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    Its for system link too. A bunch of scripts dont sync up between the host and client. You might be able to play parts of the mission, I cant guarantee anything.
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    “This doesn't work over network games sorry,” I assume this is for XBL, and system link will work right, e.g. Xlink?
  6. This is a project I prototyped all the way back in late 2014 to many bugs and problems. It wasnt until 2016 that I actually released a polished Campaign Forge map, The Storm. For reasons I wont get into I didn't work on the other Campaign maps until this last month. I plan to get all of the Halo 3 maps ported to Forge in the next few months. I might move on to ODST after this one is complete but that's TBD. I'm very hesitant to do Halo Reach or Halo 4 due to multiplayer team colors no longer matching up with AI teams and memory limitations. My main goals for this project are as follows: Forge on Campaign levels with up to 4 local players supported (This doesn't work over network games sorry) Give players access to more freedom in Campaign via Forge menus and removed map boundaries. Maintain a standard of stability and feature set. Players can expect the exact same features on every single map, though Forge items will change depending on what assets are available. Rework some of the more annoying parts of Halo 3 by making Cortana moments audio only. Allow players to access Forge items at any time. Load zones will no longer despawn objects like the standard campaign. Allow players to build pseudo AI encounters with the Forge menu and tool hotkeys. Join whichever faction you would like by switching teams in the pause menu. Fight other players with your AI buddies. Respawn at any given time at the same area you died at. For the most part im going to release most of these maps in order. The first half of Halo 3 is smaller maps going by memory limitations so id like to grind those out of the way before getting to big maps like The Covenant and The Ark. Cortana will more than likely be released before those two. I dont think Halo is going to play too well due to how many scripted scenery objects are placed on the warthog run. When converting Campaign maps to forge you have to lower the amount of objects on the map to below roughly 500. This is because Forge map variants only store around that many objects. If you dont the game will crash at map runtime. As each map is finished I sometimes come across changes or features that would improve the quality of life for this project. When this feature is completely realized and put into place ill add these features or changes to older maps already released. So if you see a new feature or change in a newly released map dont fright, Ill be releasing updates for the older maps very shortly. The Current status of each map: Sierra 117: Released 1.0. 1.1 update coming soon. - Download 1.0 Crows Nest: Mostly Finished, Release imminent. Tsavo Highway: Forge menu started, still needs plenty of work. The Storm: Released 1.1. 1.2 update coming soon. - Download 1.1 Floodgate: Forge menu started, still needs plenty of work. The Ark: Basic multiplayer properties setup, crashes at pelican unload. The Covenant: Basic multiplayer properties setup. Cortana: Basic multiplayer properties setup. Halo: Basic multiplayer properties setup. Features and changes for all maps: Forge Menus: Weapons: All weapons in the tags will be available if they have raw data. Oddball with from multiplayer will be available since the skull is on all maps. Detached turrets will be available. Vehicles: All vehicle in the tags will be available if they have raw data. Special variants of vehicles will be added like the civilian Warthog. Campaign vehicles like the Pelican have been made drivable and player friendly. Equipment: All equipment in the tags will be available if they have raw data. Activated deployable equipment will be available. Scenery: All scenery in the tags will be available if they have raw data. Artificial Intelligence: All AI in the tags will be available if they have raw data. Special variants of AI like Johnson and Elite Zealots will be added if possible. There will be options to spawn AI on teams they are not normally assigned to. IE Brutes on the Human team. AI teams are indicated by the item text color. AI is spawned on the fly thus don’t have spawn points placed. Tool Hotkeys: AI Ignore All Players (Back + Left Trigger) - AI wont attack players or forge monitors in any way when enabled. Toggle AI logic (Back + Melee) - When disable AI wont do any at all when. This includes dropships flying around. Save Checkpoint (Back + Right Trigger) - This saves a checkpoint duh. Revert Checkpoint (Back + Start) - This will load your last saved checkpoint. If there isn't one saved the mission will restart. General Features and Changes: 4 Respawn points in each encounter area. These spawn points will be updated depending on your mission progress. These have been carefully tested so you don’t get stuck ahead or behind your current progress. All AI vehicles such as Pelicans and Phantoms can now be entered, they no longer block the player from entering. AI Vehicles such as the Anti Air Wraith no longer explode when there is no driver. You can join the covenant or flood teams by switching to their team in the pause menu. Those annoying Cortana and Gravemind moments have been reworked so they only play audio without slowing down the player or rendering screen effects. You can trade weapons with any AI ally such as the Arbiter. All map boundaries have been removed. Most death barriers have also been removed aside from the ones that kill you from falling. Most non scripted scenery objects removed from the map so you have more items to spawn before hitting the limit. All mission checkpoints removed so players can save manually. Im probably forgetting some stuff, ill add more later lol. Changelog: Videos:
  7. .MAP

    Important disclaimer: On New Alexandria when attacking the Hunters in the Disco Room, do NOT board them AFTER destroying the jammer. If you do, the game thinks you're back in your Falcon and it'll de-load the entire area as well as everything in that BSP's vicinity, including yourself since you'd be attached to a Hunter. I don't know a way to fix this as the script itself is super important to the mission in order to prevent massive frame rate drops, I believe. You can board the Hunters just fine beforehand, though. Also, the Hunters that show up in the side missions will do the same thing, so I don't recommend boarding them period and just kill them with your Falcon or via whatever other means you wish.
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  9. I think i found where to gain access to your profile for Xbox one to begin modding, if anyone can figure it out. So to do this I used the same method to access mods and custom skins for Xbox One Minecraft via the xbox file explorer, using a few apps, it allows you to see parts of the "Explore files" that you were previously not allowed to see. There are other interesting files as well, not sure if this has been explored or not, let me know below!
  10. .MAP

    My body is ready.
  11. Halo: Reach Evolved v2 Media Blowout! Video Preview: Elites Dual-wielding other weapons: Blue-colored sights on Shotgun: Troop Transport Hog on ONI Sword Base Plasma Caster and new Spec-Ops Elite
  12. .MAP

    Salutations! I'm here to inform you guys that Version 2 of Halo Reach: Evolved is out now! The OP will be updated with new information! I'm still editing the non-centered crosshair maps, but some are finished. EDIT: Fixed an oversight on m35 (Tip of the Spear) where Kat still used her v1 armor colors in the cutscene. Fix applied to both standard and uncentered crosshair patches.
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    You probably didn't name the output file correctly when patching in assembly. If you're playing on Reach, you will have to disable contpatch in dashlaunch.
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  15. I won't be using this as I don't mod halo much anymore... however the fact that this can now be done, it's astonishing. Reminds me directly of halo 2 modded maps. Hopefully some people will actually use this knowledge and create a bad ass custom map.
  16. Total newbie at this. Would really just like to play offline firefight with my flight build, can someone show me how to unlock the menus? Apparently it's very simple. Much appreciated
  17. Modding

    What? Also i meant that theres a xex patcher somewhere on this site. I assume in the downloads section, idk I havent used it in a long time. I however have tested all the forge campaign maps and they all function as they should, so no idea what the problem could be on your end, but it is user error. put .map with the other .map files. Put the blf files in the images folder, and put the mapinfo file in the info folder in your halo 3 directory on your rgh. Also make sure that you replace your xex with a modded xex which lets you play .map mods, also make sure said xex has ai enabled etc,.
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    No he is not good
  19. .MAP

    I have a question I ask with the ascpatch folder
  21. Modding

    Did you put the blf files and the mapinfo files in the proper folders? and do you have a modified xex which allows to play .map mods, and the xex must also have ai enabled etc. There is a pitcher somewhere on this site for the xex.
  22. Modding

    Xbox 360 Slim RGH works. Forge Campaign .MAP Mod in the game file. I see the .MAP Mod in Forge Lobby, but I have the message Kicked Back To The Main Menu After Load ScreenoO Why....
  23. Xbox 360 Slim RGH fonctionne. Forge Campaign .MAP Mod dans le fichier de jeu. Je vois le fichier .MAP dans le lobby Forge, mais le message "Le lecteur n'a pas pu charger le contenu" est affiché. OO Pourquoi....
  24. .MAP

    can you play 16 players in the forge campaign mods ? what level of difficulty are the ia in forge mode?
  25. .MAP

    what level of difficulty are the ia in forge mode?
  26. Assault a Covenant occupied structure with a group of ODSTs. Eliminate the Honour Guards within and extend the bridge. This is a short 5-10 minute mini mission with custom player starting spawn with custom ally spawns. This mod if for 05_deltaapproach / Delta Halo Change Log: - Player is ODST - Increased player health, jump height, grenade toss velocity - Custom ally spawns - ODST skinned fp arms - Custom player spawn Map file download: Assembly patch: Screenshots:
  27. Hey, so I actually looked into it and decided to compile a build of “Liberty-master” that I got from Github. Anyway, the “H3GameStateTest.exe” that I compiled only opens the following file types: .mmiof .bmf So does anyone know if the Liberty build is even for the Xbox versions of Halo or for the PC (El Dorado - I think that’s how you spell it) versions of the games? Because the Xbox one and Xbox 360 doesn’t save to either of those formats.
  28. there was a symbolic link exploit that allowed drive access iirc
  29. .MAP

    I dig it. I'm curious as to how you added additional weapons into the sandbox and without replacing originals. The spv3 implemented features are pretty cool
  30. General

    What dashboard allowed for modifying game save files? I've been out of touch with the scene for a while so this is new to me.
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