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  4. Can you still die if you fall or get meleed in the back
  5. General

    I was able to get the issue resolved by following the steps mentioned here. Thanks a lot.
  6. General

    Hi bro, I know this is quite a far fetch but are you still working and planning on releasing the other modded variants to the other maps like The Ark, ect...
  7. Hi Friends, I am getting steam error code 105. How do I fix the issue? Has anyone faced similar issue before?
  8. some, you can use the doku mcc file browser to find a lot of these
  9. and how to get map id if i haven’t the image and info folders
  10. I was looking through some maps online and found one in some ones file share. Low and behold there was the campaign easter egg pelican from the mission "New Alexandria". You were able to sit in the troop seats and use the front gun but like the campaign, you can't access the pilot seat. Btw this was on plain old xbox and it worked perfectly. There was also a dinghy from what looked like longshore and a vending machine. I noticed that when I saved a version of sve mythic slayer it saved as its own unique variant. Is there anything stopping a unique version of forge world from being save onto a file share? Ex. Borderless forge world. Would be interesting to see what we can get away with on xbox.
  11. General

    Ahhh what
  12. Modding

    bom realmente eu vou explicar o que acontece sempre que a gente entra no halo3 modificado la em baixo tem o 1.2 (seria a tu3?) se for a tu3 esta certo quando a gente entra no mapa (funciona) quando escolhemos depois do warthog sem arma (eu chamo carro de corrida kkk) é o pelican ai clicamos e congela. eu deixei congelado e não foi . do mesmo jeito ,observação: meu e rgh
  13. can you send me the link to download the tsavo campaign map the link is off

    1. pedro miguer 1

      pedro miguer 1



  14. Hello, I was wondering where I could find an updated download for these gametypes to use in MCC, as their links are down:
  15. Halo: CE

    I tried to mod ce using assembly and wanted to do some grenade trickshot but whenever my warthog turns over 90 degreees on any plane I get ejected. Any idea how could I turn this off
  16. Modding

    Hi how do I turn off read only on assembly
  17. the aspatch i dont know how to install it, in Assembly what a i have to put on Unmodiefied map?
  18. I'm trying to change the projectile speed for the battle rifle mainly, or any projectile (non hitscan) weapon. I can't find a setting that seems like it would be the one to change.
  19. I started modding recently using assembly and tried to do a trickjump using frag's instantaneous acceleration. however, everytime I reach the maximum height and start to fall, i die within 3 seconds. Is there any solution to this problem
  20. I managed to do this but as soon as I remain in air for long, I die. Is there any solution to this problem
  21. Made some hacks for Borderlands 1 v1.0.2 for the Nintendo Switch. If you wanna watch, here's the video:
  22. Thanks, I would try to do this Another question- which value for the acceleration would be needed for this jump
  23. It has nothing to do with game physics, it has to do with the grenade damage effect jpt! at instance " Instantaneous Acceleration" And of course the time to explode has to be edited to match the travel distance, something which can be tricky to do the maths.
  24. I had been watching Mint Blitz since many days and wanted to do some to his trickshots. I got assembly and opened H2 vista pc and also opened assembly. I messed with the game's physics such that if I stick a warthog at back, it could fly directly to other side of bridge when you are playing metropolis, but nothing happens. If somebody could tell that what should I do with physics and vehicles please help
  25. God some pretty serious malware notifications when trying to use this. Might be a little outdated at this point
  26. I know this is old and I apologize, but do you know of any way you can remove forge barriers anymore? Seems like the flag "Prevents Forging" under Structure BSPs no longer exists. Any help is greatly appreciated!
  27. Gametype

    I understand your probably done with the game type but do you think more items could be added to the game type like say the generators from firefight?
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