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  1. You can either poke the memory address for it or set it on a bipd by bipd basis:
  2. PLEASE NOTE: I'm working on a NEW guide: SCRIPTS LIST: [Link] Placeholder cs_fly_to example: PasteBin Complete fly to example, uses indexes 18-33 with some empty space in the middle. Points are set to Set 0 with index 0. Go learn Halo CE scripting. [Link] Scripting Guide by TCK [Link] Kornman's BSL Bible [Link] CE Script
  3. Gametype

    What do you mean by "Where do I put?" you need to be a bit more specific.
  4. .MAP

    Use the dev build of assembly, it is far better than the old master build.
  5. Modding

    Pretty sure its a shader function that deals with the 'glow'. Go check the brutes shaders from odst and have a look.
  6. Modding

    Check out the damage section of your relevant object properties [HLMT]. People are busy, don't be a knob about it.
  7. I can dream, Harold.
  8. General

    I cant remember if the audio extractor in assembly could work with H4, was working fine with H3/Reach. (aside from permutation crashes every now and then) Edit: You will need to reenable in from the source. or was it enabled by default? no idea
  9. Support

    If the map has a custom name eg: you will need to also create a .mapinfo file for that map and have the correct map ID and filename within that .mapinfo file. Map ID can be found at the very top of the SCNR tag, change it to something unique and have the same ID in your .mapinfo file. When you are done place the .mapinfo file into the "info" folder inside your maps folder.
  10. [snip] We H2X era modding now. Anyone know how to get these to ignore the lighting? I mean, I could put in a custom light map but effort. Is there not a bit somewhere for it? Edit: eh, im sure gamecheat wont mind. Borrowing playground's for now. Edit: reshade and bounding box fixes later... All positions and angles imported from 3ds.
  11. This is a long shot, but if there is anyone out there with build 10832, the world would really love you if you were willing to share it.
  12. Support

    Its because the map file is missing all the required forge information, you are better off by porting a BSP from a SP map into an existing MP map imo. Make sure to compile and use the latest dev build of assembly, it has a few new options for reducing the size of map files with injected content greatly.
  13. General

    This applies to basically all Halo games, in order to setup 3D Studio Max to have the same units that you see within assembly or any other editing tool you will need to setup custom units. For 3DS: Goto "Customise > Units Setup..." and set your units to "Custom..." equal to 100 inches. Your units will now match up, pair this with a autohotkey copy+paste script and life will be far easier when populating maps with more or less anything. (Point sets am I right lads) You should be able to do this with blender, but i'll be honest I really cant stand the UI. Spending half your life using 3ds does things to ya. I also highly recomend Soulburn Scripts
  14. I dont know why but I am quite fond of this Restored the coax machine guns and added models for them too. Right trigger fires the cannons, left trigger for coax and hitting your melee button fires 3 smoke grenades with 0.3 second intervals. Still finishing up the smoke effect to what I feel is good enough. Bonus big boi, has since added miniature plasma turrets similar to Halo 2.
  15. By the way if you are getting a black screen or are just not actually spawning at all, the reason is because the bipd you selected is not actually being loaded into the game because of the zoneset. You will have to jump into the scnr and enable the relevant designer zone sets on the BSP(s) you are using.