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    I was going to try unlocking it sometime, not sure how it might go though. Ill def have the unlock released on there if it works.
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    Thanks! I actually downloaded it a couple of minutes ago before you posted and tried it out. It launched successfully, but I couldn't access anything pass the start/profile select screen because it requires a Xbox Live Gold Account to access. I used Fake Live in Aurora Dashboard to get around that, and it does work. I can browse through the menus, select my characters and weapons, look at stats, etc. However, I can't actually play anything because it only allows online play. Doesn't bother me much, as maybe one day it will be possible to play around with it. For now, I'll just mess around with other Gears of War 3 pre-release builds. Thank you and your friend for archiving it!
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    Its been added to Alpha Archive. Thanks for helping gain traction on this.
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    Sweet! I'll check my HDD on my PC with Xplorer360, but I doubt it is on there. At least you were able to find someone who had the file. Edit: Just checked with Xplorer360. The Elite had it's cache cleared about two years ago, so everything before that is gone. On my old White 360 that I still have the HDD for, I don't see any files big enough in the cache that could be the beta. I assume all TU's were transferred to the Elite, which had its cache cleared.
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    Thanks man, I appreciate it. Thanks for tuning in and remember... YOU ROCK!
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    Nice to see you are still up and kicking! also good work on the 3d modeling!
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    Actually looks like a buddy found the title update. Ill update the link on Alpha Archive soon to include the title update. Might be able to work up an unlock for the game sometime.
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    Old games stored title updates in a cache folder on the hard drive, so you wont see the update anywhere in the storage interface. If you can hook the hard drive up to your PC you can check the Cache folder with some tools.
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    I used to have them on my old white Xbox 360, which got a red ring, so the files were transferred to my brother's Xbox 360 Elite after that. This was years back, and I didn't see the files on the Elite so I assumed I lost them.
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    The files were contained in a title update for the game, im not sure if anyone has that title update backed up currently.
  16. Hello! I was wondering if anyone has the files for the Gears of War 3 Public Xbox Live Beta. Yes, I know it is on, however, it only contains the launcher for the beta, and none of the files you would download from Xbox Live. These files you would download would be the actual beta game files and not the launcher. Does anyone have those anywhere? Thank you.
  17. You need a rgh xbox
  18. Tutorial ?please
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    I kind of took a break from the Halo modding scene. I started modding Super Smash Bros. Melee for fun to see if I could apply what I have learned from 3D modeling, hex editing, and texturing.
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    Looks like a lot of fun, it makes me happy to see people are still creating content.
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    Setup a discord for people to help test pre-release copies of these mods and report bugs.
  23. I already said, look into animation inheriting. Take a look at the map scripts and see what animations are used. It wont be a fun process.
  24. So any idea on how to fix it or should i give up?
  25. You cant just swap things and expect them to work. For cutscenes everything is a premade animation. If some of these fail it screws around with the scripts and as a result the scripts may not run, it depends. No you cant just "fix" these things without having the correct animations present.
  26. Anyway, i tried to swap the player bipd to an elite in matg and it broke. I would not spawn, the cutscene did not play and my camera was hovering over the map.
  27. But i'm pretty sure that you can fix the three issues.
  28. Modding

    jai extrait avec raw
  29. Thats because most of the animations dont exist for the marines. You pretty much have no other choice but to inherit the animations onto the marines. Fuck dat (Unless mr zedd has made something to automate it)
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