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Attempt #3



Well, it's that time again. A third rebuild of which still fails to live up to the name in any way shape or form! :D




Cvilian Bipeds


Most of the added vehicles and bipeds, non-injected




More Skulls and more Bipeds




Hold RB to take control of character...


Making the bipeds shinier to give the illusion of being wet from the rain


Placable effects test...


..has some strange effects


When you take control of a Monitor:


Reintroducing... PLANES!


Also went and added some new terrain 'blobs' for creating more natural looking terrain on top of the planes or adding onto existing terrain


To aid that, we have Terrain 'discs'


And why not add some wooden forge pieces?


Spheres because Forge lacks round objects


Glass spheres look 20x better when within the normal map area:


Other random props (protip: marine helmet can be colored)


I may or may not stick with this skybox:


I am not kidding when I say that these snuck into the map without me knowing (only Pelican is drivable, Phantom/Spirit are having seat problems (or something idfk)








Frigate Scenery:


Halo 5 Ghosts/Hogs, and AA Wraith/Motorcycle



Download Link:

Current Public Version: v3.8a

ETA for next update: Unlikely to ever come without a full rebuild, I am busy with my gaming community and pretty much every planned feature is either already added or simply won't actually work due to the amount of tags being loaded (or map size idk). Also trying to learn some amount of programming and start developing games.


Infact I have something to show for it (ehh somewhat). Here you can download a launcher test..thing I cobbled together. It serves no real function in terms of a game but most launcher functions work to some extent.

The username/pass are written to a file (in a real test they would be connecting to an auth server, but I don't have one at the moment (shocker). The update checker works in a very basic way, in that it checks to see if a file exists on a web URL. It doesn't check size nor is there any true version checking, it will say there is an update regardless of if you are on the latest version (but if the file were removed from my webserver it would not find an update. Various settings are built into the launcher and are all written to config files. The license key input is written to a file as well. If you put an application or any file for that matter into the versions folder it will infact run it through the launcher.

If my project starts to get some amount of progress behind it in terms of an actual game, I will start a new blog on this site relating to it.

Launcher v0.0.4 Download

*This is uncertain, may or may not happen*WARNING: Upon the map's final release, the current forge menu layout will be merged into the default Forge palette. This will cause any maps created prior to break (assuming they work between updates). Because of this, there will be a version immediately before the forge menu redo with the final feature set to let those who have maps already to play them, and the MapID *may* be changed for the final release.  tl;dr, It isn't happening. Forge as you please.

Please be aware that I will not be making every version available for download. The public version will be updated when I feel there are enough changes that are worthy of an update (mainly because it takes a year to upload the files)

Multiplayer Compatibility: v3.7 and below confirmed to work (others are unknown, feel free to try it over LiNK and whatnot)

Known Bugs/Crashes: 1 (If you find any please report them)

  • Space Banshee no longer works (was likely broken at some point down the road)




--[ v3.8a

* Random release of latest version, specific feature set unknown till I get back into it. This is the map as it last was on my console. Enjoy

--[ v3.8

+ Added Sword Ghost

+ Added Ghost Ultra

+ Added Corp Warthogs

+ Added ONI Warthogs

+ Added Window, One Way

+ Added Light Bridge

+ Added Light Bridge, Human

+ Added Motorcycle

+ Added Anti Air Wraith

--[ v3.7

+ Added Space Banshee

+ Added all Grunt variants to Forge menu

+ Added more props to Forge menu

+ Added all Jackal variants to Forge menu

+ Added Seraph

+ Added Frigate

+ Added Frigate Cannons

+ Added sounds to Frigate Cannons, Seraph, and Space Banshee

* Phantom is now drivable

* Spirit is now drivable

* Pelican is now drivable

* More realism work (shaders and sounds but mostly sounds)

--[ v3.6

+ Added Pelican, Spirit, and Phantom to Forge menus (they were in the map since who knows when)

+ Added a bunch of garbage to the forge menus (literally, see Props menu)

--[ v3.5

+ Changed the skybox

+ Added some easter eggs (think secret skulls ;) ) I am a liar this hasn't happened yet

+ Some work involving additional visual filters

--[ v3.4

+ Added Planes (Grass, Water, Rock, Metal, Sand, Debug)

+ Added Blobs (Grass, Sand)

+ Added Discs (Grass, Water, Sand, Rock)

+ Added Wood Blocks (Door, Window, Wall, Wall Double, Coliseum Wall, Block 2x1, Block 3x3, Block 5x5 Flat, Wall Curved)

+ Added Spheres (Metal, Glass, Wood)

--[ v3.3

+ Made all Civilian variants available in the forge menu

+ Made all Marine variants available in the forge menu

--[ v3.2

+ Added Sabre

+ Added Fast Banshee/Ghost to forge menus

- Removed the intense fog (to enable, change the fog in the map to use the one that does NOT have 'default' in the name)

+ Set sound effects to sabre

+ Made female civilian head shader more reflective

+ Replaced AI spawner with effect spawner (behaves strangely)

--[ v3.1

+ Added drivable bipeds (works on anything except brutes, brutes can be entered but not moved)

--[ v3

* All previous content was DROPPED

+ Added Scarab, drivable thanks to GINT tag (but not really due to broken af movement)

+ Added Grunt, Brute, Jackal, Civilian (male/female), and Marine Bipeds (all variants coming soon)

+ Added Spartan/Elite biped variants to forge menu

+ Added Supply Hog

+ Added Rebel Hog

+ Unlocked all Falcon Variants

+ Unlocked all Warthog Variants

+ Unlocked all Shade Turret variants

+ Unlocked Invisible Blocks

+ Added Scarab Gun

+ Added Brute Plasma Rifle (mostly, projectiles are still blue)

+ Added Halo CE Assault Rifle/Magnum (todo: increase damage for magnum)

+ Added Rocket AR (Does it really need explanation)

+ Added 'Fast' variants of the Banshee + Ghost for fast navigation across the map (may be hard to drive :P)

--[ v2.5

- Added Marty Plane

--[ v2.4

- Added Scarab Gun

- Added Corvette Gun

- Added more Planes (Lava, Ash, Snow, Molten Rock, Dirt)

- Texturized Target Locator

- Added fully textured Pillar of Autumn scenery

- Added "$op_magnum"

- Added Golden Gun

- Added Gold Sniper

- Added Gold Sniper Ammo

- Added "Bench, 6 Seat"

--[ v2

- Rebuilt everything

- Added all previous content

- Added Warthog, Civilian

- Added Target Locator model

--[ v1.1

- Added 6 Terrain "Planes"

- Changed Sniper Rifle scope

- Broke the Motorcylce and AA Wraith

--[ v1

- Initial creation

- Changed Needler, Assault Rifle, Magnum and DMR

- Added Covenant Cruiser

- Added Motorcycle

- Made all Falcons, Shades, and Warthogs availible

- Added Supply Hog

- Added Rebel Hog

- Made gametype-specific equipment availible

- Added forge-able Bipeds


Planned Features



* Easter eggs (secret skulls anyone?) Objects wont spawn when referenced in scnr for whatever reason

* Forerunner vehicles/weapons (so that the name will make sense, was actually the original plan for the first map) The whole map breaks with further injections (and apparently also tag dupes, the weapons would have been a bunch of forge object dupes attached to weapons or vehicles)

* PoA Scenery Map approaching 300MB, may not happen The whole map breaks with further injections

* Covie Cruiser Scenery Map approaching 300MB, may not happen The whole map breaks with further injections

* Sabre vehicle Done

* TankHog Done

* WraithHog Done

* Anti-Air Wraith (all new) Done

* Grass, Snow, Sand, Water, Ice, Dirt, Rock, Marty, Volcanic Rock, Ash, Lava, and many more planes Done

* Finish Brute Plasma Rifle effects The whole map breaks with further injections (and apparently also tag dupes, would have been a recolored plasma rifle particle)

* MAC Cannon Map approaching 300MB, may not happen The whole map breaks with further injections

* A skybox from one of the CEA maps (or any skybox that looks cool AND WORKS) Map approaching 300MB, may not happen It Happened (Done)

* Motorcycle Done

* Placeable Effects (sparks, fire, etc) Halo 5 forge anyone? :D Effects either won't spawn period or will get attached to the crosshairs

* Placeable Weather (rain. snow, embers) Seems to be impossible currently :(

* Named Location Marker Done

* Drivable Bipeds (as seen in Gamecheat13's Cliffside) Done

* ?Trait Zones? Requires gametype to function, doesn't work within Forge apparently(use Mythic Slayer gametype) (if anyone knows otherwise do tell)



Previous Public Versions



Tzar Maikeru likes this


I know the SFX issue, but the Seraph sounds quite funny with Banshee SFX XD.

There's no need to fix the bipeds, so don't worry about that.

So the frigate is in the Props menu? I'll search it again.


BTW, I'll send you a PM regarding the biped's seats.

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So the frigate is in the Props menu? I'll search it again.


If you go down, you will find multiple props menus. Apparently Reach has limits to the amount of objects that display in a forge menu so I had to create a second prop menu (More Props)

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I had over 300 times to test a limit of the forge menu and I still worked (in addition).


and I have a reach tutorial on sound injection, but I would leave that till last.

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There's no update yet TnT

mod's like this take a long time, and often have trouble when making the patch (EG: you cannot use your PC when exporting a patch of this size.)

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mod's like this take a long time, and often have trouble when making the patch (EG: you cannot use your PC when exporting a patch of this size.)


That coupled with Halo 5's release and being the owner of a gaming network.

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mod's like this take a long time, and often have trouble when making the patch (EG: you cannot use your PC when exporting a patch of this size.)

Well, that clears everything.

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