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  2. So what you're saying is that you've loaded campaign maps into Eldewrito?
  3. Yesterday
  4. Last week
  5. Lol, best Reach mod out of all and all DL links are broken. Wish I had this mod with me again. Lets see if I can find it anywhere.
  6. .MAP

    Thank you everyone
  7. Support

    Goto into campaign, wait for it too load then back out and fire up Club Errera! Ensure you have; cont-patch disabled And a modified .xex
  8. Support

    how , i have the same problem , can you help me?
  9. Modding

    Ok I tried that but it still freezes I'm using the notu do I need the title update one for it to work
  10. You can either poke the memory address for it or set it on a bipd by bipd basis:
  11. Hey, I know this is very simple but I do not know where to go in assembly to change the FOV from 70 to 90. I have seen the FOV before in assembly but can't seem to find it. Help please? Thanks
  12. .MAP

    Thank you very much! That is a well written guide to how to set it up for noobs like me
  13. .MAP

    1. Make a folder 2. Make sure it has these .maps 3. Copy the location 4. Go here in Assembly to paste that location
  14. .MAP

    No problem. I will help you.
  15. .MAP

    No I do not. may I ask how to?
  16. .MAP

    Hey there! Thanks for the reply, first and foremost, do you have everything set up correctly? You need to make sure that you have your resource cache file location set up in your assembly. Do you have this set up?
  17. Modding

    There is this problem in the Halo 3 Beta that I have encountered when replacing bitmaps in the The textures overlap and the replaced bitmap can only be seen up close. Is there any way to fix this?
  18. .MAP

    I'd much prefer that the current dev branch isn't referenced around as "use this instead" for new folks. Any TAGC files made with it can be subject to becoming incompatible if I tweak the format again. The answer you want OP is "with raw".
  19. PLEASE NOTE: I'm working on a NEW guide: SCRIPTS LIST: [Link] Placeholder cs_fly_to example: PasteBin Complete fly to example, uses indexes 18-33 with some empty space in the middle. Points are set to Set 0 with index 0. Go learn Halo CE scripting. [Link] Scripting Guide by TCK [Link] Kornman's BSL Bible [Link] CE Script
  20. Gametype

    What do you mean by "Where do I put?" you need to be a bit more specific.
  21. .MAP

    Use the dev build of assembly, it is far better than the old master build.
  22. Gametype

    I am really sorry for asking too many questions but plz tell me where do I put gametypes? Thnks
  23. .MAP

    I want to transfer tags from one map to another so should I extract them raw or non raw Thnks
  24. Earlier
  25. Modding

    the mode is still there but needs to be forced, but then you are stuck alternating between third and flying.
  26. Modding

    Found this old screenshot, does anyone know how to get into debug director (flycam) again?
  27. This is old but you patch the campaign maps with the .ppfs files and run the modded .xbe
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