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Update For September 14, 2016

Lord Zedd


The latest plugin update under Assembly's Updater has been pushed. It should be available shortly on both update channels.

The Github Commit can be found at:

The changelog for this update is as follows:

  • changed h3 flags value in MP properties to 16 bit
  • added blocks to h3b equipment
  • added forced death dialogue enum to reach+ jpt
  • named text flag in odst chdt
  • changed naming of resource types in zone zonesets
  • fixed an enum value in h3-ish sily
  • named location string in reach+ scnr placements
  • named node positioning in scnr placements
  • named animation values in chdt
  • changed hidden enum in reach+ scnr sandbox to a flag
  • named firefight bit in reach+ squads
  • changed pmcg enums to flags
  • added new flag in pre-h4 ligh (lehvak)
  • fixed error in h4 hlmt
  • updated end of zone with new research
  • updated reach jmad with old inheritance block
  • removed testing values in h4 new inheritance block

It's been 9 months since the last update. Big things to mention are the better CHUD animation blocks, and node positioning in scnr, so you can pose corpses or whatever to your liking.

Probably another long delay coming, but it will be for good reason as the PC version of Halo 5 kinda came with full tag layouts, so I just have to port them backwards and LOTS of new stuff will be named.

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