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  3. Hello, I use the squads block in halo 3 to spawn ai units and I was wondering if anyone had a tutorial that made them respawn. I heard this can be done via scripts , thank you everyone for there time ! -Greasy Goose
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  5. .MAP

    This bit is not really true. I know because I tried myself.
  6. Reach

    0x507 is hud print for reach btw. Its being displayed per tick due to the startup type but you get the idea.
  7. .MAP

    Really? Eh just add them in as a group I'd say. Thats what I get for assuming something from MS23. I'm messing around with reach scripts lately as I trundle my way through it in IDA. So apparently for reach specifically you are going to need a script to spawn the AI.
  8. .MAP

    Normally this is the case, however for Firefight you need a script to spawn AI at all.
  9. .MAP

    Not a 100% true, if you want them to respawn after being killed scripts are needed. Just to place AI how ever can be done via the squads block in the scenario tag just like any other map. As long as the initially placed flag is enabled the ai will spawn at the start at the game.
  10. .MAP

    To place ai on Firefight maps is no easy task and it will require scripting to spawn them. I don't know how to do this either and I believe there is no tutorial for it.
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  12. Hello! I was messing around on Gamecheat13's Fireteam Support map and I was wondering how to do this with other maps?
  13. Modding

    The Warthog Run is a staple of the classic Halo series, even Halo 2 was originally meant to have a warthog run but most of it was cut from the final game but recently restored by BlackDimund. Technically Halo 3 ODST's Coastal Highway included a slight warthog run too. But yeah unfortunately with Halo 4, there was never anything close to a warthog run. Only thing was a ghost run at the end of the mission Forerunner. So just for fun and to see how it'd turn out, I replaced that ghost run with a warthog run instead. It actually turned out pretty well but is probably the most difficult warthog run ever even with some adjustments we made to the warthog. Changes we made: Injected Warthog to mission Forerunner (m30_cryptum) includes all sounds too Removed chaingun turret from Warthog to fix memory issues causing the mission to freeze Replaced Infinite Boost Ghost in vehicle palette with the Warthog Fixed driver seat animation Increased Warthog engine maximum angular velocity to make warthog accelerate faster Made Warthog more stable Disabled suspension to reduce bounciness Increased ground friction for better traction on ground Removed string for ghost boosting tutorial during the run Issues: Co-op is supported but players that die during the run will end up respawning in a ghost Passenger seat of warthog doesn't have right animation and will cause passengers to stand up in seat and be unable to manually get out Can be fixed by setting the passenger seat animation to ghost_d but it doesn't look right so I left it as it is Restarting mission, especially during the ending cutscene, will cause the warthog on the next playthrough to have numerous graphical issues including HUD elements to the point of being a giant blob sometimes Big thanks to Lord Zedd and Tuco for help on creating this mod! Download Link The download is for the Assembly patch file rather than the full map itself. For help with patching a clean map with that file, instructions are here in Lord Zedd's modding guide. Hope you all like the mod! It's pretty nostalgic and fun, and incredible challenging too! Video:
  14. There is a variant called `destroyed` that you can use. Either set the default spawn variant in the vehicle tag or add the variant into your forge menu under in the `sandbox palette` block in the scenario tag.
  15. So how do you spawn in a warthog, destroyed, on fire?
  16. Halo 3

    For Halo 3, you have to atleast have a modded 360.
  17. Other

    With Halo: Reach and the MCC finally coming to PC this year, will Assembly be updated so that it can modify the PC port of Reach and the MCC? I would personally love to be able to mod Halo Reach so that the weapons in the campaign feel more like the weapons of Halo CE with more damage and higher ammo reserves.
  18. Hi there! great mod, but I'm having trouble patching the map in, I have the assembly, I have the mod, I have halo 2 but when I apply the patch and replace or rename the mod in the output map option it doesn't work? I'm relatively new to modding so I don't understand whats wrong. have a great day!
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  20. I'm looking for the anniversary variant gamemodes and for some forge remakes but my 360 has no internet connection, where can I get them?
  21. Howdy, my dude.
  22. I know 'Vadam already answered this, but I'd like to receive a thank you too.
  23.  Hello sir I just wanna say I’m new here and I wanted to ask you is there a way I can rank up on halo reach with the mod??

  24. Once MCC releases for PC & Mod Support becomes allowed, this will be the FIRST map I download.
  25. They need to be spawned in via scripts. A good person to ask about this is Akarias. He helped me out with some basic AI squad spawns for Reach.
  26. if there is anyone that knows how to spawn ai without the squads block it would be very helpful, I can only get them to spawn on 'the ark' with the squads block, but I haven't had any luck with any other map. or if someone can tell me what I am doing wrong. I wanted to make ai battles I do not want to spawn ai out of a gun thank you everyone. -Greasy Goose
  27. General

    youre awesome thank you thank you so much
  28. General

    First disable the map's scripts either by removing them completely or setting the map's main startup script to have a different script type other than 'startup', this will stop all the mission scripts from loading. You can then null out the squads block (but you don't have to because scripts are responsible for the spawning of any squads). If you want to load up BSPs you can either change zone sets using a custom script, changing the zone set using existing scripts (see insertion points) or you can forcefully change the zone set/loaded BSPs in the scenario tag.
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