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  3. What am I looking at?
  4. Idc about .map modding and all of that fancy shit. I just want to compare halo 3 usermaps and gametypes to MCC halo 3 gametypes and user maps! I just want all my maps and gametypes back tbh.
  5. General

    I mean I could be wrong but i'm pretty sure that tut was how to stream games from the pc side, meaning have the game on the pc via a shared folder and launch the game from your pc without it being on your actual rgh HDD. There is no way to record your games on xbox 360 unless you have a capture card or running rgloader/TX fusion using Xbmovie. I do not recommend using TX Fusion or RGLoader unless you know exactly what you are doing. If you want a Capture Card for cheap either one of these two will do the trick as I have used both. 1. 2. I usually buy these as gifts for family. They work pretty well. I mean it's no elgato or Hdpvr but does the trick if you want hd quality The only downside is you have to have a USB/External drive connected to it and you press a button on the box to record, then you press is again to stop recording. When you get done recording I strongly recommend you wait 15-30 seconds before unplugging your storage device from it. If you want to go for the cheap cheap and don't care about quality at all. The quality is pretty bad but will do until you can afford something way better. Starting out I used to use these all the time. So from my experience they are okay for starting out, but the quality is not hd, nor can you make out game text etc, that shows in the game. You can however convert the video files to 1080p to make the quality a bit better but text will never show up good. EazyCap Example HD Video Capture Example However the HD Video Capture example was recorded in 720p not 1080p. It can be used in 1080p which looks much better but thats my buds youtube channel his internet is awful so he records in lower quality and short videos to make uploading easier.
  6. General

    Basically...i want to record xbox 360 game videos...but without a capture card. I found this. is it still possible?
  7. How can this be done? I'm wanting to just flying around by some AI in Forge mode, but they keep attacking me no matter what setting I try to find and edit. Any way to disable their combat towards JUST players? Would be sweet.
  8. weird flex, but okay
  9. Last week
  10. Something I've been wanting to try out for several years, thought MCC on PC might be a good way to kick start it. Here's a hint:
  11. Those words did not come from mine, consider it a quote. I mean who isn't ready to start comparing stuff, we already know the general layout its just filling in the gaps.
  12. I know how to swap bipeds and play as them but I don't know how to change ODST characters in campaign with assembly, I wanted to play as buck in mombassa streets instead of the rookie. I cant find anything in the globals tag or the change colors block in the biped tag .if anyone knows anything about that would be amazing thank you -Greasy Goose
  13. Go learn Halo CE scripting. [Link] Scripting Guide by TCK [Link] Kornman's BSL Bible [Link] CE Script
  14. Reach

    This is some good shit! Great job!
  15. Reach

    Not to highjack your question gc but I've never been able to get watson to work correctly with any debug communicator that I have (various sdk versions). There is not something specific I need to do right?
  16. Reach

    Good work man this will definitely come in handy. I'm assuming this also outputs to Xbox Watson?
  17. Reach

    Since it don't hurt anything, TU1 at address 8202A6C0 write 825D3D58.
  18. Reach

    Zedd delivered once again. Guess I'll have to make some changes and post version 2.0 when I'm done.
  19. Reach

    I cant remember them nor find the chat log where zedd showed me, I've probs got a few files on the RGH. Im sure zedd will pop in and post them.
  20. Reach

    IS THERE ANYTHING ZEDD HASNT DONE YET?!!! That sounds really interesting and like something i originally intended. The solution with the modified debug cam is very hacky and unoptimal. Overly long strings get cutoff for instance. This solution is much more elegant. Please share the files with me, if you don't mind. I would love to take a look at it.
  21. Reach

    There is actually an opcode in reach that can print strings from the scenario string table straight to the player interaction feed (Kill feed, weapon pickups etc), It's been my goto for debugging on a retail console. Zedd shared a handy change that you can make to instead have the opcode write to a unused hud element. Have a poke around here by the way, its unfinished but will parse everything. AST etc. Not all of my changes to assembly's script generator have been pulled into the dev branch yet as I never finished them. It should throw errors with invalid expressions etc. cant remember if I ever commit those though.
  22. What is this? These are Xex patches which will add debug output to Reach's scripts. At the moment they have two main features. Whenever Reach's "print" script function is called, its message string is intercepted and printed on the Debugger running on your PC. Secondly, these patches can also activate and modify the debug camera. It will now display the last printed message. Even when you are not connected to a debugger, you should now be able to keep track of what's going on behind the scenes. Demonstration: Some possible use cases: Debugging custom scripts: Just Include some "print" instructions in your script and find out if and when your code is executed. Script Research: Open a complicated, decompiled script file on your PC. Now play through the corresponding mission on your console and watch the debug output. By searching for the messages in the file, you can quite easily follow the control flow and find out which functions are called at what points during the mission. Disclaimer: My understanding of PowerPC assembly and the xbox360's inner workings is very limited. Not much testing has went into this project. Even though I haven't encountered any issues so far, it is possible that these patches could negatively impact the game's performance. Please use them at your own risk. Requirements: A Xbox 360 with debugging capabilities. This means you need a XDK or at least a hacked console running RGLoader. DevTool, developed by Eaton: Usage: Start your console and connect it to your debugger. I have only tested WinDbg so far, but Visual Studio should also work. Start Halo Reach. Open Devtool and switch to the Patching tab. Copy the entire text of the patch of your choice and paste it into DevTool's Textbox. Please make sure to use a patch corresponding to your games version (NoTU / TU1). Press the "Compile and Write" button. Wait until a prompt appears, asking you if you want to apply the patch to memory. Accept it. Optional: In the scnr tag of your .map, set all script globals, which are boolean and contain the word "debug" to true. This will ensure that all your map's print instructions will be called. Note: In theory it should also be possible to permanently apply these patches to your Xex using XePatcher. Strangely enough I never managed to get the changes to stick, which has frustrated me more than I am willing to admit. If you get it to work, please let me know. Download:!ogIR3aRA!ExM3UcM3V7h0J6GzS_ZJto5Y3x0hnYkz9YCyE2Qgf9M HS_print_cam = Debug Output + Debug Cam HS_print = Debug output only.
  23. General

    I coudlnt find the option for that in the styl tag
  24. Earlier
  25. The cfg file in the game root can be modified to unlock all the skulls and stuff iirc.
  26. My anniversary copy did not come with the funeral it possible to somehow hex edit it or enable it or something?
  27. Assembly is written in C# as far as I am aware. I've had to use C# to make small custom things for modding before, for example to make Halo 4 custom bitmaps easier.
  28. I wouldn't use java for modding in years. C# is definitely good with modding and getting basic tasks done, thing is, I can't fully modify Assembly's source or because it was written in c++ I think. C# is also not fully compiled.
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