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  1. Considering you have a phat xbox this picture will help you out hopefully.
  2. RGH is not only for slims. It can be used on phat consoles also, just don't use it on a xenon because it has horrendous boot times. Use this link and head down to the image that displays which dashboard version and console goes with what "modification" - Hopefully that is good, if not, I am for sure you can RGH ANY console.
  3. General

    Yeah, I tried to search quite a bit but only saw nothing but pc patches and that only ps3 server files. I guess it was just a nice idea to think like what if we did have it or something but it would've been pointless anyways just like how Thunder pointed it out.
  4. I like Windows Defender. It took like 5+ hours for a full scan though, but I wanted to clean up my PC since it has been awhile. Going to be defragging my HDD soon. It is gonna take awhile also to defrag considering I got a 2tb HDD.
  5. General

    Yeah, I only just put this up here just to kind of give an idea about if it was maybe possible and to kind of show that this was the first game (I believe) to have Dedicated Servers before games like Gears of War 3 started jumping onto the Dedicated Server train. I enjoy these games that have demos that just lasts forever with you so one day you may actually get the game to support the devs/publishers (even though I have no idea where the money is going nowadays since both devs and publishers disappeared but then again there is probably only used versions of it so there is really no money going anywhere anyway besides to the stores like gamestop and such).
  6. General

    Nowadays MS is using Azure which is more secure an more for developers only whereas the X-Server is only specific to Section 8. Destiny is using a different architecture since it is a newer game an technology has grown. This game is an '09 game but obviously from developing the Xbox One they are more towards cloud computing rather than a traditional method where you either hosted dedicated servers on Windows PCs or you had a room filled with 360s running server software set at a very cold temperature to keep them from overheating.
  7. Took a full Windows Defender scan on my pc and then played some old 360 demos.
  8. During the downtime I was playing the Section 8 MP Demo and after I went to quit an there was that whole "raise your hype" thing for when the game launches but there was something that caught my eye. "X-Server: Host even bigger battles (32 Players) for the Xbox 360 console on your Windows PC." I was thinking back when we were talking about cracking into Destiny but we couldn't because it is an always-online game. What if we somehow found this X-Server application and reversed engineered it to host dedicated servers for any game. Sadly when I meant by "What if we somehow found this..." I really mean it does not exist anymore because nobody mirrored the download nor is the games/developers site are alive anymore. Brought hopes up and then slammed dunk them down to the curb.
  9. Welcome to Xbox Chaos! I hope you enjoy your stay. You can practically make a career from just modding by just getting into that developer mindset. I know I am going to be doing that. I can guarantee you'll have fun here. Now this is where the real modding and real fun begins.
  10. I hope you do get it back because that some dedication to all of that. I'll say this though, you technically did not lose all of it if you are stilling playing those games on your modded xbox. So don't feel too bad but you still did technically lose them, well and just think of the amount of live you paid for as just good times you had instead something horrible you paid for. Well besides Halo: Spartan Assault on PC and especially on the Xbox one, you're kind of screwed on that one. I guess there is always Steam for Halo: Spartan Assault on the PC then if you are still up to it.
  11. General

    I loved PvE and the storyline missions. I feel like the game could lose focus from PvE and just transition to PvP if the level cap is going to be different from the generic MMO route. Unless they could do some type of hardcore PvE where normally there is just the storyline and other fireteam missions to do to hit a generic level cap (like 20) so people can play PvP or do raids with friends easily, but for the hardcore type of mode there is a lot larger level cap that will take ages (Not forever but not too fast either) to get to and harder missions that are only exclusive to the hardcore and dedicated crowd. This hardcore mode will be separate from the normal core so people won't feel sad about seeing a level 100 vs a level 20. Like for example your one character can be split into two kind of additional character that if you just want to play normally with normal level cap of 20 then you can but if you want to play with a different advantages and disadvantages you can play with only people who are also playing the hardcore mode. It will be like playing two different versions of the game, maybe like Ocarina of Time with the Master Quest.
  12. Did you do anything on your xbox with your main account that in some way they could detect it through your profile's data? Like if you tried to put the Bungie body armor on your main account or something of that so when you go back onto your retail account it will see that in your profile data and revert you back to generic armor. Things like that. If you just accidently signed or just signed in because you had no other account then I really have no idea what happened if you don't have a clue. Can you check and see the email you got from Xbox the reason why you got banned? Could some up the reason or you can just deal with support, but nobody likes to deal with support.
  13. Was your live account ever on your modded Xbox by any chance? Even if it is a Dual Nand one? Or did you ever connected to it via system link or something while you were online? I am just asking, I am not saying all of those are actual reasons I just think those are possible reasons because I also do not want this to happen to me and anyone else for that matter.
  14. PS3

    Don't have an Xbox One so I wouldn't need one. Thanks for asking though.
  15. PS3

    I believe you can get an additional 3 codes for your platform to fill out your fireteam in Destiny Beta. A few of us including me will be playing on the Xbox 360 so I could possibly give one to you since I have no one else to give them to.