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  4. Modding

    You need to enable the 5th switch in ksoft. so it would look like this:
  5. Could you please give links for the Halo 5 and Halo Wars 2 Beta?
  6. Gametype

    Has anyone figured out how to decode this gametype with ksoft? I would love to learn from it. Ksoft seems to be throwing an error every time I try and decode it.
  7. I got it working by installing windows 8 on virtual box and running the program in it.
  8. Earlier
  9. I cannot seem to get program to work. I downloaded the dependencies listed above and when I run a batch file it just goes right to the pause action. No errors or any output at all. Could It be because I have microsoft .net 4.7 and not 4.5? I can't seem to find a way to downgrade microsoft .net. I'm on windows 10 btw.
  10. 2276, Halo 2 Beta, and Halo Wars Alpha appear to all be on
  11. Can you please send me links to, Halo CE build 2276 xbe, Halo pc beta 1.5, Halo 2 beta, and Halo wars alpha?
  12. General

    Does anyone know how to use a flashlight in odst instead of the special vision?
  13. .MAP

    Now I did something by accident. It turns out I can inject spawn points from one map to another. Moved a spawn point from Forge World to Highlands (Grunt in this case). Guess I'll try that more frequently. Now will test if many can be injected, as I only tried so with one.
  14. .MAP

    The current updates for Assembly are a little restricted in that regard, but you can temporarily fill in tagrefs with other tags as long as you remember to null them again after injecting.
  15. .MAP

    Least individual injections? I extract each [char] tag with RAW. Does that affect too much? I say "each" for all enemies. Don't know if there's a way to extract all enemy [char] at once.
  16. .MAP

    Never heard of using the least saves, but I have advocated for using as least individual injections as possible, as in keeping everything from one map as one tagc.
  17. Other

    2016 is the latest "official" binaries until I'm satisfied with the dev branch.
  18. Other

    When I use the built in updater and the updater zedd sent me a few weeks ago it always says a build from like 2016 so eh
  19. Node generator n stuff. Go learn Halo CE scripting. [Link] Scripting Guide by TCK [Link] Kornman's BSL Bible [Link] CE Script
  20. Hmmm no... Well not as a prebuilt binary. Go check out the dev branch.
  21. .MAP

    Just one question: Do I have to save each time the tutorial says? Or can I just save at the very last moment of the edition? Like: Edited all the [effe] tag, now save. Edited all the spawn point, save. I ask because I was told it is recommended to mod with the least saves possible, but this tutorial itself tells you to save each single edit.
  22. Other

    In 2016 sometime.
  23. Other

    When was Assembly's last update?
  24. Dont like to double post but just a quick and dirty firefight to multiplayer conversion for testing some ideas I've had for spawning AI. The small path finding volume makes setting up objects/aeras/zones far easier. The plan is to use scripted object functions to allow for the creation of AI in a more controlled manor while still retaining being able to place spawn points in forge, also had a plan floating around for spawning different variants from the same spawn point allow for a bit of randomisation. Edit: well that went well, pretty much the same setup as any other peaceable AI spawn point but thanks to scripted object functions and using a volume check to return all the freshly spawned AI and add them to a fireteam you can do some pretty neat stuff.
  25. I have Insolence. I can move tags. I can move single player weapons into multiplayer maps(like adding fuel rod gun/major sentinel beam) and Entity reads them just fine. But when i attempt to move some tags..say Magnum or SMG into 0b_deltacontrol , Entity starts spewing out errors. I know one can inject tags(for example the Warthog run video on the front page contains the warthog that was manually injected) but I have no idea what I am doing. I understand that when i moved a tag from one map into another i increased the map's size and I guess I need to change its Meta Size? but for MP maps I pasted like 4 different tags and I didnt need to change anything they loaded just fine. Im at a loss what to do edit: after doing some research and like 30x map crashes i found out that Insolence shouldn't be used in tag moving. That I need to use Entity only. But following this tutorial my maps still crash and freeze. I just want to be able to port the flood juggernaut/weapons that arent in some maps into others. On a side the linked thread the comment on the bottom...the real @blackdimund?
  26. Tons of good stuff hosted on here.
  27. Pulled a warface build off of a recently acquired XDK, not really halo related of course but no where else really fits: Complete with PDBs and XDBs.
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