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    11,242 - v6 (MCC Edition)



Whew, it's been a few years, huh?

Some of you might recall this old "" project of mine. For those unfamiliar, I started the map back before I had half a clue what went into modifying maps - and the idea in the very beginning was to try and add a variety of new content with a forerunner aesthetic (vehicles, weapons, etc) to Forge World. This proved to be... difficult - and so it later became "Forge World Ultimate" - with the goal being to create the best forge canvas with as many goodies as possible. Drivable bipeds, campaign content, and so on.

For the first however many versions, though, the map eventually reached a point of no return - where me trying to add one more piece of content would irreparably break it. Each time, I went back in later and tried to start over - with the hope of avoiding those issues - but it was never meant to be.

However - as of writing, Halo: Reach tools for MCC have released. And so I can finally do what I've been waiting to do for a long time - re-create the map, on PC, with the official tools - and finally give it everything I've ever wanted to.

I had hoped to continue posting here, picking up where I left off - however sadly I hear that XboxChaos will likely be going read-only soon. As such, I've (with administrator permission to share) set up my own blog on my own personal website where I'll be posting updates about the development of this new version of "". I've also brought over my old posts as well, going back to 2015, so that all of the development and version history can be found in one place.

In the future, I'll be uploading the old, incomplete version of v5 that was never released for Xbox 360, just to get it out there - but for now, my main focus is making this map better than ever on MCC. I'll also be working on setting up a download portal containing all version of the map - all in one convenient place.

For anyone in the future who might stumble on this and want to check out (or download) the newer version of the map once it's out, check my personal blog here:

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As of today, version 6.0 has been released and is now available for download.

NexusMods Download: Download:

For those interested, the download also includes all prior versions of the map for the Xbox 360, including the previously unreleased 5.0. You will of course need a modified Xbox 360 (RGH or JTAG) to run the Xbox 360 versions. All releases of 6.0 (including a couple beta builds) are also available on the page as well.

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