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  1. Everything on the screenshots yes, not any of the stuff in planned features ofc but if its in a picture, you can spawn it.
  2. <insert rip MCC joke here>
  3. Anyone know where I could find some halfway decent places to start learning C++ (preferably in context with 3D stuffs)? I am in the process of creating a game engine from scratch (which will be an endeavor) and I've not had a lot of luck in terms of finding good stuff to learn it online. Also if anyone happens to be interested in working with me on this project feel free to PM me about it and we can go from there (but the project may be a bit of a doozy so be prepared), though I am mainly interested in the first point.
  4. REQ weapons are very iffy, as I have had zero luck with custom bitmap injection and i also don't know at what point the map will start breaking down and causing crashes. As for the capital ship, it was from m45.
  5. Its a full rebuild, stuffs are to be added. Most of the content is actually in the .map already, but just isnt setup in forge menus. Plus the old custom weapons were more or less just thrown in. Cant promise a ton of consistency with updates as i'm attempting to write a game engine while learning C++ at the same time (the formula for success amirite)
  6. It's back! The insane forge playground has returned, now being titled Forge World Ultimate Edition. Go ahead, have a look at the screenshots: More to come soon! Downloads Current Version: 4.0a MP Compatibility: Unknown Known Bugs: Covenant Carrier is a hog and stops things from spawning afterward Planned Features
  7. Version 3.8a is released (finally)!
  8. Call of Duty

    This site doesn't support cheating but idk if COD 2 is any exception or not. (I doubt so :/)
  9. That coupled with Halo 5's release and being the owner of a gaming network.
  10. Sword Ghost, Ghost Ultra, Corp Warthog, ONI Warthog, AA Wraith and Motorcycle. The Ghosts/Hogs are from Halo 5.
  11. More progress on (next update is on the way)
  12. If you go down, you will find multiple props menus. Apparently Reach has limits to the amount of objects that display in a forge menu so I had to create a second prop menu (More Props)
  13. Halo 2 Vista servers shut down from what I know. As for patching, yes. If you both have the map patched with the same mods, and you can manage to connect via some kind of tunneling thing (ie, Hamachi) you should be able to play together perfectly fine.
  14. The effects are currently unfinished. I had to put the banshee sound on the seraph due to the lack of proper sound injection from campaign (as such, assembly ignores sounds) The reason you can control players is due to the fact that the spartan and elite bipeds have seats, and since your player is the biped.... well yeah. I do think I know a way to fix it however. Be sure to check v3.8 Also the frigate is actually considered a prop (a large one but still) since it is not (yet) drivable. The turrets on the frigate can be operated currently, just the HUD string doesn't show up.
  15. Just updated it m8