Forge World, basically rebuilding the map.


Strings are accessed in the locales section of assembly




I know how to do strings lmao


At first I thought I had to do something in the actual tag for the marker but it just gets them from the locations list in the strings

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