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  2. thanks, im using halo 2 vista
  3. That's a Halo 2 multiplayer map "lockout", multiplayer maps only have basic stuff on them, to be loaded it calls everything from the map file "", which is a basic tag container file used by other multiplayer maps. That is why you can't see any weapons. Load up Halo 2 with that multiplayer map, with assembly open "" and make your changes.
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  5. i can't see weapons at all?
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  7. Modding

    GUYS I found Zedd explaining his scaling code, he even shows a pic of what he changed in code, how do I replicate this? Is this hex of the default.xex or something? This MUST show how to do it, right?!? Or is this some sort of assembly edit? EDIT: yep I saw someone editing a default.xex and it's definitely from that. I will be working on this and update when I get something working. EDIT: confusing, this could take a while EDIT: here is the code I copied from the picture (hopefully not mistyped). If knows how, would be great if this was added to a non tu ultimate halo 3 xex like this. from what I understand, I have to use IDA with some plugins to open the xex and read from it, then somehow from that, be able to modify a working xex with a hex editor. Feels a bit over my head but I will still give it a shot. code before: code after: code typed out:
  8. If you go online, your offline earned credits are capped at 1000. It'll just reset you back.
  9. So you wan't to become Inheritor or/and unlock all armor in Halo: Reach? Follow the steps below: 1. Move your Xbox profile to a flash drive First of create a new profile and make sure it is offline. Go into Halo: Reach and buy one item in the armory. Now, go to the Xbox home screen and follow this video to move the profile you wan't to mod onto an external flash drive/USB: CLICK ME :D Make sure that the profile is offline because if not you can get banned! 2. Install Horizon You will need the program Horizon for this. Horizon is a free software, and if you have modded Reach before, chances are you already have it Download: 3. The modding itself Now you will have to plug the device which you moved your Xbox profile to, into your computer. Once this is done open up Horizon. You should now see it pop up on the left side of the screen. Open up the folder "Gamer Profiles", and drag your profile into the blank space. Hit the button that says "Mod Package", and scroll down until you see Halo: Reach editor. In the "Add Credits" tab, into as many as you want. If you wan't to go to inheritor you must put in ATLEAST 20.000.000 Hit "+Add Credits". Now click the button that says "Unlock All" This will unlock all armor in halo reach, including: blue flames, red flames, haunted helmet, inclement weather, everything. Hit save, then "OK" and close the Halo: Reach Editor window. Now hit "Save, Rehash & Resign" a couple of times. and eject the USB. 4. Moving the modded profile back into your Xbox This one is pretty self explaining. Just do as in the first step, but instead of moving a profile from your hard drive to the USB do the opposite. That was it! The next time you open Halo: Reach, you should have everything you need! Just promise me that you don't go online unless you are willing to get Console-Banned If you have any problems or questions, then be sure to tell me. I will try my best to reply. If you have any problems with me posting this, then tell me and I'll take it down
  10. Modding

    Bipds that do spawn: Masterchief Spartan AI Knight Marine M60 Bishop Crawler Bipds that don't spawn: Jackal Grunt Del Rio Lasky Hunter Elite Storm Marine
  11. Modding

    I'm attempting to check whether the tags are loaded through spawning the bipeds with a gun, but the mission doesn't seem to load. I'm changing the storm_magnums 'initial projectile' to 'bipd' 'insert any biped here'. *edit* was able to get bipeds spawning via firing effects on the magnum. Will reply once I've tested all the spawn-able bipeds.
  12. Modding

    Have you verified that the tags are actually loaded at that point? Try spawning the bipeds with a gun or something.
  13. Modding

    For some reason when trying to edit AI spawns in campaign it doesn't seem to work for some reason. On the level Infinity I've tried editing the spawning of the two Marines from the second rally point. I can change them into a knight and a spartan but when I attempt to make them a grunt or an elite nothing spawns. The same occurs on the level Reclaimer when changing the starting spartans into elites. Does anyone know a work around for this? Or does it just not work? Using Assembly btw and editing the spawns in squads (scnr) and tried changing the character palette.
  14. Modding

    Ah ok that explains why I couldn't get anything working. I wish I knew half of what you do about modding you seem to be able to do so many things. If you happen to see any of your text files on how to transfer animations between characters, let me know that too, I saw that amazing video as well. I'll still pay you that bounty too man!
  15. Modding

    Yeah I modified the game code to use those 2 values from the video. I need to find the code edits to replicate it (I got lots of folders with lots of text files to dig through), then you'd just run the modified xex and it will work like you see there.
  16. Modding

    I probably have no idea how to make it happen. I'll try looking around and see if I can figure something out though. I got excited and followed the 2 edits made in the video, nothing changed for me though. I'll keep poking around see if anything happens. thanks for the help guys
  17. Modding

    I did this a while back that may do what you want, would have to track the edits down though.
  18. Modding

    If assembly crashes, its because a expression is invalid / expression group is invalid. Aka it wont run in game and assembly will just shit its self as the scripting side of assembly barely even works at all. There is no exception handling within the script assembler if I remember correctly. You do realise how much work it is to do without a proper script editor? It's a bit of a pipe dream you got there. None the less I'll see if I can add support for it in my hack-job build of assembly. (The build with BlamHammer's unfinished weirdness bodged into it. I'll only spent a hour at most because who the hell mods on an xbox anymore) Edit actually I got a better but very bad idea. just make a volume the size of the entire map and return all objects in that volume :v: you can then return objects by their type to filter out any unwanted and dangerous results. A far better idea is to setup a vollume for each BSP and when a BSP gets loaded you can rescale objects accordingly. this shouldn't cause too much lag or crash the game. (Check out the existing zoneswaps)
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  20. Modding

    I'm gonna crazy trying to figure this out. I can't even copy/paste the only object_set_scale function I found from a campaign map (which was hard as hell to find btw). I can't even copy scripts from other multiplayer maps and get them working, assembly just crashes. Everything always crashes. I could only get the gravity script working because it is so simple. If anyone can at least show me how to make a whole campaign map with resized characters and vehicles, I'll pay you $100 in bitcoin. I just want to make a fun campaign mod with everything set small/big.
  21. Modding

    Type values past 4 mean the opcode value should equal the type value. Also you should check back with existing scripts, because the Value of the first expression of a new line/opcode (so you need it for begin and set_scale) should be the salt/index of the first child expression. Could also remove clutter in your plugin because enums/bitfield/ascii aren't needed. Thats what I can tell from first glance, anyway
  22. Modding

    Alright I have learned a little bit and made some progress. It was hell making this script. Assembly crashes completely if something doesn't match up, there are next to none examples of this script being used. I managed to find one buried away though. After many hours of trial and error and understanding how some of this works, I came up with this. It still doesn't do anything in-game though. I guess the object argument needs to be something else. Does the object need to be something like mp_masterchief or something? I don't know how to make it do that. I will keep trying but if anyone could point me in right direction it would help a lot. larger imgur image for the script expressions
  23. General

    Files have been uploaded separately.
  24. General

    I like the yellow/orange armour suit VI stripe, matches the visor color ; )
  25. General

    There are also orange stripes on Chief's armour. You should fix that for next update.
  26. General

    During the devolvement of Halo CE, nearly at pre-release stages the A.R magazine capacity had 42 rounds of ammo. I made a Halo CE campaign mod for PC version with pre-release stuff and I decided to carry that for Halo 3's A.R
  27. General

    Why 42 bullets on AR rather than 60 like CE?
  28. General

    There are more that I continue to upload, check them here
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