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  3. Modding

    Hi halp me please
  4. after the dump of old maps and gametypes did any modded content come though ? i would to download some modded maps off a fileshare in halo mcc !
  5. Hello everybody. Ksoft seems to work fine on modifying gametypes on MCC PC insider. You can modify gametypes in this directory. The only issue is ksoft is only working on windows 8. I have tried a lot to get it working on windows 10 including compatibility mode. Can any of you get it to work? Its very inconvenient to boot up virtual box every time I want to compile a gametype. Here is the link for ksoft.tool.
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  7. Support

    How would I go about doing that? I've only ever used Assembly to extract and inject tags before.
  8. Still no PC version?
  9. Support

    You could try to manually extract and inject the tags and raw data, thats all I can really suggest from what I've done with Halo 4
  10. Modding

    Akarias is right that animation inheriting is what you'll need to get animations working so the bipeds won't be invisible or map freezing. However. one thing you can do for a simple "swap" is to attach whatever you want to swap noble team for as a child object in the hlmt tag. This isn't the best solution though as that'll result in the characters moving around like action figures, but depending on your needs or if you're an Arby n The Chief fan, that might be enough. All you need to do is go to the hlmt tag of for the noble team spartans, select the variant you're swapping for, at the bottom of that variant box will be a greyed out child objects box. Click the + symbol and increase the count by 1. For parent marker, usually head works alright but sometimes other markets might work better. The child marker can probably be the same too depending on what you're attaching. And the child variant should be set to whatever variant of the object you're attaching. After that, just set the object to whatever you want it to be. After all that is done, you'll need to go into the mode tag for the original spartan and remove all the shaders so that you won't get overlapping objects. Once that's done, you should be good to go and will have your action figure version of the characters in the cutscene.
  11. I've been trying to extract some tags from the Halo 4 TU8 maps (eg and later inject them into the base Halo 4 maps. However, when I try to extract anything from the title update maps, I get a null reference exception in Assembly (latest dev branch with the Halo 4 prediction resource fixes). I assume the issue might be related to it requiring a and to fully extract tags, however I can't use the ones from the base maps. So am I missing something to be able to extract the TU maps? Or is there another way to extract those tags?
  12. Modding

    You Can edit tags with HxD ?
  13. .MAP

    Your .map and .mapinfo names are not the same. Try Patching may be an issue if your using the spanish version of halo 3 but not entirely sure.
  14. Modding

    Here's what I was able to do with the Flight, but no Assembly. I used HxD.
  15. Skyrim

    No problem man, you're welcome
  16. Modding

    I would like to have fun with the tags on Assembly but when I want to load a .map he tells me that there is an error. I do not know if they have to do anything or if they have to wait for an update from Xbox Chaos. If anyone can help me .. Thank you
  17. Skyrim

    Oh my god! Thank you! Edit: Just tested it. Working perfectly.
  18. .MAP

    Reach Evolved is making its way to PC!
  19. Progress I guess...
  20. @The Vengeful 'Vadam Is it possible to remove that berserk animation the elites do (the one where they throw their hands up) I saw it happen multiple times in your video. I always thought they left themselves wide open to damage when they could be doing something more meaningful, like shooting lol. Another thing, some enemies go into a hit stun type animation when taking damage with no shields was just wondering if you could remove that mechanic completely. It might be a good challenge mod if you can.
  21. Modding

    Guess I just have to check that out.
  22. .MAP

    For the love of god, STOP SPAMMING. He will reply when he get's the chance, no need to post every hour, have you never been on a forum before? Obviously not. Anyways, what version of assembly do you have? Are you running assembly as admin, also pretty sure the output map needs to be named mp_030_outskirts Also it might help if you move the maps to a folder on your desktop, and not in your onedrive. It patches fine for me with all the files being in a folder on my desktop. If updating assembly and running as admin and having the files on your desktop all in one folder doesn't help, no idea sorry. - I'm also on Win10.
  23. Skyrim

    I have made it a custom dlc file. Move the file inside the rar to content/0000000000000000/425307E6/00000002 on your hard drive I have attached the file to this reply. Skyrim No Spells Start RGH.rar
  24. .MAP

    Can you please make a tutorial? I literally can't patch the mission without it failing. I really need help with this. I just did what you said and it still didn't work When I load into Halo 3 and go to forge and click Tsavo Highway, it says, "Players failed to load content." Here is what it says in Assembly. If I'm using the wrong Output Name, please let me know so I can try again. But as of now, this is what I'm getting and so far it has not worked.' I really am stuck now and I need help
  25. .MAP

    Can you please make a tutorial? I literally can't patch the mission without it failing. I really need help with this. I just did what you said and it still didn't work
  26. .MAP

    Alright so every time I download this, put the Patch in Assembly and then create it, it always has an error. Why?
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