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  1. Support

    Can anyone tell me how to fix this error, i have extracted a Char- tag from a, then opened and clicked import, When i click on the tag i extracted to import i get the error
  2. Support

    Hey guys does anyone know any effects that loop (meaning they don't play the animation once) I'm trying to make armour effects only tag I have found so far is bombsite_fx If you know any please post it as such Tag | Name -------+------------ Scen - bombsite_ fx Thanks
  3. .MAP

    Updated with 3 more things while i had some free time. I found out how anyplayer Host or not can fly a warthog. check the last tutorial
  4. Hey guys im playing Halo 4 on Link so you need a RGH or JTAG if you wanna join and learn from me or teach me or mess around im open join me please
  5. OK guys im gonna be a dick here i got a callout to work cant wont be playing this weekend or next =/ replanning maybe ? make it 26th april maybe ?
  6. id say an all day event
  7. umm i donno im australian time soo yer lol
  8. Everyone let us know if your interested in the XBC Day Use the poll to vote if your coming or not plz
  9. I'm thinking this weekend or next what do you think would be a good date.
  10. i have added the links if anyone needs to download it God like if you have XBL add me KillSwitch VL
  11. Yer I have XBSLink but more people use XBC last night was about 30 ppl on
  12. I chose XBC because you can use a retail xbox 360. No JTAG / RGH Required
  13. Hey guys, I'm wanting to bring back Halo 2 for a short time ( hopefully long time ) and play it with a few friends. Now as you know the Halo 2 servers have been taken down and you can't play halo 2 online. But with the Help of XBConnect you can still play it and lots of people are still playing it (no JTAG / RGH Required) XBConnect is a portal program tht allows you to system link players from all around the world. And because Halo 2 doesn't have a 30ms ping limit it's perfect for XBC. Post if you are interested in bringing halo 2 and super bouncing and the fun stuff back to life. I'll add all the download links in 4 hours as I'm on my phone. XBC works on original XBOX and XBOX 360 I will be on my XBOX 360 When should we do this 1week, 2weeks, this weekend ? XBC Download - XBC Setup Tutorial - Need Help Setting it up add me on skype or xboxlive Skype - da-killswitch XBL GT - KillSwitch VL
  14. General

    F*ck mis-spelt it Fixed GT:XboxChaos User