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  1. Support

    Please check the date of threads before you reply to them. Depending on where you are in the level, the asset may not be loaded. If you dont fancy loading the assets correctly you can force them to be added to the global zoneset. Right click on the tag, so in your case the projectile tag and click forceload. It should now work regardless of where you are in the level. Be warned that loading too much can cause problems.
  2. Make a backup copy first of course, launch without the anti cheat and mod to your hearts content.
  3. You need to use a different branch of assembly for MCC Reach support.
  4. Assembly does not have support for content manipulation like that yet. Everything game related is stored in the map files. The MCC-WindowsNoEditor.pak is for the unreal engine menu system and has nothing to do with actual blam content. If you don't fancy waiting around you can do it manually. Of course you will need to use your initiative due to the various changes in MCCReach. I'd advise just waiting unless you want to learn more about the inner workings of the raw resource system.
  5. Offtopic but the datums for anything script related need to be corrected, they are back to front for obvious reasons. Just a name change.
  6. You can omit the xbdm references etc. and still build it.
  7. Woo reach is on PC now! Time to mod the living hell out of it. Before we get started, make sure to make a backup of your game files, for steam users you will find them under: 'C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Halo The Master Chief Collection\haloreach\maps' First and foremost get your self the latest dev build of assembly & compile it. You can find the repository at: Github Don't download builds that you find on google or those awful nexus style websites, who knows whats in them. Modding MCC is actually rather straight forward if we are just talking about map files, its business as usual if you have experience modding previous titles both on console and PC; Simply navigate to the map file in assembly and open it up. You can poke, save & of course extract and inject tags between maps! If you are looking for tutorials there are plenty of them here on the websites, I will admit most of them are quite old now but their ideas still apply and there is much to be learnt from reading them. Check out the various tutorial sections. One thing to remember is that the Halo games are very similar when it comes to their tag systems, most methods / ideas can be applied to multiple games so dont be afraid to explore and adapt old information that you find kicking around. I've never modded halo before, what should I do? Experiment of course! Each of the levels that you play in game are stored in .map files. You can use a program like assembly to open these files and tinker around with its inner workings. When you open a map you will be greeted by a screen that looks like this: Looks pretty scary right? Wrong! Welcome to tag modding! Every single thing that you see in game has something called a "tag", on the left hand side of the screen you will see the various "classes" of tags that comprise the map. Take a look at the [bipd]Biped class, its where all the various bipeds that are used for players and AI etc are stored. If you have a campaign map open, you can open the spartans biped tag to see some infomation. For multiplayer open the spartans_mp biped tag, or if you are playing as an elite... I think you get the idea. Now take a look at the new screen that has opened up, we call this the meta editor. To make a long story very short its just a very fancy looking hex editor that makes your life easy when it comes to finding and editing tags. You can scroll down using the scroll bar on the side, but far more efficient to search for what you are looking for. Press Ctrl+F to open up the search bar and you can then type in the name of what you are looking for. Lets look for "jump": You can click on the drop down box to choose from the various found items, it will take you straight to them. Neato. We can see the jump velocity and that it is stored in the tag as a single-precision floating-point value. Let's do something silly like change it to 5. You can then press save and start the map in MCC... or if you already have the game running and open on that exact map you can do something called "poking"; poking lets you make changes in real time so there is no need to save and reload the map. (Please note that having a map open in MCC means you will not be able to save to it, so return back to the lobby before you save any changes.) Poked changes only exist while the map is running. After you end the game the changes are lost. Note: poking can cause crashes but it depends. That's it! Your first ever MCC mod done. Why not explore the [weap]weapons tag class and see what you can cook up? Perhaps some vehicles? There is too much to cover in a single post so carefully explore around the various tags, see what interests you and play around for a while. When you feel ready take a look at some of the tutorials that are kicking around and have a go at them, build your knowledge and it will be second nature to you. You wont be creating AI, forging in campaign or doing complex things just yet. Learn how the system works first. (Feel free to download patches for these though, nothing wrong with that) I hope this helped you out if you are new around here or to modding in general. Not many people have stuck around to mod reach over the years but perhaps that will change now. Go make some cool stuff!
  8. I wasnt in any of the flights, so I'm still getting used to things with MCC PC. I've been loading in extra BSPs one at a time, so far so good. Some quick SP to MP conversion while I play around with things:
  9. Modding

    Goto your desired biped tag, goto the seats block and add a new block to it. Give the seat a marker & entry marker. Check the render model tag of the biped for the various markers you can use. Provide a valid animation, wathog_d for example will do. You can enable some seat flags such as "Make the player invisible" etc.
  10. .MAP

    Holy necro post. Take a loot at the dam dates yo
  11. Modding

    (IIRC) Reticles are stored in a spire sheet bitmap, this bitmap is used by the chdt along with an index to choose the sprite from the bitmap. If you want to change a crosshair outright for a custom one then you must edit/replace the sprite sheet bitmap with a custom one. You can also change various widgets here too or add additional widgets to the hud. You can do some fun stuff here.
  12. I already said, look into animation inheriting. Take a look at the map scripts and see what animations are used. It wont be a fun process.
  13. You cant just swap things and expect them to work. For cutscenes everything is a premade animation. If some of these fail it screws around with the scripts and as a result the scripts may not run, it depends. No you cant just "fix" these things without having the correct animations present.
  14. Thats because most of the animations dont exist for the marines. You pretty much have no other choice but to inherit the animations onto the marines. Fuck dat (Unless mr zedd has made something to automate it)
  15. The ai_allegiance opcode does the job too. You can directly associate the player (team 0) with any other team(s) should you wish. The team expressions are just an integer, 0 being player, 1 human, 2 covenant... etc.