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  3. you dont
  4. Something I did about a year ago or so:
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  6. Reach

    What are you trying to do that gives you this error? Are you making changes to the map, injecting, saving?
  7. Modding

    I hate to be spoonfed but....Ok what I did was put "Legendary" difficulty into those difficulty_get_real sections instead of the normal/heroic but nothing happened What am I doing wrong? Another question...the phantom that drops off hunters on the Ark(the sniping section) seems to be indestructible. What causes it and how can I remove it from being indestructible? its not the "deathless" vehicle variant . Similar question goes for a couple of phantoms in the Sierra117 level(specifically the ones in the very end about 2-3 of them are indestructible and I would very much like to make them destructible)
  8. Modding

    You could do that but you would get all the extra AI that comes along with it. Its entirely up to the user.
  9. Modding

    Would it not be easier to replace the conditionals/difficulty to be like (if (>= game_difficulty_get_real) easy) instead of trying to reorganize? Or even, I assume (if (!= game_difficulty_get_real) 4) where the value is outside of the difficulty enum?
  10. Modding

    I think you are being a tad ambitious, its good none the less but first: Track down what part of the script spawns those particular turrets (Use their "squads\single spawn" name to find the ai_place for them. (EG: "phantom_spawn\pilot1" Edit the script so that the ai_place for them is outside the difficulty checks. There is not a lot of work to do, its just navigating the expressions is half the battle.
  11. Modding

    Ahh sry 1) what i meant by "random" spawning( I at first thought it was random) was because these shades have diff spawn points depending on diffuclity Ok what Im trying to do now is(since im not yet advanced enough to spawn stationary vehicles on my own cuz it always seems to mess up and I dont have the coordinates function) ....get the Shade turrets that spawn on Normal/Heroic Difficulties into Legendary as well as the ones that spawn on Legendary(so it spawns all 3 not just 2 ) how do i do that? On section one this one spawns on Heroic only On section 2 this one spawns on Normal only(notice its on the left side) 2) Some maps(for example Tsavo Highway have tags for Ghosts and Prowlers but they are not in the Vehicle Palette. How would I add them into the Palette so I can spawn them with AI in them? I did download AltSierra's mod that has all the tags just incase 3) For a custom map type thing( I want to make an zombie type experience where the flood literally just rushes you and you have limited ammo and weps) i removed all "weapons in the open" on the Cortana level and checked so that the flood squads do not spawn with weapons but some still do? It has to be a script thing depending on difficulty but I cant seem to find it in scripts anywhere
  12. I don't know what to say guys. I've been off the site for a while, came back to see how awesome all of you guys still are! I loved watching that "Fight the Gods" map blackdimund, Excellent work. : )
  13. Everything was fine until i injected some campaign vehicles, this is annoying me. I click continue and my map doesn't load lmao
  14. Earlier
  15. I've only tested this offline, I'm not sure if it works online. I'm assuming it doesn't since in Reach all clients need to be in sync (same game engine).
  16. I agree part of the reason I started this project was that there aren't really any RTE tools for ODST (besides Assembly). Thanks for the positive feedback.
  17. true be nice to have a good odst tool. more options would be cool also good work so far.
  18. I use the No local limit mode created by Lord Zedd. Thanks to that, I was able to proceed with the Halo Series by four people. Will Halo Anniversary be possible? I really want to enjoy the campaign with four people.
  19. Looks great but if I were to release it at all I'd make it as best as I can make before I do it. Seeing as there isn't a tool for ODST like this after all this time.
  20. Just whipped this up in about an hour and wanted some feedback on weather or not I should release it and keep working on it or just keep it to myself. Obviously I can add a lot more, but this is what I have so far. Picture of program: Proof options work:
  21. H2 Heretic Elite and Honor Guard Update Heretic Elite: 1:48 Honor Guard Update: 0:00
  22. Gonna check on it later, ill dm you if I find something
  23. if you can figure that one out, let me know
  24. Damn this is cool! You should increase the walking speed of the "Gods" tho
  25. finished it next i would very much like to figure out how to script it so you can walk around every cutscene in a mission, and the whole map is just the cutscenes, will be working on that
  26. You WILL NEED to add 3210 to your Halo3.campaign file. I also highly recommend using my modded xex. The mod will still work with a normal modded xex, but mine will enable modified object spawning sizes, which some of the ai/vehicles use is the whole point of this mod. My xex is using TU1 so im not sure if it works with other TU or not. full picture album Think you can fight the gods? There are four diffferent rounds, one after the other after each die, then a final round. This map has lots of scripts, in fact just about everything is scripted, the ai, everything they do, a garbage collection script to keep the map going without lag, scripted working elevator, scripted giant moving doors for the bonus round, pelican weapon capsules constantly scripted to drop from the sky for replenished ammo, friendly ai will constantly respawn when low on numbers, music is scripted to switch for the bonus round, etc. Also, some edited projectiles, a some extra weapon capsules way out there, if you dare enough to go get them, edited effects, the scarabs will chase humans all around the map. First there will be two giant stalker brutes with red loud laser beams from their heads, then giant hunters, then scarabs, then giant brute chieftains with hammers, then the bonus round with everybody at once. Also imported the same scripts from the trench funrun mod, select+switch grenades for switching 50% and 100% gravity, and select+melee for toggling invincible players. thanks to gamecheat13 for the base map I worked from, and also lord zedd for various tutorials n stuff. I threw in my scripting notes to the folder as well if anyone is interested in understanding the scripts. It's a serious mess in there, it's not elegant at all, it just works, just for research/examples or whatever.
  27. Notepad++ Halo 3 Script View File Import this language to get a nicer definition, based on an older user defined language for Halo CE. If you find any issues please post them in the comments. Submitter Akarias Submitted 04/17/2018 Category Halo 3  
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