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  1. when will the maps/modes be available in our file shares in halo mcc ? @Foyfee thanks for the links
  2. after the dump of old maps and gametypes did any modded content come though ? i would to download some modded maps off a fileshare in halo mcc !
  3. Call of Duty

    i dont wanna cheat i dont take my jtag online
  4. dose anyone know where i can find a modded xex or trainer for call of duty 2 i know its an old game ?
  5. when i use the title update manager on free styledash 3.0 i go to download a tu it says no updates found on everything ?
  6. dose anyone have the modded main menu for Halo 2 AI Revision: on rgh/jtag that works or just another main menu what will load custom maps ?
  7. just wanted to know if you could pop an achievement with assembly using real time edit ?
  8. im trying to find a mod that gives you god mode in halo wars for sgt forge dose anyone know anything ?
  9. Video

    whats going on why did not link or give credit to lord zedd who where these other guys ... ??
  10. i could you link me plz ..
  11. hayy lord zedd can u make a tut for this and how do u make them spawn with AI ?
  12. lol printed paper XD nice one!
  13. Reach

    thanks guys i will look into that gonna do sum testing thank you for the advice
  14. Reach

    this video might help explain
  15. when i edit the phmo tag to change the physics model why dose it only take effects after the bypid's die like use the hlmt tag then find elite then change the phmo to lets say he is an elite ill change his physics model to a hat but it wont effect the elite till he is dead he will roll around and go crazy but while his ai is active it wont effect him ?