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About This File

Ok...I know it´s a bit late for christmas present, but anyways here is my present for you guys! :D

It´s a remake of the original "Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device", well-known through the popular video games series.

Since all portls use the same teleporter channel, don´t start to spray portals everywhere, or else you´ll be teleported randomly.

Instead, wait until the previous portals are gone (approximately five seconds) and then shoot two new ones.


- Remodeled concussion rifle with shader swaps.

- New sounds.

- Portal projectile.

- The cake is NOT a lie ;)


Read THIS and patch (remember, you need a jTAG, RGH, or DEV and a modded xex to play this mod)

Merry Christmas!

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User Feedback

So for what he is talking about you could add another trigger. it should be in the flags section of the "portal gun"(concussion rifle). If i am wrong im sorry but i have not modded reach much and have just got back into it. So i am just going form my knowledge of halo3 and how things were done with acension. Awesome looking mod. Also you may want to setup a different system for the portals. Have them not just dissapear but have them maxed at 2. so that when you place a third(or try to) it just Deletes the current one on the map and then sends out a new one from the gun. so it will work the same that Portal does the portals in the official game. That would make this mod one of the best. Good luck and thanks for making this in the first place!

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what programs do you use to make your mods? i would really like to make a falcon with transportable seats

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