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  5. .MAP

  6. Are the graphics remastered on this mod?
  7. .MAP

    solamente lo suelto en la carpeta de mapas?
  8. General

    Alright, 100 views and still no interested party. Let me get specific: Whoever is willing to do this gets 50 bucks via PayPal, I'm serious about this. We could talk in a party before any agreement is being made, my GT is Buddy Jumps.
  9. iv tried to spawn ai via tag effect i cant get it to work on mcc does anyone know how? thank you!
  10. Hey all, I noticed with the MCC PC H3 Flight they store the temporary theater files on an AppData folder. I am interested in parsing the film files to see if I can get timeseries coordinate data for the players/action/events. I'm not sure if this is possible, though. Is there any pre-existing documentation on these files I can look at? Does anyone have any experiencing working with these BLF files outside of injecting images into them? Thanks.
  11. Hello there! Quick introduction: I'm a seasoned forger and currently one of the best in Halo 5. You can find some of my older stuff here with features of Rooster Teeth, Forge Labs, etc. Here are some screenshots of my H5 stuff, so you can see the artistic level I am at (Sorry, the "Insert other media"-option seemed to not have worked): The reason why I signed up here is because I need a modder to alter the Minigame gametype. I am building the most ambitious cooperative puzzle experience yet by increasing the immersion to new heights. Creating the puzzles, realistic environments, lighting and sounds takes up a looot of time, that is why I would like to outsource the modding of the gametype to an experienced modder. The gametype would still have to be fully functionable and editable by me (shield percentage or movement speed for instance), in case things change after testing. The modder would also be obligated to alter the gametype multiple times, if the vision changes and so on. Of course, I am willing to pay you for your efforts, don't worry. Now, please don't tell me that Halo 5 is already dead and Halo 6 around the corner, I am fully aware of that. This is a passion project for me to get the max out of this in-game editor. If you're interested in helping me and earn some easy money (or not easy, I don't know how difficult it is to realize my requests), then please message me at [email protected] . Thank you for reading!
  12. I constantly crash when I play multiplayer..
  13. First off thanks a supernova ton to Xephycraft aka weighta (here) for a jet pack boost in the right direction, and ALWAYS save a backup(s) of the original untouched map(s) as the Very Final Step is to just put em right back on the ol Xbax or the players will get booted/maps crash when going back online to systemlink (only mod/edit/assembilize the duplicate extra version of the .maps) With Assembly I was finally able to get all the "Extra Extended Number of Forge Object" in maps like Sword Base, Boneyard, Boardwalk ect.. I could ever want and was extremely simple to do of course but cause I'm dumb scum I was making it out to be hard. Using the "Small Crate Closed" in most of the following examples (actually the bigger crate best for walls/floor/new walkways/inclines) as it has most surface area. [Increase amount of Objects/Scenery] (aka "Entry Count") Per each map in Assembly go to: 1. sncr > Sandbox Palette -(scroll way down to it or keyword search it is fastest)- 2. Far right of >"Sandbox Palette"< scroll through the groups/numbers (can use up down arrows after a click too) 6-7 (8) out of the "(8)" groups is: "ff_scenery" -(it has the Small Crate in the forge "Scenery" section for certain maps like Sword Base)- 3. >"Entries"< section: scroll down through the groups/numbers again (can use up down arrows again) 3-6 (7) out of the "(7)" group is: "ff_scn_crates" -(to give us all the crates here in the 3rd final section)- 4. >"Entry Variants"< section: already has the "Small Closed Crate" aka "ff_scn_crate_small_closed" "ff_scn_crate_small_closed" -( at 0-7 (8) )- 5. Increase the allotted amount of like 10 Crates to 50 or whatevs in the "Entry Count" 6. Drop each items cost down to to like $5 a piece not impact the overall budget, so all/more can be placed without exceeding the budget ceiling in the "Entry Price" !!There is always of course going to be a magical limit to the amount of total Objects/Scenery you can forge onto a map and especially for my intentions of making them playable online systemlink style, with too many Objects/Scenery/Gadgets placed either the maps going to 1. Not play at all online, 2. Have too many visual, audible, or other artifacts 3. Be so sluggish it's virtually unplayable scum biscuits so yeah might want to attempt to not got too hard yo, but hard enough for some exciting variations!! [Making Objects/Scenery Phased] (aka "Non-Physical in Map Editor") or (aka "Rigid Bodies" "physics_model" change) For making the Forge Objects "Non-Physical" aka truly in the PHASED editing physics state in Forge to smash em into the walls/them selves/make forging faster and easier in these built in/non forge world maps. Per each map/forge object/item in each map go to:: - Small Crate Closed - object for example again here as is best/largest for new floors/inclines/walls (as palettes are very limited in the built in maps)- 1. bloc > objects\props\human\unsc\container_unsc_small_closed\container_unsc_small_closed (<<<is the actual Small Close Crate<<<) 2. Check aka X out the check box for: " Non-Physical in Map Editor" 3. Select the "Phased" Physics state while forging to experience true phased objects (BOUNS for faster Forging Per each Object/Forge Item - You can also check aka X out the check box "Phased Physics in Forge" in the "Multiplayer Object Properties" > "Flags" section. This simply just makes the item already in the "Phased" physics state when forging and the whole point of the guide here so yeah no need to scroll through "normal" > "fixed> then to phased in the Forge editor, might as well hit this check box while here for each item yo) !! for ALL other forge objects/scenery that do not become "Phased" by the above methods !! 1. Going to each objects "physics_model" tag in the " phmo " 2. >"Rigid Bodies"< section I just changed 1- "Motion Type" to> FIXED 2- "Size" to> TINY (I'm far from even knowing the best method to do this, and if it may not work for some items? The good peeps here probably know! I'm unsure, but for certain items like Multi Crates this worked just fine (as the: " Non-Physical in Map Editor" wasn't working) - I believe Jersey Barriers and Large Pallets (breakable/multiple state items) possibly need all "physics_model">"Rigid Bodies" changed but probs not -- Though side note when in forge, and if you don't, and the items state changes (you shot/grenaded/physically broke the barrier/pallet ect... and you can see this visible obvious change/damage to the object....then it's whole "PHASED" physics we worked so hard to change goes right out the window when you grab it (only/during it's temp/current broken state..till it respawns) obviously cause it has changed to the now broken aka ("garbage" in the tags list) version of the object and not the original one we had PHASED by changing the "Motion Type" and "Size" directly above ^).... -(Don't think you can Poke this and has to be saved then migrated over to the ol Xbax scum)- There's gotta be a better way/explanation here on the site somewhere, I had little luck finding it and spent my time rather jacking around with Assembly until i got the desired result so...ya please let me know so i can update this for others/myself possibly if ya feelin it [Removing Barriers simply for placing the Initial Load Out Camera] (aka "Soft Kill/Insta Kill/Invisible/Out of Bounds Barriers") First off Lord Zedd is the main mf man yo and this is just my noobish saibot shadow breakdown of these steps, where as the man himself has it all and more in his tutorial post titled " .map Modding - Getting Started " -There's >3 sections (5 total block items)(3 on one tag/page...2 on the utter)< you "most likely" will want to "Remove Barriers" for ALL and the same process is just -'zeroing'- out the >"counter"< in the info drop down dialogue for each section: [TRIGGERS] (kills or safe barrier boundaries) 1. scrn > "Scenario Kill Triggers" and "Scenario Safe Triggers" (fastest way to find them is search the key words top of the -scrn- page "scenario" or "triggers" ect... as they're near the bottom section of the -scrn- page) 2. To the far right of each section for "Scenario Kill Triggers" and "Scenario Safe Triggers" hit the italic "i " (symbol/box) to get the information drop down (than can be opened and closed with this button as needed) 3. Set the "count" number to "0" here for both > "Scenario Kill Triggers" and "Scenario Safe Triggers" < [MOPP Trigger] ("suspected to be softkills") 1. (still) scrn > "Scenario MOPP Triggers" (can continue using the fast search at top "scenario" or "triggers" ect...) 2. hit the italic "i " (again) 3. Set the "count" number to "0" (again here) [Design] (physical invisible walls) 1. (different page/tag now) sddt > "Design MOPP Codes" and "Design Shapes 2" (same quick search "design" now) 2. hit the italic "i " (each again) 3. Set the "count" number to "0" (each again here) -To even be able to place a forge item(s) such as the Intial Loadout Camera outside the maps "normal" forging area the BSPs MULTIPLE Flags per map have to be disabled as well (or it'll keep yanking you back into the "normal" forging areas of the maps when an items selected outside the "normal" area) luckily this too is pretty easy: [ BSPs Flags] (enables forging outside "normal" forging areas)(let's us place our initial/other loadout cameras) 1. scrn > "Structure BSPs" (near top of scrn tag/page) 2. Far right across from "Structure BSPs" scroll down through the groups/numbers (can use up down arrows after a click too) 0-2 (3) (3tabs) <<or how ever many or whatever may they be as it changes per map, But SCROLL through EACH one and ensure ALL have: "Prevents Forging" unchecked/cleared check box in the Flags section (some are unchecked already usually) -(Don't think you can Poke this and has to be saved then migrated over to the ol Xbax scum again (or with ALL the changes all together in one kill shot now)- [[[FINALLY]]] 1. In Forge delete all other load out cameras and or use the main one to start 2. Go crazy outside the normal map boundaries/walls/glass/ceiling if and when possible like on Sword Base use a sender/receiver/two way teleporter to go WAY out into the map to place your loadout camera 3. lots of things you can do with loadout camera(s) for teams/color/spawning times ect.... search around online for more in depth info tutorials ( !! If cameras pushed TOO far out mat cause BLUE/BLACK screens aka no eye candy for your map when loading unless you're looking for that. Also always remember how many cameras or if you need to again delete all because once placed outside "normal" forging areas the camera is sometimes either very very hard to find again and or its normally visible camera icon for forging is now invisible !! ...Additionally... No sense in forging "out of bounds" here for systemlink play unless someone else has your same map, boundaries removed the same way, and or is impossible all together if the items placed out here disappear, yanked back into "normal boundaries" (can sometimes turn off) , or another actual usuable reason is needed ) [Finished???] !!! Always save a "backup" of the original map when using assembly a "good" original "clean" version only make/save changes to the duplicated to save yo self !!! So once you've forged a crazy assparagus map.... ( I always save 3 "final versions when forging as they sometimes can "overwrite" themselves EVEN if they're from say Forge World to a new Sword Base creation or vise versa [I don't remember exactly why this happens totally forgot whatevs] because of manipulating items sometimes the 1st and 3rd get jacked so 3 saves is good as the second may be clean and what ya need .....So....again.........once You've made a masterpiece (which mine are far from that generally) ...... 1. Save yo masterpiece.... 2. Put your original "backup" of the "good" "clean" "unedited" version of the map itself back onto your ol xbax scum so you can go murderlize me online These are basically the only things I have been trying to accomplish with my RGH lately as I had seen it done in the past but, currently I personally prefer the ol RGH Scum Systemlink over the PC MCC currently and it's supper easy to get the "Unlimited Forge World" action going and have been doing so for years now. So these are some fairly basic things probably all over the site here for years ( now again explained probably poorly by me), and elsewhere that I for some reason had a very hard time finding/figuring out how to do as so many of us are still systemlinking I did this to not only remind myself of the steps if I forget again, but hopefully help some other Systemlinkers make it slightly easier to make some crazier, different, and more compelling custom maps/games outside of the ol Forge World Scum...even if it is with a more limited but not nearly as so palette! Cheers to all hope to see you online sharing and creating scum, go hard!
  14. General

  15. General

    "Stealing" maps? thats petty. Yeh, you can goto your recent maps and save them from there so... get over it I guess?
  16. General

    If I'm not mistaken, isn't there a thing for Recent Maps where you can choose to permanently keep any maps/gametypes you recently played? Could be wrong tho cus I haven't booted up Reach on 360 in quite a while
  17. General

    Temporary files/maps seems to do the trick and are able to download share all maps/creations in Reach, as I had played Halo 4 a lot in the past and thought this was impossible without entering Forge mode to share maps as did some other peeps I knew as we never used live back in the day and could have swore when i tried this in the past it would not work, but is an awesome overlooked feature by myself
  18. Hey bro que tipo de programa se instala para poder hacer los procedimientos para tener los mapas? Esperar├ę tu respuesta compa├▒ero
  19. Thanks! I just released an update to add a health bar to the HUD. I was on the fence about it for a while (and didn't included it in the initial release), but have gotten to really like it, so I went ahead and added it.
  20. We'll it's worth it; I know what it's like to be so in love with your work. I've played Cairo Station and Outskirts now and I've really enjoyed it; the Sniper Jackals are still bull, but they are at least fair now. If I didn't know any better, I'd accuse you of adding some sneaky elite swordsman spawns too. Nicely done.
  21. Yeah, it took me about 30 hours to bring all the changes over from Halo 2 Vista. Many late nights for a week just to do it.
  22. This looked pretty good, I agree with pretty much all of your changes as I have a similar approach to modding weapon and AI accuracy/behaviour. I will hopefully install H2A today and give it a shot. Good job getting all the maps modified; I have over 700 changes to make per map and I don't know how people get it done so quickly.
  23. Halo 2 Anniversary campaign levels rebalanced to make Legendary the difficult, but fair, challenge it should have been. Download link (including description of changes): 1) Open the zip file and copy .map files into the halo 2 maps folder of your Halo The Master Chief Collection installation (e.g. C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Halo The Master Chief Collection\halo2\h2_maps_win64_dx11). 2) Play "Halo: MCC Anti-Cheat Disabled (Mods and Limited...)" and enjoy!
  24. .MAP

    This isn't an educated guess, but try searching (with the block specific search bar) for music in the scnr file for Forge World. Good luck! I took a look and unfortunately I couldn't find it at all. It would seem that it is not named something obvious, which is annoying.
  25. Support

    Thanks Zedd, I'll give it a go; one would hope success is inevitable with enough attempts. On a somewhat related note, I finally figured out how to fix the Ammo widget size to match the number of rounds my modded weapons use, so that's something good to come from this line of inquiry.
  26. Support

    Yeah Reach chdt is very ugly. If you pull up a weapon hud that keeps the crosshair, you can try and copy over all the "compiled states" for that crosshair element(s) in the "compiled widget data" (along with the starting value enums) to match.
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