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  1. .MAP

    You'll need to download a patch for your original, clean .xex. Link for Zedd's Halo Reach patch. Uploading any original/modded xex is warez, thus patches are used. gobble gobble etc.
  2. Long story short, looking for a way of adding water to the outside of the map, I remember something on the pit being just a mesh with a water texture. Can anyone point me in its direction? Cant seem to find it. Otherwise pictured, goose with a animated chaingun mounted, 25degrees aiming cone etc. The bitmaps have been manually injected to keep the file size down including bump maps for the sandy textures, I tried putting in a grass bitmap as apart of the terrain shaders but they did not blend to well. Trying to make an oasis. Next up, trees.
  3. Setting the crosshair index to an invalid throws out some interesting results. Reminds me of one of the hud glitches that happened during the reach beta. Quick Edit: I haven't finished the electric bolt effect yet so using plasma pistol proj for the time being, also has a custom gauge on the side of the weapon now. Shoulder mounted rail gun is also in the works, uses the rocket launcher with the "tubes" scale set to 0 and some extra bits in the form of crates scaled and textured to look like rails.
  4. Well I'll be dammed, Chaos ain't dead. 

  5. Managed to fall asleep in VR, gg.

    1. CabooseSayzWTF


      I wanna fall asleep in vr ._.

  6. General

  7. Attention to detail, good stuff.
  8. General

    Last time I checked (nearly 3 years ago), it installs a shit ton of adware. Don't use that garbage program.
  9. Hsc slammin, fucking nabbed it in the butt. Strike 2!

  10. Support

    You may want to reword that post, needs to be way more descriptive if you are going to get any help. I'm also going to assume you are just shooting bipeds out of a weapon in which case, they will do nothing.
  11. Support

    For some serious space use one of the "box" BSPs and change the texture to a perfect green. This will give you plenty of space. I'd suggest going for a blue screen if you plan on using stock vehicle textures, the green on UNSC vehicles etc can be troublesome.
  12. General

    If you were banned on live you must have been doing something rather... rash. That type of material is not welcome here. Check out the tutorial sections for some decent info, and make sure to grab the latest build of Assembly.
  13. .MAP

    Just for poking changes to memory, you'll need a plugin for dashlaunch. Some strange people even use those old RTE xex launchers.
  14. Support

    That is an incredibly unspecific question, it's like asking someone colour has my neighbour painted his room when that someone lives on the other side of the world. Specificity what have you injected, asset/tag wise. EG: mode:weapons\bigdick phmo:weapons\notsobigdick etc.