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  1. You need to isolate the tags you want, injecting a BSP is not just a right click extract/inject process. Go check zedd's tutorial on the matter.
  2. Dont bother injecting anything such as BSPs as you'll very quickly hit a file size limit. You be better off starting from scratch and either porting or writing the scripts yourself in a new map. If you want to make AI spawners just use an effects, see gamecheats setup for examples.
  3. Use this build, or the one from zedds github. If you need some tagnames here is mine: Link Just rename it as the m23 tag list name and it will work fine.
  4. Its the same as H3, just do any block adding/deletion or tag extraction/injection in TagTool. TagTool: Link How to use TagTool: Link
  5. .MAP

    So what are you actually asking for?
  6. Modding

    You could do that but you would get all the extra AI that comes along with it. Its entirely up to the user.
  7. Modding

    I think you are being a tad ambitious, its good none the less but first: Track down what part of the script spawns those particular turrets (Use their "squads\single spawn" name to find the ai_place for them. (EG: "phantom_spawn\pilot1" Edit the script so that the ai_place for them is outside the difficulty checks. There is not a lot of work to do, its just navigating the expressions is half the battle.
  8. Notepad++ Halo 3 Script View File Import this language to get a nicer definition, based on an older user defined language for Halo CE. If you find any issues please post them in the comments. Submitter Akarias Submitted 04/17/2018 Category Halo 3  
  9. Notepad++ Halo 3 Script

    Version 1.0.0


    Import this language to get a nicer definition, based on an older user defined language for Halo CE. If you find any issues please message me.
  10. the index for the expressions is based on where you paste the data. so you could copy from index 50 into index 10 but the expression would still have all of the same data as it did when sitting at 50.
  11. yep thats how it should work, youll need to correct the indexes if you are placing tge expressions in a different index to the original map.
  12. Another quickie.
  13. Still takes 30 mins to upload 15mb but here. Only added 2 points due to it being tedious to link them under the link indexes etc. Bonus pelican doing its thing. Ill add more than one firing point next time. :v
  14. I was setting up some AI objectives and zones, got side tracked and quickly made this to make sure I did not break anything during the process. (Ignore those discord pings) Nothing special but I've got a few plans for this BSP in multiplayer. And what tick rate does the MP engine run at? I've only tested some stuff locally but don't know if latency will cause issues.
  15. Modding

    By the way, the reason no AI spawned within that extra shade you placed was because a different squad is magically loaded into the shade. This is done for scripting reasons. You can enable an AI to be spawned WITH the turret by setting the "Seat Type" to anything other than "Spawn Vehicle Only". This is not the proper way to do it but it will work. (Actually it may not work if you do not spawn in with the correct zone set/BSPs loaded, it will be out of bounds and instantly die.) Another example of this is the warthog you are magically loaded into on voi, a squad is spawned "Spawn Vehicle Only" so it spawns empty but gets referred to as a squad even though its just a vehicle. Then the very first AI in the initial marine squad is magically loaded into the warthogs driver seat. The initial marine squad has an objective set and it does not use a command script to arrive at its destination other than setting the vehicles max speed to 0.7 of 1. It's neat to see how different scriptwriters from Bungie wrote things in different ways.