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  1. Heya, did you ever find the   Nebby85 or Leingod Flawless Nude mod for xbox 360 skyrim?

  2. Request

    If a mod is using a custom mesh for a face, body, clothing and most armors, there is no known way of converting it. Some mods like Inigo you can just delete the custom mesh head, and a vanilla replacement will be used by the xbox, although the head will be a different color, and lips will not move. I've found that most helmets, weapons, and solid (complete body) one piece armors will convert, armors that require different moving parts won't.
  3. Nice idea for speeding up conversions. I wish someone could figure out a way to fix body/animal/head meshes from PC mods. I only thing I can do is delete the facegeom meshes for PC mods that contain them, the head will load without distortions, but then there are issues like mouth not moving and discoloration. Shame Skyrim modding interest has died off around here, there aren't many forums for discussing and sharing 360 port info.
  4. Simple enough...thanks for clearing that up.
  5. I'm trying my first ports, so I picked two separate small ones...exploding chickens, and all map markers, both only have one ESP file. I have tried following the tutorial using BSAopt and Velocity, I'm able to create the DLC, but after I put it in the 000002 folder and load up the game I always get "DLC is corrupt" message. I've tried leaving the ESP file out of the data folder, and putting it in the data folder when creating it with BSAopt, same result.
  6. I see, well whatever you decide to do with multi tool looking forward to it. And thanks for what you've already shared, it's been very useful and helpful.
  7. When you say cycle through the list of objects in a loaded area, would it be possible to find a complete list similar to this : that a brief desciption could be assigned to obj id's. Or would that be too difficult to incorporate considering how many there?
  8. When I mentioned pass through objects, I meant already existing objects in the game.
  9. If that's possible, then that would make the purpose of spawning objects even more useful. I know pass through items like some rugs/flags/placemats ect cannot be selected, any idea on a way that might work to manipulate those items?
  10. I think the menu layout is fine, it just took a little for me to adjust to the difference. Kind of limited to how much I've been able to mess around with it, but really like everything you've added...awesome effort. I didn't really have time to test moving spawned items yet, is it basically still a "place at me" type of thing, or are there other methods of spawning an item and placing it on a wall or moving an item manually?
  11. So used to doing it through item menu didn't occur to go through actor.
  12. It worked when I tried it that way, but isn't there just a way to enter a formid for PAM without targeting another item first?
  13. Gave this a quick test off an old save, i'll try a clean save next time. A couple things: the objref target system is clever, like that you can get all the info from an NPC a static or interactive item with it. What confused me is that with multi 6.1, I used item>PAM to spawn things using a formid list, examples: 000E3EA1 would spawn a chest or 000B626C a statue. In this version any formid I used for an item was invalid...maybe i'm not getting it, but are you limited to only spawning an object that you target, or is there a different way to input formids than through objref? Also after I targeted an object like a chair, moved somewhere else in the room and tried PAM it didn't work for me. didn't have to time to test everything, but deleting objects like walls, tables and the actor menu seems to work great.
  14. I couldn't get either alpha 5 or 6 to work until I loaded a previous save from before I had used multi-utility, reloaded current save...wouldn't work.
  15. Sorry, still not working,says invalid or deleted file.