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  1. Yep, a long while. I swear if I was game creator I'd find a way to allow for creative mods be approved and not cheating mods to be took care of. Oh well.
  2. Do you think 343i would make it that easy for us to mod maps on their precious xbox one? I highl doubt it but would love it.
  3. General

    Well I would but not sure what kind of tubing I should use on the ring so artificial lightning would not hit it. Base as floor or place to build it, yes I do...Also you probably misunderstood. Draw a big circle on a piece of paper. Put 6 squares marking where Tesla coils would be placed. 20 to 45 degree angle for all 6 to fit in the circle. Than put the paper so that is standing upright position like you could walk through the circular ring. That is what I am trying to do. Why, for show and fun but being safe as they would all only connect to the bulb in the middle of the circle. I'm saving money just for this as well, I'm always fascinated by lightning, real or Tesla coil made...
  4. Lets say I am an amateur at do your self type stuff. I want to build a human siZed ring with 6 5' foot firing Tesla coils in 20 degree angle. Than I want to sync them all just for show.. Any ideas how and how much it would cost. I found one that did 5' feet of lightning for 25$ do it yourself cost. Just curious, but no idea how I could make 6 at a 20 degree angle on a human sized ring while syncing them. I'm bored and want to do something fun.
  5. General

    Well, I see nothing I liked. I did not see anything about the Game lord Space Zedd, the final frontier... All funny business aside, I like Minecraft Hololens. I hear they are trying to get close to xbone prices.
  6. General

    Than he was joshing you dude. Even with a direct USB cable from PC to console, he has to exit the map to mod it via USB and has to be his save to do it. Sorry.
  7. General

    Unless his friend has a jtag that gets online to mod other people's maps that are save-able mods I:e things that opryzelp tool does pretty much. Nodded lobbies on Cod I guess is how this works, I don't really know. Don't own jtagrgh. But even then that won't work on halo as most mods on it aren't saveable.
  8. Modding

    I know, but you are posting it on here for others to see so you do want attention on it. I'm just playin', not being mean. Lol.
  9. Modding

    Not a bad idea really, but I don't see too many jumping head over heels for the star wars stuff anymore, but keep up the good work. I've always wanted to combine all the halo's forge and put halo 4 bridge combined with a halo 3 or 2 bridge piece together so that way maps aren't all one color, one palette that is ugly all the time. Even MCC maps look all alike.
  10. Other

    Apparently even if someone could mod it, it would be literally impossible to do as it says in the article because you run out of memory, not hard drive or zip drive space, in the map maker. I could be wrong but here is the article... Scroll down a bit on map maker 2 I believe.
  11. General File share is there and if you can't get it there, good luck. Most people here quit or retired from modding and pretty much don't do req. anymore.
  12. .MAP

    I'd love to have an rgh so I could play & make cool maps like these. someday I will hopefully...Anyway, I'd love to see a rain & tornado mods in halo, any place i should go if there is/isn't any?
  13. Minecraft

    Oh, so you built most of them on PC, lame sauce. Probably used 300% speed as well when building. If you didn't use speed commands, than I commend you and take back what I said. Second, I'm guessing the command block was put in the code for the main menu host options and all that easier. That is about the only logical reason they would put it in unusable.
  14. Minecraft

    Yea, I like to build, work with Redstone as u saw at the end, and overall just have fun. I saw your builds as well, but how do you not get lag on those cities after 36 Mb. I stopped working on my big map because it was too much lag and unfortunately opryzelp old mod tool won't convert from 360 to PC and his 10 dollar tool doesn't either. I'm currently thinking of doing a map remake of COD MW2 Map Rust. I'm certain one exists but I loved that map. Not sure why but I did.
  15. Yes it is modded using the opryzelp old mod tool. Once/if command blocks ever get added, a lot of his stuff will go obsolete. They are in the code, they just don't work yet when you try to activate them. Sorry for horrendous quality at 720p, long story short idea wit camera did not work out at all so I wasted money on it instead of an hd pvr hauppage. If this is in the wrong category, please move it to the right one and thank you. This rollercoaster is not finished as I'm also working on an all-in-one type map on the 360 as well. Enjoy....