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  2. So i made this a short list of things any user of Assembly can change without much in-depth knowledge of Blamscript /Forceloading /Injection. I will update this in the future whenever possible I]airs - airstrike 1.>Initial Shot Delay - 0.1 2.>Time Armed - 3.>Recharge Time (seconds) - 0.1 4.>Delay Between Shots - 0.3 5.>Total Shots Fired - 16 II]bipd - biped 1.>Go to Change Color ->Initial Permutations ->Color Lower Bound ->Color Upper Bound 2.>Flags Melee Attack is Fatal Can Dual Wield 3.>Dialogue Variants ->Grenade Velocity ->Grenade Type ->Grenade Count 4.>Weapons ->Weapon 5.>BIPED Immune to Falling Damage Spawn Death Children on Destroy Jump Velocity 6.>Physics Climb any Surface 7.>Contact Points Death Spawn Character Death Spawn Count III]char - character 1.>General Properties Flags -> Dual Wields ->Cannot Swap Weapons With Player ->Revive on Death 2.>Weapons ->Weapon 3.>Vitality Properties Vitality Flags ->Can Revive on Death Normal Body Vitality Normal Shield Vitality Legendary Body Vitality Legendary Shield Vitality Extended Shield Damage Threshold Extended Body Damage Threshold Backup Weapon 4.>Charge Properties Melee Consider Range Melee Chance Melee Attack Range Melee Abort Range Melee Attack Timeout Melee Attack Delay Timer Berserk Weapon 5.>Evasion Properties 6>Cover Properties 7.>Grenade Properties 8.>Equipment Properties ->Equipment ->Usage Chance IV]chgd - chud_globals_definition 1.>Global Dynamic Colors V]eqip - equipment 1.>Flags Does Not Cause Collision Damaga 2.>Change Color ->Initial Permutations ->Color Lower Bound ->Color Upper Bound 3.>Equipment VI]hlmt - model[Can be used to make NPCs /Allies,Enemies,Vehicles have Invinciblity along with Increased Health & Vitality] 1.>Go to Omaha Damage Info ->Check the Flag that says "Cannot Die From Damage" to get Invincibility for UNSC Marines /Army Troopers and in order to get Undamaged and Indestructible Vehicles go to Base Vitality and change the numerical value to 1E+38,Vitality Percentage to 1E+38 and if needed change Health Levels to 1E+38. 2.>Omaha Targets ->Lock-On Distance 3.>Nodes ->Flags ->Active Camo Always On ->Active Camo Always Merge ->Active Camo Never Merge 4.>To change the Warthog's Default Back go to warthog.hlmt->Child Object and change it to any other warthog variants such as Gauss Warthog,Rocket Warthog, Troop Transport Warthog,etc. [Note :This changes all spawning Warthogs's back on a map to the one you select. However this may not always work as some variants may be in the .map file but not loaded on the map and may require Forceloading(Using this can crash the game so do some extra information gathering on how to spawn such objects).] 5.>Omaha Instant Responses Damage Threshold VII]jpt! - damage effect 1.>Flags Does Not Hurt Owner Can Cause Headshots Does Not Hurt Friends Detonates Explosives Causes Flaming Death Does Not Hurt Player VIII]matg - globals 1.>AI Globals 2.>Player Control 3.>Player Trait Defaults ->Shields and Health ->Weapons and Damage ->Movement ->Appearance ->HUD ->Grenades 4.>Player Information IX]proj - projectile 1.>Flags Does Not Cause Collision Damage 2.>Projectile ->Flags AI Must Use Ballistic Aiming Detonation Max Time If Attached Has Super Combining Explosion Damage Scales Based On Distance Travels Instantaneously Can Track Behind Itself Faster When Owned By Player Collision Radius Danger Radius Timer min Timer Max Maximum Range Detonation Damage Impact Damage Air Damage Range max Water Damage max Acceleration Range max X]scen - scenery 1.>Change Color ->Initial Permutations ->Color Lower Bound ->Color Upper Bound XI]scnr - scenario 1.>Vehicle Palette 2.>Equipment Palette 3.>Weapon Palette 4.>Player Starting Profile ->Primary Weapon ->Rounds Loaded ->Rounds Total ->Secondary Weapon ->Rounds Loaded ->Rounds Total ->Starting Frag Grenade Count ->Starting Plasma Grenade Count ->Equipment 5.>Squads a}To change the number of Allies /Enemies NPCs Spawning in a map go to the specific Trooper Squad A->Count and change its value. b}To change the weapon of Allies /Enemies NPCs go to Single Locations of a Squad Entry /Desired Index selected and change the Initial Primary Weapon Value to a weapon of choice[Use the Weapon Palette to get the number of that Weapon] and if needed change the Initial Secondary Weapon to get a Trooper with his Secondary Weapon on their back. [Note: Look for Name - trooper/1_warthog/crew] c}Grenade Type Flags ->Dynamic Firefight Squad 6.>Squad A Actors Weapons Secondary Weapons Equipment Vehicle Vehicle Variant 7.>Squad B 8.>Character Palette 9.>Script Expressions How to Get Unlimited Airstrikes on ONI: Sword Base [Third level of Halo: Reach] Go to the Scnr->Script Expressions :- a)10865 b)13257 c)14659 d)18290 Change the Values of Value 03,02,01,00 to 127 for all 4 of these expressions. XII]sqtm - squad_template 1.>Squad ->Difficulty ->Easy ->Normal ->Heroic ->Legendary Count 2.>Actors ->Character 3.>Weapons ->Weapon 4.>Secondary Weapons 5.>Equipment Vehicle Vehicle Variant XIII]vehi - vehicle 1.>Flags Does Not Cause Collision Damage 2.>Collision Damage 3.>Unit ->Melee Attackers Cannot Reach ->Not Instantly Killed By Melee ->Unit Has Boost 4.>Weapons Detached Weapon XIV]weap - weapon 1.>WEAPON 2.>Melee Damage Weapon Aim Assist 3.>Target Tracking 4.>Magazines Rounds Total Initial [32767] Rounds Total Maximum Rounds Total Loaded Maximum Maximum Rounds Held Rounds Reloaded 5.>New Triggers Charging Time [Note:For the Mark 2488 Onager Set it to 0.1] 6.>Barrels Flags ->Tracks Fired Projectile ->Can Fire With Partial Ammo ->Fires Locked Projectiles a)Rounds Per Second min b)Rounds Per Second max c)Shots Per Fire min d)Shots Per Fire max e)Fire Recovery Time [For Mark 2488 Onager ->0.5,For Rocket Warthog ->0.1] f)Soft Recovery Fraction g)Rounds Per Shot h)Barrel Spin Rate i)Rounds between Tracers Projectile ->Projectiles Per Shot 7.>Initial Projectile ->Change the Projectile of a weapon to another weapon,spawn an object like a weapon,vehicle,biped [NPCs] in the map. Firing Effect Deceleration Time Rate Of Fire Acceleration Time Rate Of Fire Deceleration Time Bloom Rate of Decay XV]wezr - game_engine_settings_definition 1.>Trait Profiles 2.>Shields and Health 3.>Weapons and Damage 4.>Movement Jump Height 5.>Appearance 6.>HUD 7.>AI Trait Profiles Traits 8.>General Settings 9.>Respawn Settings 10.>Map Overrides 11.>Loadouts 12.>Survival Variants General Settings Respawn Settings Social Settings Map Overrides Loadout Pallete 13.>Scenario Flags Elite Respawn Settings Unknown Skulls Rounds
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  4. Other

    Anyone out there have any experience converting Oblivion mods from PC to Xbox 360? I've had pretty good success with a ton of mods, the only thing I'm stuck on is getting custom sounds to not cause a freeze. I've converted to xma using xma2encode form the 360 xdk, but the sounds still cause a freeze. Anyone out there with any wizardry to make this work?
  5. Modding

    Fantastic, thanks for the information! I've already got firing patterns down (default are so bad) but the range variables are incredibly useful to me. I really appreciate the help!
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  7. Modding

    It sounds like you have already gotten into some of these values, so I apologize if I'm going over stuff you already know, but mainly I'd suggest: start with the char tag "ai/generic", as most AI inherits behaviors from there within AI/generic, check the weapon properties for every weapon that the AI in question commonly uses (i.e. for grunts: PP/Needler) increase the "Normal Combat Range min" value to the distance you want the AI to try staying away 1 Halo unit is 2 meters, so 7.5u = 15m / 49ft / the radius of your radar, in theory this should be more than enough increase the "Normal Combat Range max" to at least 50u (I use 150+), so the AI will start trying to kill you well before reaching their minimum distance for some enemies (i.e. Grunt Ultra, base Jackals) you will have to repeat these changes in their own char tag, because they have their own weapon properties which override the generic At least for campaign maps, I have found the changes above to be pretty effective. I have the Normal Combat Range max set to 300+ meters, so on outdoor maps, they mostly hang back and shoot from afar. For Firefight, the AI's entire directive is to hunt you down, so it's harder to make them keep their distance. The changes above will help, but ultimately they will almost always try to close in for the kill at some point. Indoor campaign maps also tend to increase the number of situations where the AI won't see or shoot at you till it's already close range. Plus, many enemies can't actually run fast enough to stay away if the player is rushing them full bore. For all these reasons, part of the key to creating more ranged combat with the AI is (counter-intuitively) to make sure they lay down enough fire at close range to deter the player from staying close. The AI often try to fire the needler and PR in single shots at a rate comparable to the DMR, which makes them terrible at fending off close range attacks because they just sit their going "pew...pew...pew". To change that, you have to go into the Firing Pattern Properties in the char tags, and set the Rate Of Fire values to match the actual rates of fire in the weapons tags (i.e. around 8 for the PR, 11 for the Needler) It also helps to set all PP fire rates to 7-8 most AI are operating at 75% base damage, so you might want to set Weapon Damage Modifier to "1" for everything there are various accuracy values in Firing Pattern Properties which can be improved as needed (Projectile Error being an easy place to start) Once you do this, gangs of grunts and jackals alone will create a hail of gunfire that's much more painful to go charging into, which results in both you and the enemy maintaining longer combat distances.
  8. Hey people! I'm sure I'm missing something, but I've been playing around with AI behaviours (char) and I can't find a way to make certain enemies like Elites or Grunts keep their damn distance. In one of my mods I have made the AI far more capable at ranged combat, but they keep walking into melee range, becoming easy kills. What I want is to define a minimum range at which point they will back off and continue ranged combat. I hope someone has figured this out, it's really bugging me because I feel like it should just be a single variable.
  9. Modding

    go to your weapons firing effect tag, change anticipated tag to ejbo then change tag underneath it to projectile you want. not the best way to do it but it works
  10. Modding

    Its all down to missing animations. A nasty but fast way of dealing with it is to reuse existing animations with a new stringID to match that of the phantom_p etc strings.
  11. Modding

    Have you checked the tag blocks that determine which TEAMS they are in relation to the vehicles? Covenant dropships are probably labeled as Team Covenant or Default, and if the AI or bipeds don't have matching team designations, that could also be contributing to the problem, so check to see if they've been labeled properly. Try changing their team designations from Default to what you're attempting to mod them into, to make sure that they all match up properly.
  12. Modding

    You're right. I didn't notice them at first. I've been so busy testing out NOBLE team's weapon usage when swapping with them that I haven't paid much attention to the Marines when they're in close combat with the Covenant.
  13. Modding

    They already use the kick animations, you just dont notice them. Id give video evidence if i was not so tired. .-.
  14. I'm currently working on the Gold Edition of my Reach Campaign mod, but I've noticed that while a Kick melee damage exists in the game's damage files, I don't see it being referenced by the Marines' biped tags in the map files. If I wish to add this attack, should I choose AI Melee Damage or just Melee Damage in the melee and damage response section of their biped tag? Any help at all would be appreciated.
  15. This is not possible via a retail xbox. You can however modify the avatar editior app itself on a rgh and just making it into a custom launchable app on dash, but it's mostly just edits to how the editor looks, nothing fancy at all. You can however again if you have again if using a rgh, just download any avatar item you want online, assuming somebody uploaded there free/paid avatar clothes/items since all of that is stored directly on the hdd of the 360, then just hex edit or use a dashboard app called xm360 to unlock the dlc's so they work with any profile on the rgh. - If you don't have a modded console the answer is no. - If you unlocked avatar items via xm360 will they work on a retail and others, NO - you "could" use a avatar award unlocker for specifically your profile only, such as horizons, to just unlock avatar awards you have yet to unlock. But I don't recommend it.
  16. Is there a way to mod the avatar editor app, unlock all avatar items and replace the avatar editor with the modded version. So that when anyone downloads the modded avatar editor they can just replace the default avatar editor with the modded (downloaded) version.
  17. General

    One down side to using the "no shields" setting is it disables shield powerups. So, for example, if you wanted to start with no shields and still be able to get them from a powerup, it's no go. When you get a shield powerup, the meter comes back briefly while the shields are charging up, then immediately disappears afterwards (along with the benefits of the shield). Thus if you want to keep the shield meter in its empty state without the annoying warning sound effect and red flashing running the entire time, the quick and dirty method is: 1) Go into chgd - chud_globals_definition, scroll down to "HUD Sounds" and uncheck the box in #3 "shield depleted". 2) Go to chdt - chud definition, open spartan.chdt, and look for two different Animation Data boxes with references to "ui\chud\animations\shields_out" and change it to a less-annoying animation. On multiplayer maps, you can use "ui\chud\animations\boot_sequence\ping_boot" which is really the best option. On campaign maps, you can use "ui\chud\animations\fade_out" which still flashes the red warning exactly once, then goes away. 3) If using a compromise animation on campaign maps, you can also change the Warning text scale to 0 to get rid of it, and change Global Dynamic 5 to Global Dynamic 2 to reduce unwanted red/pink lines to blue.
  18. @Krazy Pigeon I ended up finding a iso version and worked perfectly! :) Okay, I managed to find
  19. General

    Thanks so much, this I can work with!
  20. General

    After loading into forge, fly around with KBM for a few seconds. After that it will remember. No idea why, but it works.
  21. I don't have access to a copy at the moment, but if you look around the internet in the right spots I'm sure you can find one.
  22. Do you know where I can download a console version of the map so I can apply the patch and then look into the mod? Or can you send a .map file?? @Krazy Pigeon
  23. General

    This isn't necessarily mod related but I don't really know where else to ask it. Obviously a bug but has anybody found the cause, or a workaround, as to why the Forge menu doesn't remember the last item you spawned on MCC PC? So, for example, you navigate to Structures > Building Blocks > Block 1x1 and spawn it but upon opening the menu again you are back at Weapons, Human. The normal behavior of the original Xbox 360 game as well as MCC Xbox One would have it remember that you spawned Block 1x1. It's so cumbersome trying to building things constantly having to find the object you just spawned again. Sometimes it does remember the last item but I can't figure out what causes it.
  24. It's been a very long time since I've done any Halo modding and unfortunately I can't remember exactly how I did that, sorry. If you can get your hands on the console version of you could apply the patch to it and open it up in Assembly to have a look around. You don't need to play the mod to see how it works
  25. I know i'm years late but how did you change the grenade launcher model to what it seems like a machine gun model? I'm trying to replicate this in my mod for the master cheif collection. I do not own a modded xbox so I cant use the mod to figure this out for myself. @Krazy Pigeon
  26. See if this helps for attaching the guns:
  27. A thing I've wanted to do for a while. My custom nodes are not being displayed due to an error but you get the idea.
  28. Modding

    Are there any weapons that can have projectiles swapped and be visible to people off host? Or anyway to mod it to make it so? I remember back in the Halo 2 days that both the plasma pistol and rocket launcher could have projectiles swapped and still be seen by people that joined your game, as well as a way to mod properties of them onto other weapons so they could be visible as well
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