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Some Site History



Found some pictures of the old forums. This is before we had our own hosting XD.

A concept that never met production...


The very first forum skin



Some error log picture I had


And of course, bans.


We used to be named Halo 3 Systems if you didn't know this already. We changed names in March of 2010. These are from August of 2009


Guest Gamecheat


Still looks the same

*Edit from Xythera: fight me irl do you even lift

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You should make a post about the history of this place in general. We've really come a long way ;)

I need to find some old Pics of the IPB 3.0 days... Got some?

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I remember when I first came along and met a bunch of you guys. I found the site through youtube, it was some subdomain site that dead was on, which is why I came and checked it out in the first place :D


Really glad I did :D Back then my username was Chimera or something lol

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