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  1. Back when Halo 4 released my account and triple-nand xbox got banned. I had played halo 4 offline before it released on one of the two modded nands. Little did I know that I accidentally unlocked an achievement so when I signed back into xbox live on my retail nand the achievement synced with xbox live so even though I tried locking it back it still had a record of being there. I was fine for a week or so but on the day the game came out I got banned. I wasn't too mad, I mean it's just some gamerscore and game saves. If I wanted any of my old saves back I just modded those up real quick and played them from my new account.
  2. It's been a while… It's freaky almost. The fact that this website was part of my childhood.

    1. [Iconoclast]


      Welcome back old friend.

    2. Tragedy


      Stu ur so nice Dee Dee is so lucky to hav u!!!11!!

    3. Thunder


      Wow, Another person returns. Did something happen in the last few days?

  3. General

    I remember whenever I had my jtag I would just plug the console into my pc. Then I had to bridge the connections in the network adapter settings on my computer. Something along those lines.
  4. Support

    Building your own homes and such is possible via game save in skyrim. Ik a guy who use to mod skyrim game saves to do all kinds of cool stuff that I didn't even think was possible from a game save.
  5. Support

    There might be a way to mod your health to be full again or maybe even change character position but I'm not entirely sure. Try researching into one of those two ideas and see if its possible. Best of luck to you.
  6. Support

    Most mods will equine a modified console. On that note I have a quick question, are you knowledgable on modified consoles? If not I can link you to some stuff that will get you started and then you can start doing the mods. If you are then I can link you to some programs and tutorials that will help you get started with modding halo. Oh, and welcome to the site. As long as you stick with it, you'll get the hang of modding Halo pretty easily.
  7. This Site

    Naaa, it isn't dead. Its just that its a small community that mods Halo these days and thats the focus here, Halo modding. I have no doubt if the site started to branch out into thing like COD or whatever else is being modded these days that the community would grow, but thats not what everyone here is about. Everyone here is about fun modding or producing tools to create fun modding. Also, most other large scale console modding scenes are mainly for the cheating side of modding. Which is surely not what xboxchaos is about. This site will always be the best community no matter how small. Oh, and the XC staff have produced some thug ass tools
  8. Modding

    So, since I can't afford it, can I just sell you my mother? She's a nice lady. Worth well over $1,000. She makes sandwiches, fixes stuff around the house, does dishes, cleans, and then gives you money whenever you want. I'm telling you, deal of a lifetime.
  9. Other

    Lookin sexy guys. Keep up the good work!
  10. .NET

    Bumped an old topic bro
  11. Im down. My new gt is DurphinDev
  12. General

    Never being trusted to be "dropped off" at the pool as a kid:P
  13. Support

    Depends on the use for the bomb?... Are you kdding me? Ffs dude. Give it up.