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  1. Yesterday
  2. Support

    BEAUTIFUL! Got it all cleared; thanks for all the tag ref suggestions.
  3. Support

    I assume chdt tag? I'll give it a go!
  4. Support

    you can also set the resolution of the hud to 0x0, its in one of those hud tags, that is what i did for my cutscenes mod
  5. Support

    I cannot thank you enough! The only thing left now is the little yellow radar dot that keeps appearing every time I move. Any suggestions?
  6. Last week
  7. Back with an update, switched out the 020_bsp_010 (I believe it's called) and tried importing the sandbox file that was still there. Had zero luck, followed the tutorial from Part 6: Fixing Stuff to If your BSP was the first in the map, continue reading here: and I still am at a black screen. I might be outta luck it seems. I have also tried adding the original SBSP from and pointing stuff towards that. No luck. Edit: just compared scnr files/ added anything missing. Still no luck.
  8. Support

    null the "forge hud" ref in chgd
  9. Essentially, I wanted the entire forge editing interface removed (Not the sandbox pallet). I just need the budget logo, forge hand, removed or invisible: Sorry, the image is a little dark, but I'm trying to just remove the entire forge screen UI essentially so I can fly around. I went into the monitor BIPD tag and removed the chdt interface tag, but there's still stuff on the screen. I cannot find any other tag references, any ideas?
  10. .MAP

    I had no Idea! Too awesome; I will have to give it a go sometime.
  11. The BSP tutorial can still help, just follow it in reverse up to where the new bsp gets injected. Open a clean sandbox to get the original block offsets for stuff as you go, assuming they were swapped out in ai playground and not edited in-place.
  12. Support

    null out tags the char and effe tags refer to that you dont need, right?
  13. .MAP

    nice review! just to note, select+melee will make you invincible, and the cheering ai have seats and can be controlled
  14. You need to isolate the tags you want, injecting a BSP is not just a right click extract/inject process. Go check zedd's tutorial on the matter.
  15. Thanks man! In my case I noticed gamecheats map file still had bits of sandbox, (in which swapping some things didn't end up well) in my attemps to actually port over the maps (I tried both char and the effe tags) I however ended up with 10gb in tags, in which I can already see is going to be very unfortunate. Seems like it's not even worth the work at this point
  16. Dont bother injecting anything such as BSPs as you'll very quickly hit a file size limit. You be better off starting from scratch and either porting or writing the scripts yourself in a new map. If you want to make AI spawners just use an effects, see gamecheats setup for examples.
  17. .MAP

    Somehow, I actually never got the map to show up in the Campaign lobby. However, what I did was replace my with the modified (patched) one and it seems to work. NOTE: In the Campaign lobby, Be sure to select Rally Point Alpha, not the first start point. Anyway, I did a quick showcase of your mod! Thanks for the PM help! <3
  18. Greetings! I recently got into halo 3 modding and Assembly (I used to do biped switches when I was a kiddo on halo CE, so I always knew the basics lol) I have experimented with many maps, but none were ideal to me besides GameCheat13's ai playground. I really enjoy the map but I heavily dislike the lack of atmosphere (just being in a giant box, made of sand) I want actual terrain rather than a giant box. Upon checking my scnr file I did find the BSP for sandbox in gamecheats playground (the original halo 3 map) and I really wanted to switch over, despite matching up the default' s scnr and the ai playground scnr for sandbox I couldn't get the map to actually load this way. I tried replacing files form the original sandbox file but even doing that had no avail. Is there any possible way to switch over this map? I really love the scripts and everything else besides the BSP of the map. I would love more terrain and atmosphere. Before anyone copy pastes me the BSP injection guide and the .map modding basic guides. Yes I have looked at these, and no they didn't help with what I am trying to do. (Should go without saying since this is why I am posting though.) I am open to anything otherwise. Thank you in advance!
  19. Modding

    I have done it: In order to do this, i found a [BITM] that used a 1 main raw and 1 mipmap raw (most use 2 mipmap), used the tool from the tutorial to get the raw files for my bitmaps, then used a good 'ol hex editor to inject them into the tagc (and change the tag name) and then inject it into my map. I can look at doing a more detailed step by step guide soon if needed (and if i have the time, it may be a while)
  20. Modding

    That tool in the tutorial does not support h4 at this time.
  21. Modding

    Refer to this tutorial for custom bitmap injection. I haven't tested this out on Halo: 4, so I can't say for sure if this will work. Best of luck.
  22. Earlier
  23. Man, I'm lacking that Halo 4 Test Container DLC. From PartnerNet right? With and Hopper Test? Would love to have that one, but don't have PartnerNet access. (Also don't have PC 1.0 and 2.0 betas, but I doubt there are many differences. Halo 2 PC Beta probably doesn't have much too). Didn't know the OXM demo would be considered a beta, lol, but I also have that one. To be honest, I'd rather save space than grab all those builds with hardly any differences, lol. I had them all at one point, but decided to delete them except for MS23 and MS30 (First and last), since they're all available via Wayback Archive anyways. PM Sent for both Epsilons. PM sent. Everything I have, lol.
  24. Hello there. So I didn't want to make a thread to waste peoples' times, but I tried searching everywhere and couldn't find an answer to my problem I've read the tutorial for porting campaign maps to multiplayer, and assembly guides posted within the tutorials forum for Halo 3, however, I didn't find anything relating to the problem that keeps persisting for me. I've managed to move a campaign map from singleplayer to multiplayer, images work fine, etc, and I can load the game in slayer just fine, but if I try to load the game on forge, the game instantly ends and it says I've won the game, I don't understand how to fix this. I've downed it to a problem with team games like team slayer or forge (because forge is a team game). I triple checked my spawns in scnr in Assembly, and still haven't found a solution. Any help would be greatly appreciated
  25. Lehvak, is there any way I can reach you outside of this? I feel like this isn’t really working out man
  26. Support

    Can anyone tell me how to fix this error, i have extracted a Char- tag from a, then opened and clicked import, When i click on the tag i extracted to import i get the error
  27. Now im fairly new in the modding scene and im wondering how to import custom bitmaps into .map files for halo 4.
  28. You said how to do things in halo 3, not reach, reach's engine is heavily edited and many thanks are different. How to do it in Halo Reach: You don't need mapexpand anymore as I said assembly has a built in feature to expand a reflexive's chunk count. Also You should read this:
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