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  4. Modding

    It's possible with the wip dev branch of assembly if you compile it, but halo 4 doesn't leave much console memory to spare in many cases so the full mp spartan won't work very well. For my video I had to remove the shaders for all armor I didn't need/use in order for the map to actually load.
  5. Modding

    is it possible to port the halo 4 mp spartan tags to sp? i did see a video from lord zedd with his mp spartan
  6. Skyrim

    Please tell me how to fix the fact that when I do a quick stirring, I have a black screen in Skyrim with a mod for spells that they do not work?
  7. Earlier
  8. The title says it all. I want to make the Brute Plasma Rifle (and other plasma weaponry), but the problem I have is regarding the projectiles as they're still blue. What needs to be modified in order to make the bolts red (or any other color)?
  9. .MAP

    Assembly version?
  10. So this no longer includes the Brute Plasma RIfle?
  11. Support

    That doesnt work for MP teams in Reach/h4
  12. Support

    You still cannot make them to be on your team if spawned via effects due to the Megalo thing. I've been told and I've proven to myself by testing.
  13. Support

    No... its dosent. It applies to all teams regardless of how they are spawned. Its not squad specific.
  14. Support

    However I guess that is only applied to AI Squads. I'm talking about AI Spawn Points.
  15. Support

    Use the ai_allegiance script ops to adjust how teams are aligned. Lets you change the allegiance of teams as a whole with each other. Bonus points for using the mp version to align MP teams with AI teams, good fun.
  16. Support

    That works fine for Halo 3 though. In Halo Reach it is impossible as you cannot make AI be on your team. Is he doing it on Halo 3 or Reach?
  17. Support

    easiest way is to just set all enemy squads teams to player team, but you have more powerful but difficult options too like scripting in an ai_ignore_player function
  18. Support

    I had been playing your tsavo highway forge map and determined the best way to do this was to just edit the gametype settings and make the monitor invisible with active camo 24/7. you can also make them invulnerable. but imo its better to be invis to watch ai battle it out.
  19. Support

    I recently uploaded a MAP mod for Forge World, which features a buggy Brute Chieftain. You can check it out. But I might upload some pics of the random tag extraction problem, as it clearly shows how much was extracted but sometimes it shows less than other extractions (of the same tag).
  20. Support

    if you have a specific example that would be helpful, but since assembly steps through plugins to extract tags things shouldnt change unless you were to swap in some plugins that have less tagrefs defined.
  21. Support

    Yeah I noticed that, nice work on that btw (and that extraction list is a life-saver) I see what you mean, not sure if that's the issue or not. Will do some research once I send zedd the goodies
  22. Support

    I can recall the problem isn't necessarily with the injection part, but more with the extraction. I can extract some tags (with or without raw) and once it finishes extracting it shows how much was extracted as intended, but if I attempt to extract the same tag again, it will throw more data as if the first extraction was incomplete. And I can tell because I've ran into freezing problems, textures not showing properly or missing, or the tag not spawning at all (and freezing as well). If I add a more complete extracted tag, the problems notoriously reduce. Not sure if anyone understands what I'm trying to say.
  23. Support

    Filesize was just a general indicator, which isn't as useful with the latest Assembly since it reuses resource pages where it can, reducing the filesize.
  24. Support

    Yeah, I still have all the .tagc's and everything. I'll get some patches made and PM them to you tomorrow (or in my timezone technically later tonight, sleep schedule is all backwards and I'm about to head to bed xd). I would expect memory issues and such to happen of course, but the issue I'm having appears to be with actual level data. My older version of the map is well over 300MB and works without a hitch in it's current state, yet this map is about 100MB smaller and has issues with it. Either way I'll work on making patches and such tonight (or I can send you the .tagc files themselves too if it helps).
  25. Support

    Do you have a list of what you extracted to make the big tagc crash? or still have the tagc files? And some patches with descriptions of what objects break? PM me. Inherently, "inject all the things" mods will start bumping into memory limits of the console. If there is some other issue(s) happening, I am not aware of any specifics that would help in solving it right now.
  26. Support

    Hey, so I've been having these issues for quite a while and I'm hoping that there's some way around the issue, or at the very least an idea as to what the cause of the issue is. I've been working on a new version of my old Forge World mod (known mostly as or Forge World Ultimate). For this rework I'm using the latest development build of Assembly (March 22 as of writing) as the latest release build hasn't been updated since 2017. For injections, I've been using the new "Extract List" feature to grab things. It's nice, but I'm starting to meet up with the same issue I had in the past. As time goes on and I inject more things, I keep running into things breaking. It's a bit different than before, though. Where in the past old content would mysteriously break, now it's backwards - newly injected content seems to stop working. Even simple things like render models don't want to inject properly. A couple other notes, I was having some crashing issues when injecting things in bulk, but when I split it into a couple of tag collections everything actually injects fine. The filesize for the new version is only 224MB, and I've seen other maps that are much larger in size that work with no issues. Is this just an inherent issue with these sorts of mods? Is there something that actually causes it besides just "too many injections"? I've been wanting to make a better version of the map, and while it's seemingly been coming along nicely, this issue has been a long-standing issue and I'd like to know how or if I can get around this and make this thing be what I want it to be instead of being held back by mysterious limitations.
  27. More Assembly work, taking injection from this to this
  28. Almost 2 years too late but this was entirely based off of RTE. The drive that had the original project got fried but this was an awesome project to work on. If there's an interest in how I accomplished this I can show off the groundwork that I used to get this to function. I might recreate this in anticipation for Halo Reach for PC.
  29. [WIP] Forerunner V - Final Iteration

    After over a year of nothing, I think it's finally time to make one final edition of this hefty mod compilation. After 4 other major versions that all collapsed under their own weight, this time I plan to get this thing finished on my terms. Unlike the past 4 versions, I'm doing something that really seems like common sense and using a test forge variant to ensure that no content breaks upon injection. Along with that, I plan to take some stuff from v3 and bring it forward as it wasn't present in v4. In addition, I'm using the latest (as of the time of writing) development build of Assembly (cloned and built from Github) which, bOy does it have some features that make life easier - like having an extract list instead of using bsdt or extracting things one-by-one. I'm taking this one slower and avoiding any rushing around to hopefully ensure that the final product is cleaner and easier to use. If luck is on my side, I'll also be making use of custom sounds and bitmaps, no telling how well that will work though so absolutely no promises (I also have next to no skills in 3D texture work so that's also a limiting factor). This will also be the final major iteration that I'm going to actually commit to in any shape or form. The past 4, I've always felt an obligation to make a newer iteration to fix the problems of before. This time around I want to actually fix those problems and just be done with it. I've got a couple other ideas for alternate variations of the map as well in addition to the standard base version (will reveal those once base version is ready). Once MCC on PC comes out (or if I'm lucky enough to be part of the insider flighting), I will also be porting this over to PC assuming that Assembly and the other things required all work as intended. If too much is different, then I'll do so once modding has progressed far enough - which I'm betting won't take too long. Screenshots I'll be updating this blog post later as releases get made and as I gather screenshots, as well as making a proper post in the downloads section for a change. If you have any suggestions for things you want to see in the map, let me know! I cannot and will not promise that everything will be fully realized, but I'll do my best to try and make as many of your ideas work with what skills I have. Credits Portal Gun - SnipeStyle [Download]
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