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  1. Gametype

    I'm honestly very disappointed I didn't play this. I had a lot of stuff in my life change right around the time of this release and completely missed out. @cirith5 If you have friends to play with, I'd love to join in.
  2. Gametype

    Thanks for finding this. I'll update the OP with your quote!
  3. Gametype

    Link has been updated in the OP.
  4. Gametype

    Link updated in OP! You may have to replace the gamertag in the link with your own gamertag.
  5. Gametype

    I still would have to move stuff between the devices first (like i said, i don't have my original xbox 360 anymore). Can't do that without some transfer medium. Anyways, I managed to find an xbox 360 transfer cable. Unfortunately, it looks like I actually had most of my gametypes lying on a flash drive that is long gone. All I have appears to be Hostage Rescue, synths race and speed limit, object combine, sharpshooter, and gun game. I also can compile my rest of mine from source.
  6. Gametype

    I know I have some gametypes lying around on my 360's harddrive. I have the drive next to me but no cable to connect it to my PC. I could probably try to open the shell and connect it directly to my PC. I still have all the source code for my gametypes and probably some of AMD's and synth92's. I'll see if I can get in touch with AbandonedCashew.
  7. Gametype

    I really wish we would have released the actual gametype files in addition to these waypoint links. That way the links would be easier to replace and be more permanent. Anyways, for my gametypes, if anyone finds any of them down and wants them, PM me and I'll update that post with the physical file.
  8. Gametype

    I can look into this later today for you if I get the time.
  9. Update on the shoutbox.  We now have one!  However, it may change design/software in the future.

  10. It look like people would like to see the shoutbox return!  I can't actually get the shoutbox yet.  I'm waiting for my account to verified by the application author which could take a few days.  I have enabled the default IPS chat system until then.

  11. General

    Pretty simple, just post any really funny/cool meme's you come across. If you want, add an explanation in a spoiler. I'll start.
  12. It's been a long time since I have written an announcement. With that said, I feel I need to talk about this. As we probably have all noticed by now, the quality and quantity of content has been significantly down over the past couple of months. Part of this was caused by the sudden surge of Halo Online into the world several months ago. Many people around here have been interested in ElDewrito/ElDorito and the vast majority of the community exists on reddit and I would like to apologize for mine and some of the other staff's quietness over the last few months. Much of the site's activity for the last year has went hand in hand with assembly development. Assembly's development has somewhat slowed for the time being. Much of the site's inactiveness I take direct responsibility for as I was extremely busy throughout 2015. I decided that the best way to help spark some life here would be to finally make the change to Invision Power Board 4. A lot of stuff related to navigation has changed with our new theme. I am extremely happy with how stuff has turned out so far and can't wait for everyone to try it out. The old Xbox Chaos theme will not be making a return. The underlying software of the site has been completely replaced and is incompatible. We will be moving forward with this new theme. As with any new piece of software, there is probably going to be some bugs. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, if you find something odd or some error, report it an admin or use the contact us feature below. Several of you may notice that your Display Name has been changed to what you used to sign in with. This is normal as it was part of the upgrade process. Those fields are no longer separate from eachother. If you would like to have your user name changed back to your display name, please PM an admin. Finally, you may have noticed the shoutbox is no longer present. I want to gauge user interest in bringing that back by using the poll in this topic. For now I suggest just making a topic about whatever you want to talk about.
  13. While I agree that the multiplayer does seem fairly well put together initially, I have to disagree with you about the "So much more to do than any halo before it" statement. This game launched with far fewer gametypes than any Halo before it. I think we got Warzone which isn't even a custom game. We also got breakout (slayer with 1 life), CTF, and strongholds. The rest is just variants of slayer. The options available to us for custom games setup are also lackluster in their current state. I believe you can't even choose to have random weapons on spawn. This game also launched with a limited number of maps and several maps the game launched with are Forge Variants. Also this game launched without Forge or a Firefight/Spartan Ops. 1-2 more major gamemodes not present in the release. To give 343 some credit they are going to add Forge. They are also going to be giving us DLC as part of buying the game. Eventually, there probably will be a lot to do in this game. I just don't feel like your statement is accurate right row.
  14. General

    Screw your Jelly, I am Skeleton Jelly!
  15. General

    Your friend was pulling your leg then. Unless you're talking about that old json exploit in GTA. Actual RTE depends on the console allowing memory editing which cannot happen without a modified xbox 360 or a devkit.