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  1. Its not like anyone has bothered to complete a scenario in MP after bringing over the SP BSP (more specifically tell anyone). I'll just stop at it all and not bother shall I? Never said it was anything special. This is the reaction to someone who is at least trying? "Lol gtfo." You think someone spoon fed me this shit? All I did was complete the scnr and swap out the "scripting data/points" section to have the correct indexes. And what if I told you that you can add path finding to a BSP without path finding data so long as you get the links correct. Use a BSP with terrain with 0 inclination and try it. I think I'm done with Halo 3, good luck. Edit: for the record I've been researching how path finding data is formatted / relevant functions. I'm just going to stop, do it yourselves.
  2. .MAP

    Those AI are not, and I mean more specifically failsafe pathfinding. Edit; allmost forgot, I don't think AI "Sight" syncs at all. Having them set to magically see any active players seems to resolve that to a certain extent. Actually, while am I at: why no dig the hole deeper. Why has no one ever bothered to note the fact that the correct "zones" are needed within the SCNR to get ai migration working? Don't worry someone will look at in in say 2-3 years then talk about it.
  3. .MAP

    And the fact that if you set the ai to use fallback path finding and rely only on scripted movement, it syncs. (Tested on Link with a pelican scripted movement via cs_fly_by and generic ai using cs_approach)
  4. .MAP

    Sorted out those last few bits, also added complete path finding support! (More specifically the correct zone and firing points / hits are now in, meaning proper AI locomotion!) A new global has been added that enables or disable the spawning of two AI squads, marines and elites. They will charge to the centre of the map and battle it out if enabled. EG: Edit: well this sucks, I've hit the max map file size. Anything more and the engine soft locks on load, Even just a tiny bit more meta and it does not like it. RIP. Time to investigate removing data from the map.
  5. I've never really played around with animations, finished the pelican having landing gear animations on seat power up / power down. Needs three physics spheres attached to the landing wheels to solve the tipping issue. EDIT: Coming soon to a max script near you ~ ~ ~ ~ Populate your maps inside of 3dsmax, yey. (The math is literately just shove the decimal two places, converts the units just like in halo CE) Edit 2: Pathfinding in multiplayer. As long as I am in range of a firing point, the AI will find a solution. Note that if I am in an invalid location the ai will get as close as he can until there are no more valid locations. You can see this best at the end where they make their way down to me. Them stopping is because they are most likely trying to fire, but have no gun.
  6. Lemme guess, uses a "poster" like render?
  7. So... whats with the resolution?
  8. Son of a... Right. Anyways, anyone got ajustant's BSP viewer source code? Really don't want to write one from scratch. Getting sick of having to place trigger volumes and point sets by hand, even if it means butchering something together because there is now way in hell I'm writing one from scratch. Last time I tried I got clusters to render but could never get instances to position themselves correctly. And all of that was on one of my 5TB drives that ate shit Question, do globals make any changes to the engine at all? or are they are just there for enabling and disabling certain parts of scripts (if you choose to write them like that). So anything with g_* affects the engine? And if so is there a list of all globals? Edit: and for those of you wondering what happened with all that, a couple of years ago I was looking into replacing BSP cluster data, hence why there was a BSP Editor helper was added to assemby (Asked alex for a place to dump it all). All it ever came to was have a single cluster loaded with all the vertices placed on the same Z plane. I tried going further than that and just ended up with either the frame buffer displaying garbage in game or broken lighting. Tried a box but I dont think the engine likes it when a mesh intersects itself.
  9. Insert old meme here. Also triggered animations for landing and taking off coming soon. (Pelican legs also deploy / retract on command by pressing down on the D pad) Edit: Better, useful stuff. Now using this for debug messages too, still haven't found a way to get "print" to output anything to the screen. its not nulled so there must be a global or something I can set to get it going.
  10. The random data you see is just default invalid data. You can have broken expressions with all sorts of bad data. But as long as you don't call them, it will work just fine. (And the fact is empty of scripts and script expressions, in existing maps you have to use empty expressions or create more to use)
  11. So while I'm busy working on Blam3 Hammer I thought this would be a good idea. This is far better than that half assed thing I put out the other night. Here you will learn how to create and format scripts correctly, with a single argument. (Such as a real, floating point decimal value that is used in this script) Using logical, arithmetic, equality functions will come later as they required a tad more hoping about inside the expressions and can get somewhat confusing to the untrained eye. The "begin" used in this script is not actually required, but as a means of habit I tend to put it in anyway. Essentially the void used here states the return of the expression after it, of witch is specified in value 00. The function (in this case, set gravity) then specifies its argument using the next index. After this, the real has its next index set to 65535 thus ending the line as there are no more expressions to go to. The void can then state a next expression to go to (such as another void that specifies a new function that returns void and so on) or end the script by setting its next index to 65535. Video showing doing this is below, hopefully this is far better than the last one. It's actually quite fun and rewarding editing in everything by hand when you get the hang of it, just the complex stuff becomes a head ache. Good luck! Did snipestyle ever show how do anything like this?
  12. Its terrible, I cringe fucking hard at this. Its missing so much information. But hopefully you won't even have to do this any more, soon.
  13. I'll show you my script compiler if you show me yours ;)

  14. PLEASE NOTE: Well chaos is pretty dead, after spending the last two weeks doing; to quote "Smashing my face into the screen" I've worked out the script layout and how the data within expressions links to other expressions and so forth. I'm just a bit salty that for years no one has said fuck all. No explaining the data layout. No Explaining how expressions reference other expressions. I'm pretty fucking mad. This information has been here the whole time, just kept inside peoples heads and on their machines. This is not a tutorial or a rant, it's a blog. Dumping these random scripts into any map will not work. (Unless you pump them through Blam3 Hammer, it will generate a prop expression for you) Please take the time to familiarise yourself with the method behind manual script editing (Go stare at the expressions block for 2 weeks like I did.) WORKING ON: Something to make everyone's life easy. Well hello there, came for some example scripts have we? You'll find any useful scripts that I make here and maybe even instructions on how to use/implement them. I'll do my best to make some sense of this, it's really not that bad; Just tedious. You can actually poke script data so long as you don't change around memory address, then poke something like 0x8296B01F 1 Byte on Halo 3 to restart the scenario. All scenario changes do not apply without forcing a scenario restart. ^^^Warning filler content below^^^ Forge_Halo, making script player0 into a startup gravity edit. Nice and basic but shows the editing process after initial script setup. Haven't even bothered testing this so... Note the first two entries don't(?) contain important information other than a repeat of the scripts block, something like that. Photoshop keeps taking a shite on my desktop so have OBS footage. Bits & Bobs: ALLWAYS MAKE EXPRESSION INDEX 0 JUST SOME RANDOM VALUE, EG A BOOL WITH TRUE. This means when you create a new script, without ANY changes at all it wont cause assembly to flip its shit out about an invalid expression type when you preview the new script header. EG: . So much more forgiving for when you first start. For true or false values, EG Globals: BOOL, set VALUE03 16777215 = FALSE = Int8 ExampleD 33554431 = TRUE = Int8 ExampleA VALUE00 & VALUE03 are identical most of the time but are displayed differently. If you think its garbage data do "view as" and compare the relevant values. Expression indexes have a raw byte length of 0x18. (24decimal) With this you can clearly see that there are 4 INVALID expressions: 0,1,2,3. We have the fourth selected and it contains valid bytes, you can use this copy entire scripts into other maps but of course you will need to fix the passThrough voids, index pointers and strings for them to be valid but that beats making it all from scratch. Try creating your own auto turrets by copying the snowbound auto turret script, creating the relevant "object names" & "trigger volumes". All functions with null="true" will still quote en quote compile, but wont actually do anything. This is dictated in the games .xex and we may be able to re-enable some functionality if the data for those functions still exists. I've only had a brief look into this. GOTO 8203F0C8 ON TU for script HEADER data list Oh shit whats this. When no one else will do it, do it yourself lads. SCRIPTS LIST: [Link] Placeholder Go learn Halo CE scripting. [Link] Scripting Guide by TCK [Link] Kornman's BSL Bible [Link] CE Script
  15. .MAP

    I'm not aware of any soft lock bugs atm, all of the original sandbox objects are still being spawned in this version so you can actually overload the map quite easily and that's about it. Edit: apparently theatre mode is broken on the newer version, not sure why. Causes a soft lock when loading a theatre session on everything above 0.2