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  2. how do I install it
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  5. Do you know how to inject AI properly from one campaign map to another? For Xbox cause you can't do it on PC of course. I didn't seem to find any tutorials on how to do that.
  6. I have not been clearing my cache after changing maps. That's probably it then, I literally just woke up before and that was one of the first things I thought about
  7. I have, everything checks out on my end. Could you confirm that you are clearing your cache before you run the other version? Also the openness of the game gives it a bit of an RPG feel, sort of like how Halo was originally intended to be.
  8. Modding

    there should be check box to always spawn or something, which spawns them when map loads. if you need them to spawn in at a later time or with trigger or whatever, then you will have to script them to spawn
  9. enuf waiting download added finally
  10. this is meant for xbox but might work in vista too idk
  11. I like the idea of boss battles in this and the inclusion of the Golden Magnum, it reminded me of the Golden Deagle from Cod 4 I also forgot to mention in my original review/feedback comment that I like the respawning AI and the openness of the map. The openness of the map makes it feel like a free roam game and the respawning AI keeps the game flowing! Cannot wait to play this on both Xbox and PC! One more thing I wanna ask is, have you looked into the a30 glitch I ran into, or am I maybe renaming the map wrong?
  12. The final edition will also be released for Custom Edition. Xbox users are getting early access since this mod is being made mostly for Xbox users. Here's a sneak peak at the update, which will feature bosses: Also I doubt Yelo maps would run on an og Xbox. This was very difficult to get running as it is.
  13. .MAP

    Bueno, primero ésto: 1. Todos ignoran comentarios o publicaciones en Español en éste sitio. Tuviste suerte de que yo lo viera. 2. Ascension es una herramienta vieja y ya nadie lo utiliza. 3. Prueba hacerlo con Assembly. Ésa es la herramienta que todos usamos ya y si, puede crear parches y aplicarlos.
  14. Modding

    Same problem I had. Got no help though. Maybe ask the experts, they appear to be kind with you.
  15. .MAP

    ¿Dónde puedo descargar el creador de los parches que mencionan, llamado Ascensión?
  16. Last week
  17. Modding

    I have no idea where to start when it comes to learning how to do that. I'm somewhat new to modding, myself. Where can I go to learn how to alter an existing script to add a new ai_place?
  18. Do you know if it's possible to port over .yelo maps or CE maps in general to xbox? Or are they over the game limitations to play on console?
  19. Modding

    If you are adding AI to a campaign map you will need a few extra expressions to get the AI to spawn at the right time. EG if I added some extra AI into the middle of The Storm in halo 3 I would also need to alter the script(s) that spawn those AI with a extra ai_place that spawns my own extra squads. These squads will also need the correct zones and objectives in order to do anything interesting outside of just standing there or defaulting to the patrol behaviour. If you enable the initially placed flag and they exist outside of the very first loaded BSP in that map, after spawning they will cease to exist/be unloaded depending on the zoneset etc. As for adding the extra lines of Blam script there is no public compiler yet. Sorry about that but you will need to learn to manually write out the needed expressions.
  20. Halo: CE

    Yeah, there's been plenty of OG Xbox ports of Custom Edition maps. I believe that's what Arsenic's capable of doing.
  21. Looking forward to the updates you bring and other content for that matter. I have something I wanna ask you and that is the possibility of porting this to Custom Edition? Or even porting Custom Edition maps to Xbox?
  22. Thanks for the tip man, there must have been a mix up. I'll have that fixed for the update. Also some FPS issues will be addressed and also a better health system.
  23. Modding

    No, but I didn't even need to do that for the Nightfall Hunters that I added. Where would I make one?
  24. Modding

    Did you create a script to make them spawn? If there is no script for them, they will never spawn. The tutorial doesn't say it, but I was told in the comments after trying it by myself.
  25. Halo 3

    can I just post the link? I have it.
  26. I can confirm that the mod works on Xbox 360 JTAG/RGH I really like this mod and I'd love to see if it's possible to do this kinda thing with the other Halos! Pretty much all good, I just have two things I wanna say, but I'm pretty sure at least one of them is because of Game Engine Limitations. First thing is that sometimes when theres a lot of AI on screen or in the area at a time the FPS drops a fair bit, but I've seen this also happen in other Map packs I've downloaded for Halo. Second thing might be a glitch and not sure how I can fix it. With the second mission, both version seems to be the same. You start in the same area and both end with the bridge switch. I should also point out that I tried renaming both files and even deleted them both and reinstalled only then rename it to Not sure if I'm missing something, but I thought I'd let you know anyways. Thank you for your great work, this has made it to the list of things I wanna stream. One last thing is I just tested the first two levels and look forward to playing the rest, Thanks again. -JD The Tank
  27. Gonna give it a try on Xbox 360 and let you know how it runs
  28. 1. I added new textures for cyborg/fp/hands and multipurpose bitmaps. The grunt hand texture is a pattern borrowed from grunt arms and legs bitmap. 2. I moved the player starting locations into covenant encounters using Sapien or Arsenic. The cutscene camera points were added through scripts. 3. It took me a long time to get Arsenic to work. I'm using Arsenic You need .NET framework 1 and 3.5 and I think 2 also. You will also need DirectX Aug and Nov 2008 and SlimDX Nov 2008. This will not work with SlimDX Jan 2012. If you need any help feel free to PM me. I'm actually looking for help to get this to work either as third-person or on the Xbox 360. If anyone has any info on running Halo in 3rd person on the Xbox or can run this on the 360 let me know. You can use the Yelo devcam trainer for now if you want third-person gameplay.
  29. I followed this tutorial by Lehvak on how to place new squads in a map: With this method, I was able to spawn a new pair of Hunters (as well as an Elite General, but it's not present in the following video since I recorded it before I placed the new Elite) at the end of Nightfall, as shown here: However, I'm trying to follow this method on other maps, and nothing I try works. At this moment, I'd like for a few Brutes to spawn next to the Hunters in Club Errera on New Alexandria. I made sure that the appropriate Designer Zonesets were enabled for that BSP (the Brute Minor and the Brute Captain are in the "Gameplay" Zoneset on New Alexandria, which is 1, and it was already enabled in the first place). Here's what I have set up. I made three new squads for each Brute that I want to spawn (2 Minors and a Captain) and they essentially follow the same settings as each other besides the spawn coordinates and the character indexes which is 3 for Brute Minor and 8 for Brute Major. I tried copying the values used for the Hunters that spawn in the same area, which I did for my new Nightfall encounter.
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