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    How can I download Ascension or Snipestyle's patcher?
  3. .MAP

    How or where can I dowload Ascension's patcher or snipestyle's patcher?
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    My god you've done it! But the results were terrifying. I would attach a picture but geforce experience doesn't want to play nice. You wouldn't want to see it anyways lol. I don't know why I was so stupid, I must have forgotten that I hadn't tried the tank mode, I was already spending all my time in the spartan node moving it to his face I guess. Gah i even mentioned changing the tank's mode. Thank you so much. Also, if you're not too busy. I've made a flamethrower warthog and it is fun (video on it later). But marines can't use duplicates of the gauss or chaingun weap even if I don't change anything about it, so I either gotta turn all gauss's into flamethrowers or have something be player-only. I'm thinking it's something with the tag duplication plugin. I've spent all day yesterday digging through ai stuff and chunks seeing if there's some sort of palette or page I need to add it to. Crime scene Evidence:
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    Ok, so this is in Reach, but I imagine it can't be too different, right? It was in the mode file, so points for my memory for a change! For this example, I changed the Elite's head node Default Scale to 0.1, to horrifying results. If that doesn't work, you may need to find a way to edit the Tank Form mesh itself; I've edited weapon parts before, so I may be able to look into it further if this fails. Good luck, if you figure it out, please post it!
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    Thank you for the kind replies! If you can remember the entry that'd be awesome. However you're likely thinking of the "Default Scale" under Nodes or "Scale" in Marker Groups. Neither have shown any results unfortunately.
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  9. Sounds pretty good; I was working on a Halo 2 campaign mod myself until Reach dropped. Do you have any details about the changes made, or is it mostly just enemy AI health and accuracy (I'm looking at Jackal Snipers). I would be more open to downloading the mod of there were a bit more information.
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    A tutorial would be great, Halo 4 is in need of some TLC from modders.
  11. Holy moly, this is beautiful. I will admit, it's a little outside of my scope; I had trouble running the Assembly build in VS. I would hand over cash for this game, no questions asked... Such a shame things went the way they did.
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    I want to say model scale is just one of the scale variables in a mode file, but I have been playing games, not modding for a few weeks now and I have a terrible memory. I'll look it up when I can, but I have to work today (kinda lucky). Looks like an epic project.
  13. Starting to look more and more like no
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    cool shit, this deserves way more attention
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  16. All Milestones Download Link - Introduction - Before delving into the patches and fixes, it’s important take a look at the vanilla xex released by Lehvak. As all of you may know, the release xex started off in a state of brokenness. This was evident by the instant crash that’d occur once it was booted. Personally, I was looking forward to playing the infamous canceled N-Space project known as Haggar. So, when this crash occurred, I decided to look into it further, and the first place anyone looking to fix crashes should go is Visual Studio 2010; the version provided to a user once the installation of neighborhood has wrapped up. This version contains a very handy feature that lets you debug Xbox 360 games by remotely attaching the studio to your dev kit. From there, it’s all about finding the break points and formulating fixes in IDA which should then be transferred to the xex via HxD. As a side note, be sure to decrypt the xex using xextool before applying changes. Once changes have been applied, encrypt the xex and put it back onto the Xbox 360 for testing. With that out of way, lets take a look at the first error Visual Studio was outputting to us. The error is an assertion failure that seems to stem from the fact that the game had it out for spawning due to a presumably bad cook of the engine file. Anyways, the error did not signal the end of getting this thing booted; in fact, it was only just the beginning. As for the fix itself, to get rid of this annoying error all we had to do was NOP the following two addresses in the decrypted xex: 82AB4134 and 82AB4148. Finally, the first milestone had been reached in repairing this very broken build. The pictures below showcase the errors in IDA which helped me formulate the fix to get around the assertion failure: Milestone 1 - The first sign of progress came in once I was able to bypass the incredibly annoying aforementioned assertion failure. Sadly, the xex still wouldnt boot, at least not to any significant point. Once again, I analyzed what Visual Studio was spitting out, plugged the address into IDA, and fixed the error by simply changing the value of the integer that the register is compared to which caused the function to branch to another location instead of failing the function and crashing at the next line. The picture highlights the address of failure and the zero I had to change in order to get around this crash: Milestone 2/all loading screen hang ups – This is where the first sign of life becomes visible. I am of course referring to the loading icon in the bottom right hand corner of the screen. Sadly, this icon only moves for a few seconds before the game decides to crash again. Thankfully, this crash can be fixed by once again NOP’ing the addresses given to us by Visual Studio. Repeat this process about 2 more times and we will have reached milestone 3: Milestone 3 – Finally, the game loads all the way and introduces us to a nice mission startup screen. Additionally, once we press A, a black screen with only a HUD appears. Sadly, if we attempt to press a button on the Xbox 360 controller, or even attempt to use a keyboard, the game crashes: Milestone 4 - 6 – These basically just make the game more stable and remove any crashes that’ll happen if you press a button, attempt to use a keyboard, or input certain commands. As for specifics, M4 fixes the controller crashes, M5 makes it more likely to load into the main menu upon entering “open main_menu”, and M6 increases the time before an unfixable crash occurs when trying to go to magicmoments via the “re <enterremoteevent>" command: Milestone 7– M7 fixes the crash that’d occur in the event you press a keyboard button outside of the console. It is the latest patch and will not crash randomly. Moreover, it’s the most stable version of the xex and includes all fixes thus far. Moving around in Milestone 7 – After pressing A, you’ll probably be surprised to realize that the screen is still black and not like the pictures I’ve been posting. Well, to fix this simply type “freezeat <coordinates> “ and then type “FOV <fov>”. This will reveal the place you froze at. If you want a good starting point, type “freezeat here” in order to be frozen at the spawn point. Then, type the fov command in order to reveal the scene. Remember, you only need to type the FOV command once and you’ll be able to jump around via coordinates without needing to constantly change the FOV. Spawning enemies, objects, and being able to see them – To spawn enemies, type the command “re spawnreturnencounter_beforebridgeleft”. Then, to see your newly spawned encounter, type “freezeat -119153 -100000 600 0 -500 0”. Remember to do the FOV command if you hadn’t done it already. To spawn objects, type “re cpload_b1_starttounsc_base”. This will load in the bloks and all the other intractable objects in the first area. On a final note, in order to unfreeze the scene with out going back into the black screen, type "rendertimefrozen 0" in the console. Congratulations, you are all caught up on the repairing of Halo Mega Bloks. Now, lets see if we can get it to spawn! Milestone 8 - Fixing Cheats, Restoring ClassInput, and Giving Playerpawncontroller a Camera- The 8th milestone comes in the form of console commands that restore important features to the build. First, re-enabling cheats. For this, all you have to do is enter "set playercontroller cheatclass Halocheatmanager" into the command line. Then, simply type, "enablecheats". Just like that, cheats are restored! As for noteworthy cheats that cause crashes, "avatar <enterclassname>" does not function at the moment. This is the command for possessing NPC's and as you can imagine, I was pretty upset when I was made aware of the its decision not to work properly. Following this update, I will be investigating the crash around that command in an attempt to repair it. Another important feature I've managed to fix is the inputclass which used to consistently fail on trying to pass a class to the player. If one were to have Visual Studio or even XBWatson open whilst running any of the milestones posted above, they'd be met a constant barrage of "ScriptWarning: Script call stack: Function Engine.PlayerController:InitInputSystem" messages. Thankfully, by simply entering "set playercontroller inputclass utplayerinput", the problem goes away. The final command to enter gives the playercontroller an actual camera. In order to do this, simply type, "set playercontroller cameraclass camera". To demonstrate what these commands can do, try typing in "re playintrocinematicfull" once you've entered all of them in to see the intro cut scene playout! Using the freezeat method, this wasn't possible. Finally, viewing the perspective of spawned NPCs is possible by entering in all of the bold commands previously mentioned, spawning an encounter via "re spawnencounter", and then entering "viewclass <classname>". That is all for now, be sure to respond in the event you discover something new. Internal Enemy AI Class Names for viewclass command: HaloAIJackalPawn HaloAIGruntPawn_Ultra HaloAIGruntPawn_Kamikaze HaloAIElitePawn HaloAIElitePawn_Veteran HaloAIJackalPawn Pictures:
  17. .MAP

    This is just a copy and paste of Gamecheat13 map called firefight support just recreated for halo reach MCC so all credit goes to him I take no credit, also thanks for Akaries for the script compiler that made this a whole lot simpler. This is still a WIP known bugs so far is Ai not spawning in phantoms. I believe it's just a bug from the script compiler when recompiling. Enjoy Map Download: Just drag and drop into wherever your map file directory is. ex: D:\Program Files\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Halo The Master Chief Collection\haloreach\maps Makes sure to back up your original .map files if you want to play matchmaking.
  18. Modding

    @gunguinha yes, see the post above showing a custom painted weapon - that is done with a custom texture
  19. General

    Awesome thank you! I literally saw that you where making a compiler right after i posted this.
  20. General

    Here: Go ham. (MCC only, you'll need to take snipe styles build and fix it up if you want regular big endian support OR fix all the endianess of how the expression values are written. Im lazy.)
  21. General

    Okay so i'm trying to add extra ai in a firefight map but I can't seem to find the "sq_sur_drop_01" squad from the expression list/scripts and change it out with a different squad of my own as in pictures down below. I've had to guess and check for the ai_place opcode. I've basically just been guessing function names and see if anything changes in the script. sorry for the broad explanation as I don't have too much time to go more in-depth. I'll elaborate later down the road and keep this updated...
  22. General

    Flood-Spartan Video: With news that MCC PC has been out for a while, and H2 and H3 PC are about a couple months away, I got real excited and started looking around the modding community for the first time in about 1.5 years and was excited to see the Xenia project has become extremely viable since I last checked. So I booted up my old project into xenia and got back to work. This is just how I left it all the time ago except I show you how I recently added the tank head. Any help scaling the head so it better fits the visor would be greatly appreciated. I've been up and down this site looking for something about model resizing, but the only thing I could find was Zedd's code for editing the xex, but if I could find an address to permenantly change my custom .mode and/or hlmt then I could share this map in the future without having to also share a xex along with it. Did it! Big shout out to ReteroX for the help! My current mod goals are all for this map and are as follows (list-items less likely for success as it goes): Rescale tank head on flood-spartan, and maybe fine tune it some more. Retexture the flood-spartan with photoshop and 3ds max (I have everything I need, I'm just having a hard time unwrapping the uv exactly how bungie did it. How is everyone else retexturing spartans? I can't even find a guide to do it in halo ce even) Fix how the player can't start with a shotgun for some reason. (The odst next to me gets one wtf) Perhaps add a flood left_arm_garbage to the flood-spartan as well. Give Jackals and Grunts the same treatment as I did the spartan. Make Spartan Corpses/Jackals/Grunts infectable like brutes/humans/elites. Randomized Spartan Permutations. Remove the dialog, title, and AA blasts from the cinematic since I can't remove the cinematic, also maybe swap the music. Recreate the Flood swarm from halo wars (When I get to that I'll likely use Sentinels or Gamecheat's unmanned banshees, in combination with the quadwings from The "Skulker" new unit that's a hunter animation-inheriting a stalker, new textures and bump maps to cover up metalic bits and make it all look fleshy. (Lore: not a flood hunter, just another pureform or stand-in for the Thrasher. Everyone knows Lekgolo are immune to infection.) A flood weapon that fires ranger needles and that looks like it was pulled off a pureform. Port over Zedd's flood-engineers and make bangers a lot more noticeable from other popcorns. The "Firecat" (because FirePuma doesn't sound as good), a red Warthog with a flamethower turret. Block that one door with a flood asteroid Learn a lot of scripting for next parts Add more squads to that last area that spawn after one another when it is cleared out. A bloc (crate/etc.) with a 'Use' key that spawns weapons/grenades/equipment/etc. Force campaign scoring to always on and use as money. Script that checks campaign score, if x or above, subtracts x from it as though friendly fire, when player presses use key on one of those blocs. Have blocs say something like "Firebomb (300)" or "Magnum (100)" on its ingame prompt. Figure out how to get phantoms/pelicans to drop squads like they do in rest of campaign, rig that up to a bloc (antenna) as well. (Lore: A covenant antenna could intercept covie radio and call in a distraction 3-way battle for you at the expense of some score points. Blocs that call in actual allies would obviously cost more.) Friendly hunters that are colored green like the sangheli phantoms (which can be called in). Seriously, why wasn't this already in retail? Some Hunters defected too. Friendly mp_spartans as well (that can be called in for a hefty fee). Make a flood-truth boss. Hopefully this all syncs over LAN as it's technically just a campaign level. Stretch goals. Change the water to resemble water from Cortana level. And do detail work trying to get parts of the environment covered in flood mass. Have new flood squads drop in how they do on the Halo level (last level). Whenever model injection works, likely on the upcoming PC port, juggernauts, thrashers, the h4 flood-spartan, previous flood versions, and flood from Halo Wars 1/2 would be sweeet. I'm aware that Zedd's flood firefight mod exists for ODST, but I want the full spartan/H3 experience this time. Thank you for reading, any help is appreciated. Still doing as much research on my own as I can, things are changing every minute, especially with all my free time due to the coronavirus outbreak. Stay safe guys.
  23. Oo you have any op codes for halo reach MCC? trying to make ai spawn but it's pretty much a guessing game at this point.
  24. is it easy to change character heads in halo reach because I'd really like to do that
  25. General

    damn. nothing yet.
  26. any body got any modded usermaps/gametypes in there file-share for halo mcc ?-
  27. Hey there folks, I've been trying to research this, and due to either no available explanation or me not knowing what to even call these, I've come up empty. I've seen these hex values present in virtually every leaked development build of a Halo game. It's these 8 hex values that constantly appear to change. What exactly are these? What do they refer to? It appears to be a sort of either a counter or a memory address, but I'm just throwing guesses at a wall. And I figure if anyone outside of Bungie and/or 343 knows it'd be some of y'all
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