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  1. .MAP

    ill do that in a bit
  2. .MAP

    well it seems that i fixed my problem, all i did was just turn my brightness up in "forge_halo.sefc". I still have the rain tho :S(im new to the modding) well i tryed to change the shaders on forge world with no rain on the map and i could not see my change's (i did reload form checkpoint) i also found this, i think it looks cool
  3. .MAP

    this works great, I was able to do it but I prefer my map to have no rain i find it to dark, is there any way to take off the rain and still get the shaders
  4. .MAP

    nice TUT, helped me
  5. .MAP

    i was able to change the shader for the sniper rifle, but how do can i see the shader when in first person mode with the rifle
  6. this helped, thank you
  7. looks nice, but were do i place the file?
  8. thank you this helped me
  9. i have to agree it just sounds like hes a bit butthurt
  10. Support

    i would also like to know how to do things like that
  11. welcome
  12. as of now i cant go to the website of xlink
  13. so i need help with xlink, the problem i have is trying to get into the arena mode, my xbox has foundand connected to xlink its self but my problem is this (was i one at a bad time)
  14. god dam that's nice!