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  1. Wow this new design is weird, but oddly familiar?

  2. Modding

    ^Yep. Can't happen, sorry.
  3. Amazed you knew what he was talking about :L
  4. No, it can't. All this is doing is streaming windows to the Xbox. It has no access to the NAND of the Xbox and therefore Homebrew isn't possible (Because unsigned code can't run on an unmodified Xbox.) Also, your post was VERY hard to read, is there any chance you could go back and add a full stop where its needed?
  5. I think Jungle changed a lot during development, as you can see a screenshot in the campaign menu in beta that looks as though its a swamp. Also, there was a cancelled mission near the Ark. I think they turned it into a multiplayer map (The one with the grav lifts that take you onto the second floor, overlooking a giant waterfall). Also, the Ark itself changed completely, the original plans were much larger than what we saw in the final game.
  6. General

    Jasper XDK (With a mostly intact sidecar) 2 x Modded Xbox 360s. (Both a broken :L) 1 x Xbox One 1 x Gaming PC (GTX 970, i5-4430, 8GB RAM) 1 x Surface Pro 2 1 x Wii U (<-- Possibly my biggest regret :L) 1 x PS4 (Technically not mine, but meh, its in the house)
  7. That's the first time Halo 4 even looked remotely fun
  8. That's actually really cool, good work
  9. Yeah, the people who know how to exploit the Xbox One don't want it exploited, because it'll just fill up with script kiddies and hosters again.
  10. Ewwwww.... Halo 4.... :L
  11. Yeah... don't bump old threads for answers. Just google how to do these things or just google "Horizon tutorial savegames"
  12. .MAP

    Yes. You can replace grenades and objects in forge with this. Just experiment and see for yourself, its better for you to discover these things rather than being spoonfed how to do it. There are plenty of tutorials on the site to get you started, just look for them.
  13. Halo: CE

    I don't think the ai will "patrol" around your map. There isn't any pathfinding, so once they get into the vehicle, there is no objective for them to go anywhere, so they sit there and do basically nothing.
  14. General

    Nope, retail disk will work fine. You just need to insert it, install the game to the console, and play! It's a great feature!