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  3. Modding

    Found this too late. Had the Halo 4 Beta for years. Would love to have this patch. Anyone have it? Reupload, please?
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  5. Gametype

    If you mean older versions of the sve mythic gametypes, they basically have different stuff coded in the gametypes. Here is a 1.50 features list.
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    Thing is,if they hate mods so much,why go to a site absolutely dedicated to modding?
  8. What was the point of adding AI to Forge in Halo 5 via your Exuberant tool? The offline Forge map doesnt have AI pathfinding,so they just stand there and shoot at you

  9. What is the difference between legacy purposes and the regular, 1.50 kilo
  10. Ok so I have the modded xbox plan covered. I havent bought it yet but Im going to start saving for once I get a job. Anyways, I heard that owning a modded xbox is illegal and your account would get banned. If not what do I do to keep it legal. Just to let you know once i start putting mods on the xbox ill record gameplay vids. I wouldnt want my xbox taken away after working hard just to initially get it. is it really that hard to install halo mods or its just a simple task of drag and drop. I heard that all it takes to download gamecheats ai playground is to drag and drop the maps into maps folder, mapinfo into the map iinfo folder or whatever it is. If so, where do i put the modded xex into.
  11. Support

    Yep that did the trick! Got it working now, thanks!
  12. Support

    Those are regular 360 containers. One is MP the other is the first half of SpOps. Modio, Velocity or similar can open them and it will have all 3 of the file types in there.
  13. Support

    It looks like what I'm missing is the .mapinfo and .blf files to go with the .map files. How do I extract those from the disc? All I have right now are just the .map files. The only files I could get off the disc are just these two files titled 6EA75209998E503CD58BDF9618ED283156A2D8EE4D and E25A9996DBF25D25C7C6235FFD30BAF4E5D543044D. I'm not sure what tool I'd need to use to extract the remaining files I need from that folder.
  14. Support

    Sounds like you can already get into the lobby via modded xex or whatever. So follow this. There's no pck files for disc 2 so ignore that part. (For multiple dlcs you'd need to mod your mainmenu and add the pck entries to matg otherwise no sounds, check my offline spops mod, as I did that there.)
  15. Support

    I've had no issues getting Halo 4 to run off my external HDD with campaign maps being easily moddable. But I've never tried to install the Disc 2 multiplayer maps until now. I'm able to install it off Disc 2 but that of course puts it in the content folder on my USB drive in a different format consisting of 2 files. I've done quite a bit of digging around here to see if I can find out how to just simply put the .map files in the maps folder of Halo 4 but there doesn't seem to be any tutorial for that. Simply copying the .map files to that folder doesn't work and the game won't recognize those maps as there. So how do I get the .map files from Disc 2 or any Halo 4 DLC for that matter, onto my USB hard drive and load those maps that way?
  16. General

    how do i install the mod please tell me please
  17. General

    how do i install the mod
  18. General

    how do i install the mod
  19. Earlier
  20. Hey, I wanted to kindly ask someone to please convert the Unrelenting Force Spell in order to be able to run on the Xbox. I want this so hard because I have recently downloaded a lot of these mods, including the Master Of Time And Space mod, but I just haven ' t been able to find this certain mod. Which could get really interesting along the Master Of Time And Space mod. Basically, you just have to convert the ESB. file into one compatible with the Xbox. Thanks to everyone in advance, you will have here below the link to the page where you can download the mod, and the file itself. Btw, sorry for my broken English lol.
  21. help. I have the problem of "Players have not been able to download Content in Halo Reach and Halo 3 odst...


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    2. Alejandro MiddleCorn

      Alejandro MiddleCorn

      Is your default.exe modified to load the modded maps?

      If not, then it is not going to work.

    3. omar xd

      omar xd

      I modified the default.xex ..!
    4. Alejandro MiddleCorn

      Alejandro MiddleCorn

      Then the map should load just fine.

      Also make sure to include the correct MAPINFO and other files the pack includes.

  22. l patched cliffside but whenever I use it it gets to 42% and it just stops and gives me the error message "Failed to load content" Contenido no leído Marcar sitio leído Casa aureola Halo Reach .Map Patch no funciona "Error al cargar contenido"
  23. .MAP

    how to inject i get failed to load content.
  24. Will this still be released cause i hope so.
  25. help. when I download map for halo reach says the players could not download the content.
    rgh hack patch
  26. help. when I download map for halo reach says the players could not download the content.
    rgh hack patch


  27. help. when I download map for halo reach says the players could not download the content.
    rgh hack patch

    :exhausted:Contagem de

  28. Every biped in the game,with their AI (Except for unused ones that are somehow left in the game's files,obviously)
  29. You can't use rgloader on a dev kit or test kit. You'd need private rgloader files to be able to do so. There is a leaked .18 shadowboot that boots into rgloader, but that is only for dev kits. You're pretty much out of like when it comes to doing any memory editing with a test kit, only really good for playing builds of games. In addition, most of the private test to dev files aren't 100% complete and may throw a memory overflow error and research on 100% test to dev conversion on a phat console isn't going anywhere. If you have a slim without sidecar (which shows up as test) you can do the recint.ini edit to bypass the need for a sidecar or grab a xbdm.xex from a older recovery, cause on older recoveries on a slim without sidecar will show up as a dev. It wasn't until more recent recoveries where they made it so there is a check to see if the unit has a sidecar to be a dev. Forcing studios to spend 1500 for a sidecar on-top of the 1000 for the console just so it's a dev kit and not a test kit.
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