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About This File

Arsenic is a program that can convert custom maps and tags to the Xbox version of Halo Combat Evolved.

Now, before you can use Arsenic you are going to need a couple things first.

1. Halo Custom Edition

2. Halo Editing Kit

3. All of the Halo CE (Xbox) Maps. (Place them in the "Xbox Maps" folder in the Arsenic folder.)

4. SlimDX November 2008

Once you have all of the above, open up Arsenic. Arsenic's settings page should pop up, enter the correct directories for the Halo (Xbox) Maps folder and Tags folder (They're in the Arsenic folder), and the directories for the Halo Custom Edition Maps and Tags folder.

Now, open Arsenic and click on File > Import > Xbox Maps. This will import all of the tags from the XBox Maps, once you do this you can then import Halo Custom Edition tags and add them to your map (Just drag the tag over into the game window box)

One more thing, to open a map, go to the Tag Explorer in Arsenic and go to Levels > (Name of Map). Multiplayer levels are in Levels > Test. To open a map open it's folder and click on the scenario file.

User Feedback

no you can't use it with halo reach

and two its kind of like forge world

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