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  1. I personally cannot wait for the new Doom. It looks incredibly good gameplay wise and visually.
  2. There was a tutorial included in the description of the video
  3. Other

    I started playing it again and I'm currently at around 40/50 wins at rank MG2.
  4. There's a flag in the weap tag in the monitors weap that disables it for players. Untick that box and you should be at least able to hold it. Then goto the assault rifle weap and search for "First Person" and click the little i next to it. Copy the address and goto the monitor weap tag and search for "First Person" again. Click the i again and paste the address in there and set the count to 2.
  5. Not BSP injection but instead taking the whole forge palette for forge world and putting it into another map. I used OrangeMohawks Firefight to MP Conversions so thanks to him and Zedd for helping me get the forge menu to show correctly.
  7. In the BIPD tag of the character, use the search bar at the top and search for "Weapon" there should be a block without an address, you have to take the address from something else and paste it in there. In the BIPD tag of Masterchief the address is 0x0: In the Banshee VEHI tag search weapons again and click the i to show the address and copy it and paste it back over into the address box of the bipd.
  8. Support

    Sounds aren't injectable yet unless you manually do it by hand.
  9. Thanks to Zedd for helping me get the model to load correctly! The shoulders and legs didn't work at first. Changing the colors and stuff works. And they work ingame. Hopefully somehow I'll be able to make the armor customizable through the menu. Also if I ever release something like this I'll probably just release the tags so they can be put into any map.
  10. Modding

    I got a human flood working in ODST awhile ago. However you'd have to do all of the bloc pieces as well otherwise it just freezes when you shoot an arm off or something.
  11. Support

    You can't really use Assembly to redraw shaders. You however can use Ascension, and use the advanced poker in the toolbar. Zedd made a list of offsets you can poke.
  12. Possibly nsfw Praise Chin Chin our lord and savior. NSFW Content
  13. You can extract the PHMO for the police pelican from ODST and it should work okay. Credit to Garrett because he's the one who told me.
  14. .MAP

    Halo 3 Mainmenu Darude - Sandstorm patch download