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  1. Those words did not come from mine, consider it a quote. I mean who isn't ready to start comparing stuff, we already know the general layout its just filling in the gaps.
  2. Go learn Halo CE scripting. [Link] Scripting Guide by TCK [Link] Kornman's BSL Bible [Link] CE Script
  3. Reach

    Not to highjack your question gc but I've never been able to get watson to work correctly with any debug communicator that I have (various sdk versions). There is not something specific I need to do right?
  4. Reach

    I cant remember them nor find the chat log where zedd showed me, I've probs got a few files on the RGH. Im sure zedd will pop in and post them.
  5. Reach

    There is actually an opcode in reach that can print strings from the scenario string table straight to the player interaction feed (Kill feed, weapon pickups etc), It's been my goto for debugging on a retail console. Zedd shared a handy change that you can make to instead have the opcode write to a unused hud element. Have a poke around here by the way, its unfinished but will parse everything. AST etc. Not all of my changes to assembly's script generator have been pulled into the dev branch yet as I never finished them. It should throw errors with invalid expressions etc. cant remember if I ever commit those though.
  6. I'm going to be honest rather than straight up troll here, if you put as much effort into asking where to start / how to do such things it would actually be real. If you are handy with C/C#, have a look at TagTool's ReplaceRenderGeometry command and the RenderModelBuilder that goes along with it. I really would have thought that after a few years you may grown up just a wee bit. Have some recent and old stuff as compensation.
  7. General

    You can change the styl tag for the AI so that they crouch when attacking iirc, you then swap the crouch animation for the walking one. This does not solve the problem of the spawn AI having no objectives/zones assigned to them so you should only use this spawning method for silly things and testing. Nor does it solve a lack of proper path finding on MP maps etc etc.
  8. When MCC gets released... I'm pretty sure the entire halo modding scene is going to come together, bend the engine over backwards and give it a royal thrashing.
  9. Reach Unlock

    Version 1.2


    The original reach unlock tool, uploading in case anyone needs it for modding with xenia. Xenia does not fair well with Zedd's unlock patch so until the emulator is up to speed this can remove the map checks. Launch with the -ignore parameter to ignore file checks and apply changes anyway. Includes XeXTool.
  10. Support

    Dont change HLMTs. If you want to play as another unit, change it in the globals tag and thats it.
  11. Support

    You need to change the third person unit in the globals tag MATG.
  12. MP maps have no pathfinding altogether. Use the squads block in the scnr to setup AI. There are a few tutorial s around for it.
  13. Support

    You need to adjust a interaction value in the PHMO tags, cant remember specifically. Somthing with the `Polyhedra` block.
  14. .MAP

  15. Same thing can be done with the V3 if you have the correct files for it, it "learns" for a lack of better words. As long as the power isnt unplugged from the console it will remember the optimal timing.
  16. Shits out of date and some parts are flat out wrong, you have been warned. Fantastic, you can now navigate expressions according to the script itself and hopefully will be able to see any "invisible" expressions that assembly does not show. Let's have a go at writing our first expressions, the classic low-gravity script. Good stuff, you can now write a basic script. All you really need to do now is read some example scripts or the single player scripts for examples on how to write certain values and expressions. Below will be some examples of logic and detecting player input.
  17. Bloody hell the devil still exists. Your research with AMD and co was of serious help an august or two ago where I spent two weeks smashing my face into expressions and finally worked everything out. Im pushing some changes to my assembly fork with some extra bits in it. Ive tried to write a compiler a few times but Ive never wrote a proper lexer before. Not long after doing that I found this: I was enraged. I spent some time with Vadam on discord, he can script now.
  18. Take a look at the "survival_mode*" opcodes, there are tons of functions for dealing with firefight. You could either make a script that checks the round for an increment and renews any previously dead squads or you could add some extra lines into the existing round scripts. Reach Specific documentation iirc. Old but none the less useful.
  19. Reasons. Some info is this is flat out wrong and over complicates things. Nuking into a quote with fair warning, forgot this post even existed.
  20. General iirc.
  21. Modding

    If you are adding AI to a campaign map you will need a few extra expressions to get the AI to spawn at the right time. EG if I added some extra AI into the middle of The Storm in halo 3 I would also need to alter the script(s) that spawn those AI with a extra ai_place that spawns my own extra squads. These squads will also need the correct zones and objectives in order to do anything interesting outside of just standing there or defaulting to the patrol behaviour. If you enable the initially placed flag and they exist outside of the very first loaded BSP in that map, after spawning they will cease to exist/be unloaded depending on the zoneset etc. As for adding the extra lines of Blam script there is no public compiler yet. Sorry about that but you will need to learn to manually write out the needed expressions.
  22. Modding

    If you are on a console you'll need to poke a shader refresh in order for the changes to take effect after you have poked your changes. eg: 0x828E676E for Halo 3. I made those in a few mins specifically for this thread. Those values also control other aspects of the shader(s) so be careful with what you change. Some control the UV unwrap of the bitmap etc. <--- Here you can see part of a map that I moved. <--- Finished product
  23. Modding

    Weapon numbers are a sprite sheet and they react well to tint changes iirc, so yeah. I remember something along the lines of changing the "display" shader will add a tint to the entire ammo counter on weapons like the AR. Or you can just go overboard like this. Its HO but same idea.
  24. Modding

    Just change the shader tint values. Go to the render model and check the shaders, one of them will be the numbers. Goto it and adjust the values there.