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  1. Gametype

    You can go to one of the fileshare links in the main post with your account signed in and download them from there. Assuming Waypoint actually works. Just searching for "Trustysn00ze" in the file browser should be easy enough, but make sure you use the option to view a specific person's fileshare rather than an overall search. Wouldn't want to download one of the many crappy edits people have made. Good luck.
  2. Gametype

    If you have an up-to-date version, I believe the traits on a weapon or armor ability will apply to the player even if you don't set a zone around it. Also, I despise those assassination maps. Not that it matters.
  3. Gametype

    Just go to the first page.
  4. Gametype

    Try putting something under it that you can walk on, and then scale that object down so you can't see it.
  5. Gametype

    Very nice to see, and I look forward to messing with the Lift and Switch labels soon. I wouldn't know what's wrong with Bomberman though. You tried simply resigning it to a different CON file? Save any earlier backups that work?
  6. Gametype

    He was going to add it to an earlier version, but it had problems and didn't happen. I even tried at one point, and there were weird issues like only one turret working at a time and occasionally shooting backwards. Also, you could have edited your message to remove the duplicate part...
  7. Support

    Ah, yep:
  8. Support

    Can all emblems be used as gametype icons in Halo 4 or something? Never tried messing with them. There are two places you need to edit for the gametype icon though. The first is near the top right below the description. The second is right above all the strings: Will look into it more.
  9. Gametype

    I seem to remember editing an Invasion Boneyard gametype at one point. I think I set it to free for all and broke it beyond recognition, but it did recompile.
  10. Gametype

    So teams can be based on species ingame then? Of course it wouldn't show up as red versus blue, but just having your fellow Elites/Spartans showing up as friendlies would be useful.
  11. Support

    This might be obvious, but did you make sure to put it through Sunburst as well as resign the container in Horizon/Modio/Velocity/whatever? Edit: I see what you mean; it doesn't match the picture. I'm not sure this method works with gametypes that aren't Assault, CTF, or Infection, but that's just me rereading the SevenSins link that was posted. Try this: I had to put it through KSoft for that one.
  12. Gametype

    It can still be decoded with the fourth switch on by the way.
  13. A way to turn the various KSoft switches on and off might be useful. I haven't used it much yet, but so far this is pretty nice. Good work.
  14. Support

    Ah well, would have been nice. Thanks anyway.
  15. Support

    Just wondering if it would be possible to have a team game where everyone uses their normal colors. It doesn't sound like something that should be too complicated if it's possible, and I Iooked for a bit, but couldn't figure it out. Meaning through Megalo of course. Thanks in advance.