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Update For November 17, 2015

Lord Zedd


The latest plugin update under Assembly's Updater has been pushed. It should be available shortly on both update channels.

The Github Commit can be found at:

The changelog for this update is as follows:

  • named some damage reporting type enums in eqip and jmad
  • renamed item scale values to small/medium/large/huge
  • named h3 item grounded friction values
  • named reach unit equipment variants
  • named super detonation proj flags
  • further updates to metagame stuff
  • named shit types
  • updated metagame globals with info from bungies apis
  • updated reach damage report types from bungie apis
  • copied halo 4 beta damage report types to missing spots in final
  • fixed various errors
  • added things to unit/bipd
  • fixed block size in h3/odst chad
  • added an instant response flag in hlmt

Some small offset related errors have been fixed thanks to some research on the Halo Online side of stuff. I also came across Bungie's API for ODST/Reach, which nicely listed some enums for me, that I've added to the plugins in the appropriate locations.

A semi-special thing got added in this update is the "tricks" block inside the biped tag for Reach and later. It is the same as the one in vehicle, but will let you call specific animations using the left stick and jump. With this you can for instance set the player to a hunter, then assign the directional melees for a more realistic experience.

Do note though is that you have to be in the right "state" for it, so if an animation is only for combat:rifle, you're gonna need a rifle. But it seems most AI animations are any:any or combat:any so it shouldn't be an issue too often.

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