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  1. Saw it done here: Dunno where the download is, but if anyone still has it, I would appreciate a download link. If not, how do you fix it yourself?
  2. .MAP

    Thanks for the reply. Apparently, I found the problem: The mapinfo file included in the asmp was pointing to "" which does not exist, so I deleted that and typed "" instead. I also made the map ids of the mapinfo file and map file match. BUT I ran into another problem. When I start the map, it's a black screen. After a few seconds, it says "26:30 Hours" - Which is basically the text from the opening cutscene of (Nightfall mission). The audio from the cutscene plays as well. I try to press A, and it gives the prompt to press Y to skip, but it doesn't do anything. I still doesn't work without TU1. It might be the patch's problem. I've played your other mods, though, and they all work properly. This is the only one having problems. I tried re-patching, and it's the same result.
  3. .MAP

    Most of the time, Firefight maps work off the bat, but I'm not sure why, when I install this, it says "Players failed to load content". I checked the Map IDs and the map ID for the mapinfo and the map file itself don't match. But unfortunately, even if I make them match, it still says Players failed to load content. Any idea how I can fix this?
  4. Thanks a lot for this! The alpha build works wonderfully and it's interesting to see how the game was like before. However, the beta build doesn't let me in the game. I used the updated xbe for Xbox 360 that you commented with on one of your YouTube videos, and all the game gives me is the same old message I always got from trying it: "Sorry you need an active network connection"... Been having this problem for years. How do I get past this?
  5. Total noob here and what I'm asking for should actually be extremely simple, but I really have no idea. Found nothing with search bar and Google. How would I remove the blue tint in Halo 3's menu? Preferably through Assembly. If someone has that main menu editing app (which has all links down), that would be interesting too.
  6. Modding

    Found this too late. Had the Halo 4 Beta for years. Would love to have this patch. Anyone have it? Reupload, please?
  7. So I randomly got in the mood to dust off my good old JTAG'd Xbox 360 and found this: All links are dead as far as I know. Just wondering if anyone still has a copy of it. Thanks in advance.
  8. Support

    How do you view cutscenes in theater? The same way Zedd did for Halo 3 and Gamecheat did for Halo Reach. Apparently, it involves forced checkpoints, but how do you go about doing these?