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  1. Sorted the issue I was having with the custom bitmaps. So made some more weapons, I am re-making my mod in Halo 4.
  2. So... yeah. Halo 4 custom bitmap injection is a thing: y9rl7RC.jpg

  3. Halo 4 Custom Bitmap Injection !!! Xbox was refusing to connect to my pc so couldn't capture a proper image so used a phone, I'll get some others later. It also still needs some more work but it IS possible. Image of the texture being 'test-fitted' in 3ds Max (it's based off the Destiny 'Trials of Osiris' weapons): Got XBDM working, so: These 2 show the only issue with it (which I am working to fix)
  4. Support

    @Lord Zedd - Clean XEXs worked fine. However I could only do 1v1 (1 per console) as I only have 2 controllers that work (this didn't work reliably with modded XEXs, and would sometimes crash). I am going to try with the XEX patch V2.6 as the dates are similar to those for the original tag injection, which worked at a community gamenight over LiNK so I understand.
  5. Great work. Appreciate it!
  6. Support

    I will give it a go and post how it goes here.
  7. Support

    The issue: System link play does not work correctly. I am trying to use 2 local consoles, both RGH, to play modded maps with friends locally, NOT XBL. The games will work for a while but then 1 console will crash. Over multiple tests I can say that it is not a certain action/event that is causing the crash. The map being played: The map is a modified with some injected items, including Jorge's biped; which has been made a player through MATG. On local play this map works fine with no issues, however over system link it will work fine but then randomly crash, even in games without use of injected assets; A 15 minute round of an infection gametype was played utilising Jorge's biped and gun including its death, without crashing. The issue is also present on unmodded maps. both are being played on TU0, both using Zedd's XEX patch. No duplicated tags are being used. All shared cache files (mainmenu etc) are either retail or exact copies. The consoles: Both RGH Glitch 2, using the same nand version (neither modded by myself, both sent off to be modified btw). One (the host console in most attempts), is a Slim 250gb Corona. The other is a Phat Jasper (non-elite) using a 60gb hard drive for storage. Both are on Kernal: 2.0.16756.0. Games tried were 6 player with 4 on the host console and 2 on the other, link directly via Ethernet cable. In dashlaunch under network, the only ones enabled are Pingpatch, liveblock, and nonetstore. I have tried with pingpatch disabled to no avail. After the first test I noticed XBDM was enabled, so I disabled it but made no difference. Is there anything in particular that I need to do to the map or anything I may have overlooked with the consoles etc. Thank you in advance for you help.
  8. Thanks to @Lord Zedd for helping get the forward movement sorted.
  9. @Lord Zedd they are on the same page for me. I assume there are some hidden posts that only staff can see. (I moderated another IPB forum so I have experienced it.)
  10. I am trying to inject the one from the Harvest multiplayer map, however it keeps crashing. Also please -snip- the images in your quote.
  11. @The404Spartan @Alejandro MiddleCorn It is an unused weapon from ff90 Spartan Ops (jorge turret) . Zedd showed them a while ago. I am Remaking my mod in Halo 4. Reach DMR is WIP from Harvest DLC map, however keeps crashing. i'll figure it out. The other one is a Binary rifle placeholder made from an unfinished Lightrifle model called "Attach_Beam". i have reworked/replaced both [weap] tags already
  12. Edit/Addition:
  13. No longer a moderator for TruckersMP. Promoted to In-Game Admin

  14. @haloman30 if you want i could inject the bitmaps for you are give you a tagc.
  15. GameNight mod development has been restarted! A release would only have the weapons, as the full functionality works on a trust system (players owning weapons and other things are externally tracked.) IF it works and IF I release it, there MAY be a LiNK competition if people can prove they can obey the trust system for the competition.