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  1. Support

    All right, thanks you all.
  2. Support

    Exactly what i need. Thanks for the third time haha. If i get new results, i post here. Just one little question: Do I need to have Skyrim installed on my computer ?
  3. Support

    I'll try it then. If i solve it, i'll post here. I don't have experience in the creation kit, but i will explore a bit and try. Thanks again !
  4. Support

    Thanks man ! It's MUCH better to have some gray faces than ugly distorted faces. Problem solved.
  5. Support

    I tried to load with a DLC file and i tried to put the folders in the data too. The same problem with the face of the npcs on both. I can start the quest that the NPCs give but the only problem is with their faces.
  6. Support

    I had a similar problem with frostfall, but i edited the nif files in the meshes folder with NifSkope and the meshes worked. But with this mod i tried to edit the nif files, no sucess. Tried to rezise the textures to 256x256, but the textures are in this size. There is nothing for me to do ? .-. Forgive my english
  7. I converted the Jobs of Skyrim mod from Skyrim Nexus to my RGH Xbox. The mod worked well but the face of the new NPCs are VERY estrange with different colors and multi-faced npcs. I don't know what to do.