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10 Screenshots

About This File

I started this mod a few years ago and recently found it while booting up my ol' JTAG for the first time in years and I thought it was too cool not to share so I went ahead and finished it.

Images: (because apparently the one's above are really small :()













  • Weapon, vehicle and map shader mods
  • Lots of weapon and scenery effect mods
  • A covenant cruiser that hovers above the map, blasting a section of it
  • LAVA!
  • A gun that fires fish?
  • And more ... download it and find out!

Known bugs:

  • The lava damage actually has a radius; if you are killed by the lava there's a small chance you can inflict damage to someone hugging you.
  • There are areas of invisible lava within the crashed Pelican that respond to medium size vehicles (i.e. the Warthog) and will inflict damage. However on foot or with most other vehicles you should be fine. This is the level designers fault, blame them.
  • Some lightmap artifacts in areas at the expense of having the flares in the cave red as opposed to their default green colour.

This mod cannot be poked.


This is the last mod I'll be releasing as I've moved on to other things and no longer have a lot of time for Halo. However I feel like I owe something to the Halo modding community because without being inspired by it many years ago I probably wouldn't be pursuing the career I am.

Thanks everyone!

Also, a special thanks to Lehvak for being very helpful with the lava damage :)


User Feedback

This looks awesome! I'm going to take a look at this for sure. I didn't even remember what the base map was, but then I figured out it's Highlands. Nice work!

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