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About This File

This was a mod that I mad back in august of 2015 got busy and forgot about the mod friend reminded me of it the other day and here I am uploading this mod


The mod is not fully done there are instructions in the patch file that explain fixing or changing one thing to do with the turret.

Another thing to note is I do not know if it is fully working to extract and inject in another map. I have renamed the tags to be

suitable. just look/search for dinghy inside of assembly tag editor if you wish to edit the mod.

User Feedback

yea its for if you want I tried setting it up so that you could export the vehicle and import it into a new map easy if you look throught the tag you should see a new vehicle if if you need help with that ill just upload PM you the exported tag. Also if you need anymore help feel free to ask and i will try to reply as soon as possible.

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