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  2. Thanks for the reply dude, you've been a major help. I was actually originally going to use that video as an example believe it or not, I'm already subbed to your channel.
  3. D77-HA (Heavy Attack) Pelican, with double homing rocket pods on each wing. Open In New Tab to enlarge.
  4. The campaign spartan has all the multiplayer variants stripped. The multiplayer version of the mode tag would need to be injected (using a self-compiled build from the dev branch of assembly), but as I found making my video, you have to manually strip the shaders for variants you arent going to use as well or you will run out of game memory. On top of all that its gonna look as terrible as you see in my video until if/when injection is further refined to support the relevant data.
  5. Yesterday
  6. looking for a tut on extracting and injecting skybox and lighting.
  7. I'm not the kind of person that normally asks for help, but I'd really appreciate it if someone could help me with this... For those of you who don't know, I've pretty much found out how to edit Chief's armour in Halo 3 to any of the armours from multiplayer which can be found here. I recently tried to change Chief's armour on Halo 4 but instead of the options being in the [HLMT] section, I think they are in [MODE] instead. I scroll down to "permutations" and change the index numbers to different armour parts, but every time I go in game the armour piece just gets removed completely. On top of that I can't even change the color of the armour? If anyone knows how to change the pieces manually or even just replace Chief with your multiplayer spartan please do tell. As much as I love playing as Chief, it's also nice to be able to play as your own character from time to time.
  8. General

    Is there a version with just the Player Field of View, Centered Crosshair and the Weapon on screen adjustments? Or could you give a tutorial on how to make one?
  9. So I know HOW to remove equipment from the campaign maps; going to the scenario tag, to the equipment box, and change any instance of the AAs to -1 in the Palette Index box. However, some of the campaign missions will only have a single palette index number for ALL of the Equipment slots for the level, and I have no idea which slot to make the change to. Anyone know what to do in this situation? Edit: nvm, I got it figured out. I had to find the equipment boxes in the scenery box. Thanks Zedd!
  10. General

    You go into the .rmsh tags for your selected weapon/vehicle/whatever else and edit the values in the Arguments box. For example, in the 9th Argument for this Plasma Repeater's .rmsh tag, I have the values set to: Red: 1 Green: 0.1 Blue: 1 Magnitude: 1
  11. Last week
  12. .MAP

    still dont know where the hidden menus are
  13. i got unlimited blocks but the hidden menus are not there
  14. i need to know how to change the color of weapons, vehicles and objects ?
  15. Hope the campaign mod is going well so far dude, good luck with it.
  16. In a campaign mod that I'm making, I'm having the sword detonate like it does in CE, and I'd like it so the player cannot pick it up. There's a flag in the weapon tag called "cannot be used by player" but it never works for me, and I'm still able to pick up the sword even after I removed the pickup strings for it.
  17. Looks interesting. Definatelly going to download as soon as you make it available. CE Fuel Rod Gun? That's a first now. Now I expect to see a Halo CE or H3 styled Assault Rifle or even the return of the Battle Rifle.
  18. Is there anyway to make AI completely ignore the player with the use of assembly?
  19. Earlier
  20. Lord Zedd is always the man to call for the job.
  21. These are a couple of previews for a Reach campaign mod that I'm working on (haven't thought of a name just yet) that will take queues from the original trilogy of Halo games, as well as some liberties that I plan to throw into the mix. Examples include the lack of Armor Ability use except for the Jetpacks on Exodus, increased base speed and jump height, the visual tweaking of Noble Team and the Elites, and a whole suite of weapon changes that will drastically affect how the game is played. I'll be making a main post on here once all of the changes that I want to make for the campaign is done.
  22. Modding

    Editing those values will affect how both the Sniper and the Wraith would deal with other targets, though. If I made the Sniper's bullets weaker, then it'd be weaker vs everything else, and if I made the Wraith more durable, then it'd be stronger vs just about anything. There's nothing I can do to make the sniper only be specifically weaker vs vehicular materials?
  23. You have two options, edit the sniper bullet damage Or Edit the vehicle health
  24. General

    Bueno, tres cosas: 1. Para empezar nadie en éste foro te va a contestar si no preguntas en Inglés, y menos si es en Español. Y aún en Inglés es probable que quedes ignorado (pasa mucho aquí). 2. Para poder instalar mods de mapas requieres primeramente una consola con RGH o JTAG, de lo contrario no va a funcionar. Una vez teniendo la consola así, ya no podrás conectarte a Xbox Live, sobre aviso no hay engaño. 3. ¿De qué mod estás hablando? No puedes llegar y pedir que te ayuden a instalar un mod sin decir cuál es.
  25. QQuiero ese mod alguien sabe de donde lo descago
  26. Yo, awesome work! If you want to test these maps over system link, we over at Halo Xlink central would be happy to have you:
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