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[WIP] Forerunner V - Final Iteration

After over a year of nothing, I think it's finally time to make one final edition of this hefty mod compilation. After 4 other major versions that all collapsed under their own weight, this time I plan to get this thing finished on my terms.

Unlike the past 4 versions, I'm doing something that really seems like common sense and using a test forge variant to ensure that no content breaks upon injection. Along with that, I plan to take some stuff from v3 and bring it forward as it wasn't present in v4. In addition, I'm using the latest (as of the time of writing) development build of Assembly (cloned and built from Github) which, bOy does it have some features that make life easier - like having an extract list instead of using bsdt or extracting things one-by-one.

I'm taking this one slower and avoiding any rushing around to hopefully ensure that the final product is cleaner and easier to use. If luck is on my side, I'll also be making use of custom sounds and bitmaps, no telling how well that will work though so absolutely no promises (I also have next to no skills in 3D texture work so that's also a limiting factor).

This will also be the final major iteration that I'm going to actually commit to in any shape or form. The past 4, I've always felt an obligation to make a newer iteration to fix the problems of before. This time around I want to actually fix those problems and just be done with it. I've got a couple other ideas for alternate variations of the map as well in addition to the standard base version (will reveal those once base version is ready). Once MCC on PC comes out (or if I'm lucky enough to be part of the insider flighting), I will also be porting this over to PC assuming that Assembly and the other things required all work as intended. If too much is different, then I'll do so once modding has progressed far enough - which I'm betting won't take too long. its too different so its gonna probably be a bit for a PC release, maybe not until official mod support





All the characters you could ever want!



Various gametype objects, including a couple of custom skull variants.



Some custom and modified weapons. Portal Gun (by SnipeStyle), CE Assault Rifle, CE Magnum, Rocket AR, and a Golden Magnum that you can barely see thanks to the light.



Here's a better view of the Golden Magnum. It's also quite powerful.



Pillar of Autumn (is just scenery, don't get too excited - also phmo is tiny because it doesn't actually have one, and the ship can't be moved in forge without a phmo, if anyone knows of a workaround that maintains proper collision let me know)

I'll be updating this blog post later as releases get made and as I gather screenshots, as well as making a proper post in the downloads section for a change. If you have any suggestions for things you want to see in the map, let me know! I cannot and will not promise that everything will be fully realized, but I'll do my best to try and make as many of your ideas work with what skills I have.



Portal Gun - SnipeStyle [Download]


On 6/16/2019 at 0:50 AM, Alejandro MiddleCorn said:

So this no longer includes the Brute Plasma RIfle?

no sadly as the map is once again in a state where its pretty much locked in terms of content i can add sadly, here soon ill get a couple patches made and ill release v5 as is

however since MCC is coming to PC and since mod tools are out of the question i suppose this might not be the final iteration, just the final iteration for 360 because i don't know if i'd be able to ever go back to 30fps again lmao

plus PC means more p o w e r

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