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  1. Modding

    Its all down to missing animations. A nasty but fast way of dealing with it is to reuse existing animations with a new stringID to match that of the phantom_p etc strings.
  2. A thing I've wanted to do for a while. My custom nodes are not being displayed due to an error but you get the idea.
  3. Loop through your list for the amount that exists in the list, `list_count` will give your max count while `list_get` will return each object in that list. `volume_return_objects_by_type` is handy for filtering things out, so you wont be trying to pass unwanted engine objects that a volume check would get. Would be a good idea to make sure the AI you end up casting is actually alive too. Edit: You may want to take a look at how AI expressions are used, take a look at some campaign examples. They can be setup to reference a bunch of things including whole squads, objectives and tasks. Situational.
  4. Looks at the string name as defined in the Collision Region block. That block then defines the index and various permutations if there are different damage states. Its doable.
  5. Modding

    Those are just biped units. They wont have any AI associated with them. The units need to be crated via character tags.
  6. General

    Its much easier to do on ReachMCC. Just inject the various globals and add some entrys to the sandbox pallet. Go ham.
  7. Modding

    No they are they can actually be accessed in retail builds with a button combination. Haven't tried it in MCC though.
  8. Sound injection is not finished yet, you can still inject them manually if you are really desperate. I dont have the thread on hand but someone wrote a guide for it on here a few years ago iirc.
  9. Modding

    I've just been using my previously ripped BSPs from the console maps in 3DS.
  10. General

    Well an entry radius of 0 wont work. Well... anything? Snipping Tool? ShareX? WindowsKey+Print Screen?
  11. General

    Could you show us a screenshot of what you have setup? Have you set the entry radius and cone angles?
  12. Reach has two scripting systems, one of them is the map scripting system that is used for campaign and firefight. There is no public script compiler that is feature complete, snipe style has been working on some bits but I haven't taken the time to see what hes actually been working on. I haven't checked to see if scripting synchronizes in multiplayer so it may not be of any real use as the states of scripts wouldn't be synced between clients, things fall out of sync and it all goes to hell. Scripts are ran in multiplayer but are relegated to triggering garbage cleanup. The other is called megalo. This is used in gametypes in multiplayer and is actually quite powerful but you wont be able to achieve what you describe with megalo alone. I'm not too familiar with it as it does not interest me, see some of the megalo threads and tutorials.
  13. The quick and dirty way to load directly into other zonesets. USE SCRIPTS YA FUCKIN' DEGENERATES REEE Useful for campaign to multiplayer conversions. Unless its for multiplayer, thats fine. Those with experience can meld together multiple zonesets/bsp related data to load more BSPs. IF you understand how zonesets work of course. 1. Find your desired zoneset. Traditionally you would see the blue text pop up in the activity feed on the lower left of the screen saying "Loading... Done.", this means a zoneset change has taken place and new assets and BSPs have been loaded into the simulation along with unneeded assets and BSPs being unloaded. This all existed because of memory constraints on the xbox, duh. These are normally triggered by... triggers... You can find the settings for these triggers under the "Zone Set Triggers" block in your scenario tag. If you haven't it out: zonesets define what BSPs are loaded or unloaded at any given time. So work out what zoneset you want to load. I know pretty much all the zonesets, tends to happen after plenty of years staring at them. You can always look at what BSPs are loaded in the zoneset from the "Loaded BSPs 1/2" bitfields and reference them as indexes to the structure BSPs block. If you own the xbox 360 version you can use adjutant to load the BSPs etc. <-- I'll be loading set_facility on m35. 2. Modify the Scenario Zoneset Groups block Now that you have decided on a zoneset to load, goto its index and rick click on the plugin entry for "name" & click "View value as...". A new window will open, copy the memory address. Click on the little 'i' at the end of the block, this will open additional information on the block and allow us to overwrite the block address. <-- Copy the "Memory Address" and paste it into the "Address", set the "Count" 1 and press enter. Save changes. 3. Disabling scripts (optional, but recommended) If you load your map file now some weird things may happen, you will either spawn outside of the loaded BSPs thus not actually spawning at all or you will have scripts attempting to run causing all sorts of issues depending on the map and what your insertion point is set to. (Insertion points trigger the loading of different zonesets, as defined in the mission startup script). I recommend you disable any scripts from running unless you have the ability to modify them and resolve any issues that pop up as a result of doing some screwy things that the scripts will not be expecting. Goto the script decompiler, enable "Show extra information" option from the options menu on the bottom left, press Ctrl+F and search for the word "startup". Move through the results until you find the main missions startup script. <-- You will know it when you see it. Typically it will have the mission name in the script name. Make note of the "Index: x" number and go back to your scenario tag. Goto the scripts block and navigate to the index you just noted down. You can click on the index and then type the number to jump directly to it. When you are at the startup script index set its " Script Type" to static. <-- Startup scripts are now disabled. The mission wont load any AI or cut scenes etc. 4. Moving/creating player spawns For single player and co-op you can use the "Player Starting Locations" block to set the spawn locations for players, some maps will already have these present for your zoneset (Such as in Halo 3), if not you will need to find a place within the loaded BSPs to spawn the players. If you are doing this for multiplayer & or forge you will need to use a spawn point object instead, extract a scenery tag like "respawn_point_invisible.scenery" and place it via the Scenery block in your scenario tag. Again, you can use something like Adjutant to get the XYZ coordinates or if you have dumped the BSP you can use 3DSMax by setting your "Unit Setup" to 100 inches. See below for specifics on that. <-- adjust these values to reflect a location within the loaded BSPs. Well that is it. Load the map up and you will now spawn in your desired zoneset. More work will need to be done if you wish to convert the campaign map into a functioning multiplayer map, specifically you will need to fixup the various globals. Those familiar with scripting can alter the existing scripts to trigger and work correctly, even with the forced zoneset. if you know how to do that then why the hell are you not using the switch_zone_set opcode, jesus.
  14. Support

    Please check the date of threads before you reply to them. Depending on where you are in the level, the asset may not be loaded. If you dont fancy loading the assets correctly you can force them to be added to the global zoneset. Right click on the tag, so in your case the projectile tag and click forceload. It should now work regardless of where you are in the level. Be warned that loading too much can cause problems.
  15. Make a backup copy first of course, launch without the anti cheat and mod to your hearts content.