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  4. View File HALO 3 Files Collection Just my personal collection of files. Submitter Punisher Ce Submitted 04/29/2017 Category Retail Files  
  5. HALO 3 Files Collection

    Version 1.0.0


    Just my personal collection of files.
  6. How a pelican can fly backward?
  7. Support

    That's what I thought, but destroys object was already checked, and it would despawn me every time it exploded, and when I had kills object checked it it kept me in midair like I was still in the vehicle. Any idea what I'm doing wrong? @Lehvak
  8. Support

    it's because the spartan animation was never animated to use that specific seat animation for the phantom, basically. It has no reference to it, no information. huh? You shouldn't have to touch anything with the hlmt, it should just work. As in it explodes and you die.
  9. Support

    First off, do you have a Jtag/RGH/DevKit? If you do you should read this Also I think this thread belongs in the Halo Reach section not Halo 4, hope this helped
  10. Support

    Also when the phantom explodes I just despawn if "destroys Object" is checked and I stay in midair as if I'm in an invisible phantom when it is unchecked, any idea how to fix this?
  11. Support

    So does the animation that was already in the "seat animation" part, just not work for players?
  12. Support

    What do you mean? The phantoms jmad gets extracted when you extract the whole vehi tag. Any tagref that the tag you extracted has will come with it.
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  14. Support

    Thanks @Lehvak I just figured it out right now and I hadn't seen your reply yet. Also is there a way to put the actual phantom animations onto the map?
  15. Support

    Are you using a different seat animation? If not, change it to ghost_d or another seat animation stringID of another player-drive-able vehicle
  16. I know this is old, but I'll respond anyway. A similar program that will allow you to mod Halo CE PC easily is HMT v 3.5. It's not as robust as Assembly, but it does work.
  17. Support

    So I imported a phantom to forgeworld, and I made it solid using @Lord Zedd's physics models tutorial, but now I can't enter it. I Checked "Driver" and "Gunner", and I unchecked "invalid for player." I even attached the turret to the driver seat marker so I could see where it was and even when I go right next to it, it doesn't show a message or anything. I can't figure out what's wrong, if anyone could help me out, I would really appreciate it.
  18. I was curious was anyone able to extract the models? If so is there a tutorial on how to? I'm interested in Reach and Halo 3 model extraction. Also has anyone tried importing the models in UE4 and rigging it up to the mannequin rig? I wanted to test some cool stuff for a little fan project.
  19. Audio

    *DISCLAIMER: This is FANMADE. I do not own the rights of Halo and this has nothing to do with the official soundtrack* I would like to announce a project I've been working on: The Fanmade Halo 6 soundtrack. I am looking forward to creating a full soundtrack with new themes for The Banished, More Blue Team Suites, Osiris Suites and new additions. It will also include influences from the original themes. Here is the first track, it's called Him. You will notice the 117 motif along with a twist on the iconic Halo theme in the beginning. Let me know what you guys think about it, feedback is appreciated Halo 6 Fanmade Soundtrack: Him (Opening) Meanwhile, enjoy this track and think about where this would be used in a Halo scenario and follow me on SoundCloud (I have alot more Halo stuff and other cool music there xD) My Soundcloud Thanks!
  20. What you will need: Assembly 1.0.4817.30869 (This is only if you need to swap bitmaps) Adjutant (This version will allow you to open Halo 3 Multiplayer Beta .maps) Hex Editor (Any Hex Editor should do) 1. Backup Before you start you will want to make sure you backup your in case you make an error. 2. Open Adjutant You will want to open up two .maps, the first being a Halo 3 Multiplayer Beta .map and the second being a .map of your choice. 3. Finding a Bitmap to Replace You will want to find a bitmap in your second .map of choice that will be able to replace the targeted bitmap in the Halo 3 Multiplayer Beta .map. The two bitmaps must have the same the same Format and must have the same Width and Height. 4. Extracting Bitmaps Once you have found the bitmap you would like to extract then you will go to the Raw Extractor section and click on the bitmap, you will then right-click it and click Export This Image. Then you will save the image as .bin. You will want to do this for both of the bitmaps. Also to avoid confusion naming the image files as something you can remember would be a good idea. 5. Hex Editing the You will want open up three things in your Hex Editor: The Halo 3 Multiplayer Beta and the two bitmap .bin files. You will then want to copy some hex-values from the targeted bitmap .bin that you are going to replace. After copying those values go to your and find them by the hex-values that you just copied. Once you found where the bitmap begins you will go to the bitmap .bin that you are using to replace, select all of it's hex values and copy them. Then you will want to go back to your and click on the beginning of where the bitmap begins and write over it with your copied hex-values. Save the result and you are done. Good job you have successfully injected a bitmap into the Halo 3 beta.
  21. Wish we could put Halo 3 helmets on Reach. Hayabusa, for example.
  22. Yes this just happened. It is possible to inject bitmaps into the beta.
  23. I am curious as to what build of Halo 3 this is.
  24. Good day. I'm having a recurring problem that hasn't happened to me before until now. This happens in both Halo 3 and Halo Reach, hence why I've put this in General Halo Discussion. Modded maps, some of which were assembly patches, some of which I had downloaded from BD (I'm not sure if I'm actually allowed to mention the actual website on here, so I've abbreviated it.) are displaying the "This disk is unreadable" error. My contpatch is finally turned off (not related but it'll be in a spoiler for those interested what I mean by finally) and it seems pretty random. Out of the maybe 8-10 maps I put onto my console yesterday, Only 3 actually work. I'd seen a post by Lord Zedd on the issue which mentioned that it is caused by the map ID not matching the one in scnr in the map file, though from the one's I've checked, they match perfectly. I hope that someone can maybe share some insight as to what could be causing the problem. Thank you for taking the time to read this.
  25. Gametype

    There you go!!! You should be able to rehash and resign with Horizon. Included all the gametypes by TrustySn00ze that i had TrustySn00ze Con
  27. I recommend this guy because he did my jtag. He's good because he does a proof video of your xbox before he requires payment. his youtube:
  28. Reach

    I've had this for quite awhile. It's been on the web for years.
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