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  2. Remade the season 1 episode 1 Attack on Titan opening scene.
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  4. Hello you guys! I am new to the XboxChaos forums but I've been a user on this website for a little while now. I need a bit of help. There was a .MAP mod I'd love to get a hold of, but all of the links to it have since died. I'd love to get a patchfile for the map if at all possible. Also, I don't just want to be a leecher. So, I'll at least post a tutorial on here or two and possibly make a .MAP mod of my own someday. Currently I know mostly the basics (stuff like modding projectiles/particle effects). Well anyways, thank you for reading. A video link to the .MAP Mod I wanted to get: The links that I've found do not work. I've tried both of these:
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    You can try editing the health regen times/health regen fractions in the characters respective char, ie Grunt, Grunt Major, Grunt Ultra. By giving a recharge fraction and times, it'll allow for the player Grunt and AI Grunts to regen health as time passes.
  6. Would a custom-made campaign in halo 3 sync ai like a vanilla one would?

  7. How do you use this in the actually game. I have never modded the game so I have know idea what I'm doing. Can anyone help me?
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  9. Version 1.0.0


    Halo 3's Mythic Disk, included in the retail version of ODST, removed the campaign lobby from the mainmenu but kept the maps for theater use. This mod fixes that. Apply the patch to your original with Assembly and enjoy!
  10. View File Campaign in Halo 3 Mythic - mod Halo 3's Mythic Disk, included in the retail version of ODST, removed the campaign lobby from the mainmenu but kept the maps for theater use. This mod fixes that. Apply the patch to your original with Assembly and enjoy! Submitter L337H4X0RZZ Submitted 06/21/2017 Category .MAP Mods  
  11. Hello all. Because I am dumb and didn't check that I hadn't deleted one file, I made an entire post dedicated to the problem that one file was giving me. Apologies. The original post is quoted at the bottom. Anyways, now that I fixed my stupid problem (I accidentally deleted the mod is now ready for release! You may download it here Also please keep in mind that this is the first version, the next (whenever it comes out) will have Campaign scoring and Skulls added back in. So, what is this mod? Well, it just so happens to be a mod that adds back the stripped campaign functionality to Halo 3 Mythic! Note: You will need a modded .xex for this, which Lord Zedd has already graciously provided a patch for that you can find here. Thanks to Xerax for their original "How to edit the mainmenu" tutorial which got me very, very lost but did help me have a general idea of what I was looking for when it came to mainmenu stuff. Thank you all for taking the time to read this. I'm assuming this is Bungie's way of saying to the player "No Campaign for you, bro. Buy the full game" if a player was to get into the hidden campaign lobby, likely by another player inviting them. Since the campaign maps are there for theater mode, this would have stopped players on retail boxes being able to play the campaign on their multiplayer disks. A smart move, considering that if this wasn't there then players would have got the entire Halo 3 game, with all the multiplayer DLC just by buying ODST. However, this only shows with regular missions. Arrival loads fine, both in the Campaign lobby and through "Start Solo Game" Waiting through the Arrival Cutscene level now gives me this after a split second of attempting to load Sierra 117: I'm all out of ideas and would hate to see this become another "It can't be done" case. If anyone has any ideas, please throw them my way. Here is a video showing everything that I've just said. Forewarning: The video is unedited and so, the full Arrival Cutscene is in there. For anyone that is wondering "Why bother?" It's because I just want to. No other reason. Thank you for taking the time to read this.
  12. .MAP

    Step 7) Setting Spawns Open up your Clean multiplayer map again and grab the invisible spawn point, extract with raw. I don't know where to find the "invisible spawn point
  13. General

    Look at my halo reach maps, in this thread Here's a few videos of my maps
  14. I'd like to join, but i don't have a modded console . Let me know if I can still help.
  15. Any time this week now I suppose
  16. General

    i made my own hotel
  17. General

    i would like some ideas
  18. I could use this xex if anyone has it thanks guys!!
  19. General

    Which days work for you? It'd be awesome to play with you in particular
  20. Would be fun but this tuesday is a bad time for me
  21. Sir, so if I go in forge gametype on this map, will I be able to spawn everything listed in this post?
  22. Salutations, everyone. I'm The Vengeful 'Vadam and for those who don't know me, I'm a Halo YouTuber who recently made videos of the Halo 2 and Halo 3 betas and did full analyses on both of them. This time, I'm going to tackle the Halo Reach beta (specifically the "Delta", or the public Beta that was released to the public in early 2010), and I'm going to need help with this one. I'm going to need 10 extra people (excluding myself and one other person who has agreed to help me with this project) to join me over Xlink Kai in the "Halo Reach USA" room, and all we'll be doing is playing various game types such as Invasion, Spartan vs Elite Slayer, CTF, Network Test 1, and many others. I feel that having footage of full 6v6 (Invasion) 4v4 (standard MP games) and 3v3 (Network Test 1) games of the Reach beta made in the year 2017 will make this next beta analysis our best and most informative one yet. MAKE SURE YOUR MAP FILES ARE CLEAN AND UNTOUCHED! OTHERWISE, YOU WONT BE ABLE TO JOIN ANY OF OUR GAMES! If you're interested, simply reply to this thread with your preferred alias so I can appropriately credit each and every one of you that offers to help me with this project. If more than 10 people somehow comment here, I'll set up multiple sessions so everyone gets a chance to play. I'd like to have this set up this coming Tuesday @ 8pm Eastern Standard time. If this time doesn't work for most of you, let me know and I'll attempt to adjust accordingly, and even then I'll be doing more than one session, most likely on another day. Thank you for your time. [Full Analysis of the Halo 2 Beta] [Full Analysis of the Halo 3 Beta]
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  24. Support

    Great, enjoy dude. Glad i can help
  25. You'll learn to not ask such things, as I have on this forum lmao, the devs could explain it to ya. But regardless there will be no link given to you for "Revenge Cheating". The best you can do is report and move on.
  26. .MAP

    Wait, I have to replace that xex to work on me. maps
  27. .MAP

    You'll need to download a patch for your original, clean .xex. Link for Zedd's Halo Reach patch. Uploading any original/modded xex is warez, thus patches are used. gobble gobble etc.
  28. .MAP

    Hi, I'm new to this but yesterday I downloaded the maps where I can download that modified xex
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