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  4. Can you PM me his discord please sir? I sent him a message with my discord but like I said it does not look like he has been on here for sometime
  5. I chat to him on discord every now and then, he's still around
  6. Hope he is still around I was away the last year I missed his reply
  7. Earlier
  8. Is there a way to use tag injection in halo 2 mcc ? i have no idea if this is possible thank you
  9. .MAP

    does this work with the MCC versions?
  10. no you can't use it with halo reach and two its kind of like forge world
  11. I heard Gamecheat has pimps at sea
  12. Really can't wait for mod kind of sad the old one got delete it
  13. I have the Destiny (Beta, Jul 02 2014) version on my rgh and I was wondering if anyone has heard of and or discovered a way to play destiny on xbox360/rgh offline/solo. even if its just the tower it would be satisfying.
  14. How do you change the colour and shape of a weapon or vehicle? I have figured out how to do this on a biped however that method doesn't appear to work on weapons and vehicles.
  15. General

    Form a fucking sentence. Cant understand shit.
  16. General

    you can spawn Ai in the campaign in halo 2 3 and 4 and reach you can spawn Ai with the effects tab but you need tag injection for mp on halo ce there is a map in mp that seems to have Ai tags can i spawn these Ai like put the Ai_banshee_pilot into a banshee spawn the banshee with the itcm tag ?
  17. General

    What the fuck did I just read?
  18. can anybody explain to me will these Ai work in mp like an Ai banshee or in halo 2 Ai ghost without ant tag injection do these tags mean you can spawn Ai ?
  19. How to enable the Flaming Helmet in Halo 3’s Campaign on PC After finding Hyptichypezz’s guide on how to change Master Chief’s armour in campaign I also wanted to get the flaming helmet working, too. I had a look around on the internet, but I could not find any guides on how to do so. So, after some trial and error, I eventually found on how to do it. Before you can do this, you will need to also follow Hyptichypezz’s guide! Part 1 – Launching MCC with Anti-cheat off. To be able to mod Halo MCC, you will need to launch MCC with Easy Anti Cheat disabled. 1. Click W + R and this will bring up the Run window 2. Enter: steam://launch/976730/option1 3. The game will then launch without loading the Easy Anti Cheat up. Part 2 – Advice when editing maps. I would advise on making a backup of the map that you are injecting to so that if something breaks you can revert to it. I have had to do this multiple times as you can break something. Or you can just validate the game files and it will download the map again from Valve’s servers. Part 3 - Editing the armour 1. When following this section within Hyptichypezz’s guide, you want to change the Permutation ID for chest to 8 and this selects mp_bungie chest plate which enables the flaming helmet. 2. Since 343i have added more armour to Halo 3, you will need to also change the ID for chest-shared to 1 otherwise Master Chief will not have armour on his back, as shown to change this below. 3. 343i have a changed all the armour indexes, but the original Permutation Names are there, and they are at the start the of the list, so you will not need to go search through the entire list for them. Part 4 – Editing Chief’s Biped 1. Open “objects\characters\masterchief\masterchief” in [BIPD] and search for “Attachments”. 2. Next you want to go over to the Part and select: 3-3(4) This next part can be a bit complicated, so I will try and explain it as best as possible. 3. For the effect chosen, you click on the drop-down arrow to expand a list of all the effects within the mission. 4. Scroll up one, you will see effect “objects\characters\masterchief\fx\flaming_ninja”. Click on that to choose it as the fourth attachment type. 5. You then want to add in the Marker field “flaming_ninja”. 6. Finally, in the Primary Scale you need to add in the field “alive” and that is it! Part 5 – Poking this to in-game. If you have done Part 4 correctly then it should look like this as the fourth attachment, as shown below. Now you need to poke all this while in-game and then restart. If you have done all this correctly then it should show in-game. Part 6 – Screenshots Here are some screenshots from Halo 3 on PC in 1440p with it enabled. Part 7 – Final word I would just like to thank Hyptichypezz for his guide on how to change the armour in Halo 3’s campaign as I didn't know how to. I would also like to thank Xbox Chaos for Assembly as I have been able to make new experiences within the campaigns and have been using the application for the last 3 years modding Halo. If you need help, feel free to comment on here or if you want to contact me more quickly you can on Steam: Thanks.
  20. .MAP

    This is really cool but kind of out dated now that Halo 3 is on the MCC with new Armor Pieces such as legs, arms and Visor do you have already or can you make an updated version for this for the master chief collection
  21. .MAP

    Hey cause there are new armors in MCC the permiation numbers are different now and I was wondering where Id find out the new ones?
  22. Gametype

    idk if i have a copy of 1.33 but try a file search for the gametype. This video was posted a while ago in this thread, it might help.
  23. .MAP

    How would I do something like this for the ODST campaign?
  24. .MAP

    hey when I installed it it appeared as if there were no firefight map and the same. I already solved it but it crashes when I start the game
  25. I wanna know how I can get Halo Wars' Alpha 'Sway' build to work, cause I was interested in playing it. I downloaded it from (which I got from this post on the forum:) And I wanted to know how I could get it running on a 360. Do I need to mod my 360, or could I do some shenanigans with an external hard drive? Would Xenia potentially work well? The method I've tried so far is just copying the files onto an external hard drive, and it technically works but it shows it as corrupted (some however show as incomplete, but it's the same effect).
  27. Gametype

    Yo, I know this came out ages ago, but I went back to mess with it again after MCC released on PC. Anyways, I'm curious if you have a copy of V1.33 that I could use. I want to try out some of the things with the Lift and detach and some of those things have been taken out in V1.50 for some reason. Thanks!
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