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  1. Do a Google search for FreeStyle 780 (I think that's it). It's an unofficial build that fixes that problem. Apparently FSD is "outdated" and they want everyone to use Aurora, but that dash sucks, so I'm happy someone created an unofficial FSD build to fix the problem.
  2. General

    Man, I used to be in 343i's corner, but they've dropped the ball a TON. Halo 5's story was pretty lackluster as well. I won't actually purchase the game for my collection until its in the bargain bin.
  3. General

    What are you talking about? What exactly does "old content year one players died for"? Your money was never stolen. You still have access to the core game and any DLC you own. If you're implying that Taken King stuff was pulled from the original game to be released as DLC you have no proof.
  4. General

    No. It's very standard fare that if you don't buy expansion packs for games you don't get the expanded content. Deal with it.
  5. /offtopic Halo Online got some new maps?
  6. Xbox 360

    What's your gamertag? I have one character left to do the nightfall on if you're online during the day (EST)
  7. Both times I installed an upgraded drive in my RGH /Game (the folder at the root he's talking about, not /Hdd1/Games) was created by the FSD installer, not the user. Thus his issue. FSD needs that folder to run.
  8. Gametype

    The game will ignore anything team-based in FFA. It works like a light switch. Off is FFA, on is Team. I don't remember if Reach as the ability to set the color separate from the team, but that might be possible. Also, bro spawning is Team only.
  9. Nice! I always wanted to go back to Guitar Hero on my RGH. I'd love to take Aerosmith's build of the engine and see if I can add characters and whatnot. Any idea if there are XEX checks on some of the files?
  10. General

    Best code is ALT + F4
  11. Wow, and it only took them four months!
  12. So, I've been working on mods for Cars: Mater-National on the PC (yeah, laugh away, I know it's a kid's game, but half the reason is so my kids can watch ). Anyway, having contacted the tools developer from Rainbow Studios (now defunct) he said it's a straight port of the 360's assets. So I dumped my 360 version and sure enough, all the files match. But here's the crux of the problem. Stinkin' FATX only allows 32 characters in a filename, and some are longer than that, so the only way I can port the mod to 360 is to have it in a Games on Demand container before transferring it back to my 360. So what I'm wondering is if there's a way to ADD files to an ISO (not just replace) that I can then use ISO2GOD with, or if I can convert the files loose into a container. I'd have to rebuild it each time I wanted to update the mod, and it could only ever be for me given the nature of how I have to build it, but at least I'd be able to play with my kids on the big TV instead of them crowding my PC. Any ideas?
  13. That's awesome. I was hoping people would do that!
  14. Gametype

    Not possible, sorry. That's only for modded consoles.