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  1. General

    If you look in the strings for Reach on campaign maps, you can see covenant named strings. There a bunch of covenant names for each species. I'm assuming these are for the squads in firefight versus (when you play as an Elite Ai follow you around). Did Bungie scrap the Elite fire teams, or they just never bothered with actually setting it up? I can't seem to find anything on fire teams, spartan or elites. Any ideas? Also anyway to mass export the strings to a txt file?
  2. Doesn't Halo 4 have AI synchronization in the MP engine? The autosentry and dominion turrets come mind.
  3. Support

    How do I force the specific BSP to load? What I meant to ask was how would I get it to work for Network games, because I still have to load a campaign map than load my map
  4. Support

    Would I just change the .shared maps for this after I inject all the MP things (like MULG and WGTZ) ?
  5. Support

    I recall some people messing around with Reach BSP injection but if I remember correctly it instantly crashed? I know you can convert SP maps to MP, but I'm pretty sure the problem with that is it does not work over the network.
  6. Gametype

    Theoretically this is possible, since infection and juggernaut have teams enabled and colors aren't forced.
  7. Support

    This doesn't seem to be working. Reach says the gametypes are invalid. I know I'm in the correct spot because when I change the numbers back to the original it loads. I'm also using sunburst to rehash them. Here is the .game file for Anniversary slayer if someone else wants to try it.
  8. Before custom game types came out via Megalo someone made a Spartans vs. Elites infection game type. I remember seeing a picture of the specific value being changed, with options for Spartans vs Spartans, Spartans vs Elites (forced, red Spartans and blue elites) and Spartans vs Elites (Player species choice). I wanted to change the Anniversary slayer game type into Spartans vs Elites (species choice) and I don't know what I'm looking for.
  9. Would it be possible, to say take Mombasa streets from ODST and inject it into Halo 3 as a multiplayer map?
  10. check out my modding tutorial for Halo online cheating! don't forget to subscribe!
  11. Modding

    Is it possible using Megalo to force player colors, similarly to how it was in the Reach Beta for invasion? Each Spartan fire team was a shade of Green, while the elites were covenant elite colors (blue, red, purple). I was curious if this can be added back into invasion, or if the functionality was cut entirely.
  12. Oh my god, please share.
  13. Modding

    How do you find out what the TU values are in relation to assembly? For example the magnum's recovery time in Assembly is 0.19, but in Megalo it is listed as MagnumFireRecoveryTime="1.003937." Obviously since TU decreases bloom, these numbers don't match up.
  14. Modding

    Oh he said original poster so I got confused.