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Forge World Ultimate v4.1 (with mapmaking troubles)



Forge World Ultimate Edition now at v4.1 - with some issues.


Gonna be blunt, I don't really know how to continue at this point. Every iteration at this point has continued to reach a point where I am unable to inject a single thing without things breaking. V3 suffered from this hence the rewrite, and now v4 is suffering from the same issues. Brutes were working before, but now no longer function for no clear reason. What ends up happening is that as a result of the inability to make progress I end up redoing everything, running into the exact same issues, and getting discouraged. If any of you guys have any idea what exactly is causing this (and how to prevent it) I'm all ears.

On top of that, I am about to graduate from high school and start my own game company (which I will link to if the admins are cool with it). I have an incredibly ambitious project planned to start my company off with - a fan-made Halo project, similar to Contingency and Installation 01. My ideas are a great deal more ambitious than theirs, however - namely with the engine, as I plan to use being a custom engine as opposed to using something like Unreal or Unity. Granted, the nature and scale of this project is massive and will absolutely take a good while to complete, but also unlike the other Halo fan projects, my plan is to actually keep the team mostly together and continue to create games beyond just Halo fan projects.

So, yeah. That's the status of v4.1 of the map, as well as basically my life and future goals at the moment. Screenshots and downloads will be posted either tomorrow or the next day, so stay tuned!


Go ahead, have a look at the screenshots (nothing from 4.1 pictured yet, stay tuned):



Covenant Capital Ship - While it does spawn it also seems to be very taxing on the Xbox resources, as it becomes impossible to spawn more objects afterward (and dying means you have to exit to menu)


The Pillar of Autumn. Nuff said.


UNSC Frigate


Jorge's Gun, Ammo crate, and some Gametype specific stuffs


Space Banshee, Shades, and Warthogs


Pelican and Sabre


2 versions of the seraph, regular and 'in_atmosphere'


UNSC Server, weapon rack, small truck bed, long truck bed, truck cab, cargo truck, and forklift


m70 Mill and a boulder from m45

More to come soon!



Current Version: 4.1a

MP Compatibility: Unknown

Known Bugs:

  • Covenant Carrier is a hog and stops things from spawning afterward
  • Mill is unmovable
  • Boulder is unmovable
  • Civilians and Brutes crash
  • Weird graphical issue on Sgt. Duvall's hat and ODST helmets


Planned Features

  • Custom Weapons
    • Golden Magnum
    • Golden Sniper
    • Scarab Gun
    • Portal Gun
    • Brute Plasma Rifle
    • Mobile Mass Driver
    • Energy Sword, Infected
    • Energy Sword, H5 Infected
    • Shredder
    • Battle Rifle
    • SMG
  • Custom Vehicles
    • Warthog Variants
      • TankHog Added
      • WraithHog Added
      • AA WraithHog
      • Civilian Added
      • Supply Added
      • Rebel Added
      • Scout Added
    • MAC Cannon Added
    • Motorcycle
    • Anti-Air Wraith (all new)
    • Sabre vehicle Added
    • Drivable Bipeds (as seen in Gamecheat13's Cliffside) Added
  • Forge Objects
    • Planes
      • Grass Added
      • Snow
      • Sand Added
      • Water Added
      • Ice
      • Dirt
      • Rock Added
      • Marty
      • Volcanic Rock
      • Ash
      • Lava
    • Blobs
      • Grass Added
      • Dirt
      • Snow
      • Sand Added
      • Ash
    • Rock Sets (all of the rocks that Reach shipped with
      • Ice
      • Volcanic Rock
    • Wooden Structures
  • Map Properties
    • New skybox
    • Easter eggs
    • Set budget to max object count and make each object cost 1 dollar to make the budget counter be genuinely useful instead of just maxed out

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