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About This File

If you don't know what Field of View is don't download this.

These patches change the Camera Field of View to 90 instead of the original 70 for all playable characters on all playable levels of the game. 

Note that this may cause clipping issues with some weapons as the animations were designed for a 70 degree FOV, not 90.

This is a simple mod that anyone could have done and released but I haven’t seen it done as of yet, so I decided that I would do it.

Hopefully this will make the campaign experience somewhat more enjoyable for those who still play.

Instructions on installation:

  1. Download the patch for your selected level.
  2. Open the patch with assembly and select the .map that corresponds with your selected patch.
  3. Apply the patch and enjoy!


       Because XboxChaos keeps messing up my screenshots, click here, here and here for non potato quality versions of the same screenshots.

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