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Halo 4

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All current downloads for Halo 4 should go here. There will be subsections coming later.

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  1. I've been hearing that people have been leaking this around so here is an official patch for it.
    Basically when I first got the beta it was before archloader went open source so I went and unlocked it myself, obviously. By time the beta publicly leaked due to the jester stuff/gamecheat, arch became open source, so I just held onto my unlock since arch did the job well enough.
    Every edit is my own research except the datamining disable to reduce lag, which I got from arch once it was out.
    This patch is a straight unlock just like the past betas, so compared to arch the menus work as intended, only armor is unlocked instead of max credits too, there is no watson output hook, and there are no button combo cheats.
    And like the other patches; checks are removed, films are enabled, that kind of stuff.



  2. So I finally managed to get it working.
    So in development, 343 used a special lobby, "pve_development_only_custom", in order to test Spartan Ops locally. As seen in the Halo 4 Beta, pve_dev was a slightly modified Reach firefight lobby.
    By injecting the level select and gametype select UIs and modifying them, I managed to get only so far, because assigning pve_dev a screen and trying to visit it crashes the game. I tried a few things, such as not assigning pve_dev and simply "backing out" to it, which kept me in the same lobby I backed out from, but presumably as pve_dev. It always kicked me back to the lobby after the countdown I gave up for a bit.
    Recently I thought to crash it with Visual Studio attached. Luckily enough, it told me about an exception getting thrown. Investigating that exception, I found a switch case that doesn't catch values past 0xC (theater). pve_dev happens to be 0xE, which means it was reading an instruction as an address, and therefore crashing. At the expense of some matchmaking lobby code (you guys don't need it, right?) I wrote up some code to catch 0xD/0xE and send them to the campaign code. It worked!
    Because it's using the campaign lobby code, it isn't perfect but that cannot be helped with the original code missing like it is.
    That said, I researched CUI a bit and cleaned everything up to be more presentable, including a custom lobby, "final" strings for FFGT missions and mapinfos, injected the 1.5 missions, and added proper blfs for every map.
    As a last-minute addition, I figured out how pck files are loaded and added paths so that all spops/dlc sounds will work, granted you have the pck files for them (not included). Here is a screengrab of my English(US) folder to use as a guide
    What this rar has:
    the mainmenu patch
    the xex patch for TU7 (which works just like my other xex patches)
    modified mapinfos and blfs for all 15 maps.

    What you need to supply yourself:
    clean disc xex
    tu7 patch files
    the spops maps from disc 2
    the 1.5 spops maps from XBL (or wherever, but its free so why not get it from the source?)

    If you know what to do with them and don't want to go through patching, here are the xex changes (TU7)
    At x826777B8, x826777C0, and x826777C8 - Change each to x826778C8, which will set up a change to the matchmaking lobby code, giving us free space
    At x826778C8 - Change to x397F00075563003A, this is is to finish the above, just a copy of the other lobbies' code
    At x8267778C - Change to x48000084, this is the "hook" for the switch case so we can catch pve_dev's value
    At x82677810 - Change to x2B1E000C57C0103A4199FFC84BFFFF74, this applies the shift that we overwrote to branch here, then checks values greater than xC, and sends them to the campaign code, anything else returns to the original switch
    All done!
    This mod has been tested over system link and appears to work fine.
    I do not guarantee the accuracy of these internal FFGT Spartan Ops gametypes. The missions I've played appear to work fine.
    When starting the game, make sure the map matches the name in parenthesis in the mission name. If they do not match the game will load but nothing will happen and you won't be able to spawn.
    This mod does not cooperate with While it is possible to fix, the _patch map has its own strings so every gametype is blank. To work around this, simply add rename "" in the games root. onyx_patch and onyx_spops_patch should work fine.
    The lobby resets on every instance, which is due to it using the campaign lobby code. Every time you back out or finish a game the gametype will clear and the map will get set to Prologue
    The gametype list is limited to 32 items, whereas there are 50 spops missions, therefore only episodes 1-5 show by default and 6-10 need to be poked. Poke 0xBE54ED1C to the offset 0xBE54CA78. Or in Assembly, change the address of the "Spartan Ops Variants" block in multiplayer\game_engine_settings_new.wezr to 0xBE54ED1C.
    As mentioned above, there will be no sounds unless you have the corresponding .pck files, which again look like this
    Not all gametype options may work, which is an engine thing.

    Patch with Assembly
    patch default.xex with the included batch file
    backup your spops mapinfos
    copy the info and images folder to your maps folder, it will overwrite your existing mapinfos
    copy your .pck files to your "\sounds\English(US)" folder or equivalent
    rename "" in the root if you have it

    Ingame, simply chose Spartan Ops from the Infinity Menu and you'll be in. Choose a mission, then select the matching map found in the gametype's name, and enjoy some offline Spartan Ops!



  3. For learning purposes. Only the phmo and vehi were modified, you have to spawn it yourself.



  4. hello, this is my 1st ever patch, this is my like 5th fkn time writing this because my internet is gay, anyway this map is my v1, it will be updated through time with vehicle modifcations, better effects on projectiles, but for now just go to forge a assulat rifle, and shoot, pick up the target locater and shoot, and their you go bubble blaster, the target locater will never run out, but once the overheat bar is full just re click fire and their you go!! i will upload images later,... again internet is being so gay atm ....
    this is meant to replace your on halo 4, v2 and so on will have custom images and info, as soon as i figure out how to do that...



  5. Hey guys, this is just a quick mod that replaces the map loading animations of the didact and UNSC logo models with a bunny. I followed Lord Zedd's tutorial here. I downloaded the model from here. I hope that you enjoy this and that it inspires you to make your own cool mods!



  6. You want it? You got it.
    Via 112 (6 being broken and unused, so more like 106) new, injected tags, this patch adds options for every possible player trait except 3 special cases. (All 3 are still implemented, but hidden. Refer to the layout)
    Saving from Forge Options now possible
    all runtime trait menus replaced with standard ones as a lazy solution to adding more options for them
    Forge Options given a duplicate layout of Customs with the Megalo Options link switched to Editor Traits
    Editor Traits converted to full fledged trait menu for scaling and other fun stuff, not all options may work
    all tactical/support spinner values merged and applied to all relevant instances
    added pokable support for Weapons On Map and Flood/First Megalo Loadout
    weapon spinner values given none, flood talon, and target locator options and is applied to all relevant instances
    equipment spinner values given flood thruster pack option and is applied to all relevant instances
    added 14 new loadout names, partially to support flood loadouts properly.

    **Includes "menu layout.txt" and "tagnames.txt" for reference**



  7. Save+Profile that puts you at the beginning of Shutdown with 2 unused weapons, the Bishop Beam and Attach Beam. they will probably despawn if you try continuing on with the level.



  8. Ascension plugins for Halo 4, converted directly from what we've been working on so far for Assembly. Use these with ddxcb's modified Ascension DLL. Just be aware that there may be conversion errors with these, so let me know if Ascension crashes or there are any problems.
    Please feel free to make suggestions for changes too. We'd love to make these a community project.
    Happy modding!



  9. Taglist

    Taglists for every Halo 4 map apart from the mainmenu on disk 2.

    Enjoy, and for the love of god, keep your mods off of Xbox LIVE.



  10. All the fine features from Reach's "Blue Flames" xex but in Halo 4!
    Download the archive(s) you wish to use and copy the necessary files to the extracted directory. READ THE README.
    Each patch features:
    - Checks removed
    - Full armory unlock, including loadout stuff, emblems, stances, and specializations
    - Disc 2 install bypassed
    - Campaign can make films again
    - Allows net debug text to display
    - No local player limits on campaign and theater
    - Campaign missions and rally points always unlocked



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