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Halo Xex Offsets To Note (Now With TU7)

Lord Zedd


Dumping these in the meantime until Assembly can use them. All bytes, poke x1 to them.

To get pan cam, you have to enable normal first, then poke pancam.

Don't be a jerk and repost these everywhere, not that notes like this have ever stopped jerks anyway.

Speaking of jerks, don't be a jerk and use these for evil. Though it hasn't seemed to stop people making stupid ass cheating tools. It's too late now but I have removed anything that could be used maliciously, which is a shame because revert checkpoint has a legitimate use when testing things.

Halo 3 Builds:



8222A887 toggle normal debug cam

8222A912 toggle pan cam

82B795AE redraw shaders


Dev Demo

8218F5B7 toggle normal debug cam

8218F643 toggle pan cam

8289D4D7 redraw shaders



821907D7 toggle normal debug cam

82190863 toggle pan cam

828C4712 redraw shaders



821A04B7 toggle normal debug cam

821A0543 toggle pan cam

828E676E redraw shaders



82197877 toggle normal debug cam

8219793B toggle pan cam

829252A3 redraw shaders

Halo Reach Builds:


Pre Beta

822628E3 toggle normal debug cam

8226296B toggle pan cam

8347DC34 redraw shaders

836837E8 toggle UI


Public Beta

82191EEB toggle normal debug cam

82191F53 toggle pan cam

82FD7C30 redraw shaders

830AA408 toggle UI



820D48DB toggle normal debug cam

820D4943 toggle pan cam

83150D51 redraw shaders

832272C8 toggle UI



820D49B3 toggle normal debug cam

820D4A1B toggle pan cam

8315159A redraw shaders

83227AC8 toggle UI



820D46B3 toggle normal debug cam

820D471B toggle pan cam

83150DD5 redraw shaders

83227348 toggle UI

Halo 4 Builds:



822E450B toggle normal debug cam

822E4577 toggle pan cam

8407FB57 redraw shaders

84777310 toggle UI



822E4A2B toggle normal debug cam

822E4A97 toggle pan cam

8407FDF0 redraw shaders

7510 toggle UI



822E4613 toggle normal debug cam

822E467F toggle pan cam

8407FDE2 redraw shaders

84778110 toggle UI



822E458B toggle normal debug cam

822E45F7 toggle pan cam

8407FDE2 redraw shaders

84778110 toggle UI



822E46E3 toggle normal debug cam

822E474F toggle pan cam

840900E6 redraw shaders

84788A90 toggle UI



822F4A3B toggle normal debug cam

822F4AA7 toggle pan cam

840A42EE redraw shaders

8479E8D0 toggle UI



822F4633 toggle normal debug cam

822F469F toggle pan cam

840A446E redraw shaders

8479EB50 toggle UI



822F50A3 toggle normal debug cam

822F510F toggle pan cam

840C2196 redraw shaders

847BC9F0 toggle UI

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Would it be possible to get the network debug offsets, or even explain how to find it. Even if they are tu0 I just want to mess around on LiNK and look at what information I can find that aids me in figuring out how the connection differs  from one title to another.

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