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  1. well i can't use action replay to format the jump drive... anyone know how?? -Cim
  2. how do i format the usb as an ar device??!! -Cim
  3. okay i'll try the AR option. and post back in a bit and let you know the outcome.. .do i use AR to move the files to my save device?? -Cim
  4. an hour and still nothing :-/ come on guys!!! get some brains in here!! -Cim
  5. i just put a post in mod section of xbox... hopefully i can get a reply! thanks for the welcomes :-) -Cim
  6. so i have an original xbox i'm trying to set up with a softmod. i have a controller to female usb attachment, a 4gb usb stick, splinter cell (original) and 5960 dashboard build.... now the xbox recognizes the usb stick (i also checked in my 360 and it meets requirements). i plug it in the original xbox and it says "memory unit 3a" i unplug it, put it in my computer and hit cancel to skip the windows format. open up xplorer360, open the usb stick and have partition0... move the ntsc files to the usb stick... close xplorer and put the stick back into my xbox... but the save files are not there to copy to my xbox hard drive... so i dk where to go from here!!! :-( thank you in advance! -Cim
  7. hey guys whats up. i'm new here and have a few questions i need answered... you guys seem have some pretty good knowledge so hopefully i can learn a thing or two! -Cim edit: here is the start to my questions!