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    Playing Halo and working on my live action zombie movie script is in the progress right now.
  1. General

    Banana peppers FTW!!
  2. i know this was posted in july and everything but if any one is still down to play the beta of this map i've had it finished for a while and only basic ideas are finished so i would like to return to this with some one to bounce proper ideas off of.
  3. fuck all this ill just sell this shit. XD
  4. i herd if i use my other xbox's disk drive and put it into my flashed xbox. itll let me update it with out harming the flashed disk drive by using a new game like skyrim.
  5. yeah i wanna play it super bad. the guy said he'd do it it would just take 2 and a half weeks. do you just have a tut for it that would be basic to fallow because i could do it my self. i have the stuff just not the knowledge.
  6. I have NO clue what any of that means. i have not connected to xbox live ever with this xbox and never will. although im wanting to be able to get the firm where update to let me play these newer games. for instance to play these i've herd the jtag just need to run "dl 2.25" so what would the equivalent be for flashed xboxes?
  7. i did with portal two but all burned games still work but not skyrim (retail disk) or dead island (burn)
  8. I need to update my flashed xbox. to play anything new like skyrim. problem is i payed some one to flash it for me and i cant reflash it for 30 bucks i just dont have the money. i tried updating the driver with a real disk of skyrim but that didnt help any. it just stopped updating and game me the same thing again (i was using a friends game for this) then i tried to change a few things such as hdd and anything else i could. and what i need is a cheap easy method of fixing this problem with out connecting to xbox live (unless i can do it with my disk drive unplugged and itll just update strictly the firmware)
  9. I shit you not, me and my girlfriend started dating on 9/11.
  10. Minecraft

    Dude! sorry i haven't been on in a while but what cracked servers do you suggest? and how do i join? because i don't like himatchi shit. but if you could give a a few good ones that'd be awesome! i like RP servers and fighting servers, but i really like campaign servers.
  11. Minecraft

    i dont have online though. i illegally downloaded the game and i only have single player. *sigh* i wish i could invest some money into this indie game do to how big its gotten over this short period of time. But i can send you the file and all i as of you is to make anything you can think of that would actually be in a sandbox city style map im working on a lot of things but one thing i may need is a library. if you need to have a texture mod finish a section of your map make your own texture mod and ill check it out if i like it enough the building and texture will make it in. but there is already a lot of textures going on in my map so it'll have to be some block no one uses or even a item that you cant normally achieve with out an inventory editor. For instance i modded "Tall Grass" to look like a weed leaf for my dispensary in the city. something simple yet entertaining. the good thing about this is grass has no affect. I cant wait to see what you come up with.
  12. Minecraft

    Ok Xbox Chaos im looking for mappers that are willing to help me out with my new minecraft map. its a city with a shit load of buildings all different kinds and no two buildings are the same. with zombie spawners hidden everywhere. but getting to my point if you would like to build a building, there is no size limit but you arent aloud to use wool gold blocks diamond blocks or iron blocks. must have one chest for loot reasons not aloud to have anything in it. and thats about it. let your minds take control from there. i recomend that you use glowstone as a light fixture.
  13. I'm looking for a fellow forger to help me with a map im working on for a while now. it's a cops and robbers map completely remastered for new gameplayer and much more exciting moments. the gametype has been created and the map has been mad but its merely only the beta, im looking to make the whole map once again with a much better and well thought out lay out. Im looking to involve the caves as well as set up the map so it uses a lot of the land its self for the "yard" ill be working plenty hard these next few days on making a fully functional jail with working doors and cells. If you would like to help me in any way, wether thats playing custom games of the original map or that's helping me forge or offering room ideas then im all ears for your suggestions.
  14. RED!!!! WHATS UP!!!