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  4. the aspatch i dont know how to install it, in Assembly what a i have to put on Unmodiefied map?
  5. I'm trying to change the projectile speed for the battle rifle mainly, or any projectile (non hitscan) weapon. I can't find a setting that seems like it would be the one to change.
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  7. I started modding recently using assembly and tried to do a trickjump using frag's instantaneous acceleration. however, everytime I reach the maximum height and start to fall, i die within 3 seconds. Is there any solution to this problem
  8. I managed to do this but as soon as I remain in air for long, I die. Is there any solution to this problem
  9. Made some hacks for Borderlands 1 v1.0.2 for the Nintendo Switch. If you wanna watch, here's the video:
  10. Thanks, I would try to do this Another question- which value for the acceleration would be needed for this jump
  11. It has nothing to do with game physics, it has to do with the grenade damage effect jpt! at instance " Instantaneous Acceleration" And of course the time to explode has to be edited to match the travel distance, something which can be tricky to do the maths.
  12. I had been watching Mint Blitz since many days and wanted to do some to his trickshots. I got assembly and opened H2 vista pc and also opened assembly. I messed with the game's physics such that if I stick a warthog at back, it could fly directly to other side of bridge when you are playing metropolis, but nothing happens. If somebody could tell that what should I do with physics and vehicles please help
  13. God some pretty serious malware notifications when trying to use this. Might be a little outdated at this point
  14. I know this is old and I apologize, but do you know of any way you can remove forge barriers anymore? Seems like the flag "Prevents Forging" under Structure BSPs no longer exists. Any help is greatly appreciated!
  15. Gametype

    I understand your probably done with the game type but do you think more items could be added to the game type like say the generators from firefight?
  16. Lord zedd, could you make the patch for the latest halo 4 update, which would be the TU10, because its hard to get the TU7 from some media-ID, I would appreciate it, because the tu7 is not found in xboxunity, but update 10 yes we can find it there.
  17. Gametype

    Can you deeply explain the switch option. I want a revolving door that closes and opens. And does it need a zone?
  18. You can still get the flaming helmet, but a lot of the permutation IDs have changed - as well new permuations, with the additon of MCC Season 6.
  19. Hello everyone guys! I explain my problem. I modded the first level of halo 3: i just edited a bit the weapons damages and others little stuff. I saved all changes in all tags i needed (i used assembly). So now how can i apply these changes also in all Game levels??? I tried to exstract these tags and then inject in next levels, but i didn't success. Someone can help me?
  20. Under matg/globals/globals for say halo 4 in the MCC, there is what seems to be the ability to change the multiplier for difficulty and skulls. Though when I change this and poke, nothing changes for it. Any ideas?
  21. You are missed

  22. Can you PM me his discord please sir? I sent him a message with my discord but like I said it does not look like he has been on here for sometime
  23. I chat to him on discord every now and then, he's still around
  24. Hope he is still around I was away the last year I missed his reply
  25. Is there a way to use tag injection in halo 2 mcc ? i have no idea if this is possible thank you
  26. .MAP

    does this work with the MCC versions?
  27. no you can't use it with halo reach and two its kind of like forge world
  28. I heard Gamecheat has pimps at sea
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