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  1. Support

    Check the description I accidentally left a few things out. Although this is for a Pelican, it applies to all vehicles.
  2. You can't use rgloader on a dev kit or test kit. You'd need private rgloader files to be able to do so. There is a leaked .18 shadowboot that boots into rgloader, but that is only for dev kits. You're pretty much out of like when it comes to doing any memory editing with a test kit, only really good for playing builds of games. In addition, most of the private test to dev files aren't 100% complete and may throw a memory overflow error and research on 100% test to dev conversion on a phat console isn't going anywhere. If you have a slim without sidecar (which shows up as test) you can do the recint.ini edit to bypass the need for a sidecar or grab a xbdm.xex from a older recovery, cause on older recoveries on a slim without sidecar will show up as a dev. It wasn't until more recent recoveries where they made it so there is a check to see if the unit has a sidecar to be a dev. Forcing studios to spend 1500 for a sidecar on-top of the 1000 for the console just so it's a dev kit and not a test kit.
  3. I just want to say to new-comers that this is a tutorial for editing an existing script on a .map not adding a completely new one. Adding one requires manually compiling the script which is a long process. Anyways, good tutorial there Akarias.
  4. Modding

    Nope, sadly. There is no tag injection for Halo 3 Beta.
  5. Modding

    Certain tags need to be fixed once you extract from one game and inject into the other. This is because of the engine differences between the halo 3 engine and halo 3 odst engine. All depends on the tag and the tag class. Some stuff injects flawless like bitmaps and certain modes. But, other things like bipds need to be completely fixed (use the original tag from the original map to fix the injected tag etc...). It's a time-consuming process.
  6. General

    It's private for whatever reason (I don't even know so don't ask me). It's just game save modding apparently.
  7. Lmao what did you put this in the tutorial and guides section? What map were you dong this on? And what seat animation were you using? And I assume you are following this tutorial: right?
  8. Support

    it's because the spartan animation was never animated to use that specific seat animation for the phantom, basically. It has no reference to it, no information. huh? You shouldn't have to touch anything with the hlmt, it should just work. As in it explodes and you die.
  9. Support

    What do you mean? The phantoms jmad gets extracted when you extract the whole vehi tag. Any tagref that the tag you extracted has will come with it.
  10. Support

    Are you using a different seat animation? If not, change it to ghost_d or another seat animation stringID of another player-drive-able vehicle
  11. I have something planned this Friday, hopefully it works out.
  12. General

    been trying to actively find pimps at sea for years, and nothing came of it..
  13. General

    Like I said before the campaign maps already have the char tag. In addition, you don't need to inject anything, not even the spawn. You can duplicate some random scen tag than just gut and edit it to match a spawn point. You don't even have to do that, you can just use a firing effect from a weapon, change the anticipated tag class to char than shoot that gun and the Ai will spawn.
  14. General

    I mean you can do that, but that would be a waste of map memory A tutorial exists: