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About This File

I thought I would upload this after getting a few questions on how I made my "Blizzard" mod. This patch is basically my Blizzard mod, minus all the weapons, vehicles, rain etc. This patch only has snow on the ground with the corresponding snow effects. Use this as a base for your own mods and have fun. But I do still encourage you to learn how to change map shaders if you don't already know. Apply this patch to "" and enjoy!

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User Feedback

On 1/13/2016 at 9:14 AM, MythicalRewards said:

People can easily do this.  This is not valuable.

This is valuable to people who don't wish to spend ages working out what map shaders to change etc.

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There should be a tutorial on how to do this so people can actually learn instead of asking for a mod that they can is easily make.  Sorry if point was worded insulting.

EDIT: I do appreciate somebody helping the people new to modding, but I think you should put a tutorial in the mod deception showing how to do this.

Edited by MythicalRewards

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