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  1. Modding

    If you are adding AI to a campaign map you will need a few extra expressions to get the AI to spawn at the right time. EG if I added some extra AI into the middle of The Storm in halo 3 I would also need to alter the script(s) that spawn those AI with a extra ai_place that spawns my own extra squads. These squads will also need the correct zones and objectives in order to do anything interesting outside of just standing there or defaulting to the patrol behaviour. If you enable the initially placed flag and they exist outside of the very first loaded BSP in that map, after spawning they will cease to exist/be unloaded depending on the zoneset etc. As for adding the extra lines of Blam script there is no public compiler yet. Sorry about that but you will need to learn to manually write out the needed expressions.
  2. Reach Unlock

    Version 1.2


    The original reach unlock tool, uploading in case anyone needs it for modding with xenia. Xenia does not fair well with Zedd's unlock patch so until the emulator is up to speed this can remove the map checks. Launch with the -ignore parameter to ignore file checks and apply changes anyway. Includes XeXTool.
  3. Modding

    If you are on a console you'll need to poke a shader refresh in order for the changes to take effect after you have poked your changes. eg: 0x828E676E for Halo 3. I made those in a few mins specifically for this thread. Those values also control other aspects of the shader(s) so be careful with what you change. Some control the UV unwrap of the bitmap etc. <--- Here you can see part of a map that I moved. <--- Finished product
  4. Modding

    Weapon numbers are a sprite sheet and they react well to tint changes iirc, so yeah. I remember something along the lines of changing the "display" shader will add a tint to the entire ammo counter on weapons like the AR. Or you can just go overboard like this. Its HO but same idea.
  5. Modding

    Just change the shader tint values. Go to the render model and check the shaders, one of them will be the numbers. Goto it and adjust the values there.
  6. .MAP

    ya just asking for it mate
  7. Run assembly as an administrator, right click "Run as administrator". Make sure to close any other programs that may have the file open.
  8. Dimund got me interested in editing animations, so with a bit of help from dany I got the following last night. This is Halo Online but its the same idea for any engine on xbox. Its not much but the forum is a bit dead so.
  9. .MAP

    Yes, this will work for campaign maps too. But something to note is that Halo 3 does not use the upgraded squads system that you see in ODST/Reach, to make these changes for Halo 3 you can either edit the [char] tags or swap the tagrefs in the [scnr] scenario character palette. To change what unit you play as do the following: Open assembly. Open desired map. Find the globals [matg] tag class. Goto the Third Person Representation block, edit to your liking. Note this block has a few different indexes: chief, arbiter, elite1, elite2 etc... Save and play.
  10. .MAP

    Open assembly. Open desired firefight map. Find the squad_templates tag class. Edit the tags to your liking Save and play.
  11. Thats not how it works, there is far more to it than just copy and pasting data between engine versions. Its a child object, added in the object properties tag HLMT.
  12. There are no custom animations, everything that you see for HO is weighed onto existing rigs. Pretty much all console mods are made with render models that already exist in game but have been scaled and had new shaders added to them, those models are then attached as child objects to the original model. Say I have a warthog and want my wheels to actually be traffic cones, I would take the traffic cone and scale it to my liking and then attach it as a child object to the warthog model at the wheel nodes, then I would turn the wheels invisible by replacing or editing shaders. AI Playground is a BSP ported from campaign, the big empty cube gets used across a few maps. If you port it you will need custom lightmap bitmaps and some changes to the terrain shaders so you can actually see the BSP. The tools for creating custom models for the xbox 360 version of the engine do not publicly exist, if you are C# savvy you could take a look at TagTool's source code and get the render model replacement working for the xbox 360 version of the engines.
  13. Assembly does not have a script compiler. There is more to editing scripts than just hitting a compile button. It was placed there as a joke years ago. You can either learn to edit scripts manually or wait until I finish a more user friendly and feature complete compiler.
  14. I couldve sword you were a mod of some kind back then.
  15. Fun fact: Basically everyone from 2011-ish came from S7. Zedd was even a mod there. Echs dee.
  16. Even just the text files would be greatly appreciated, if they are what I think they are.
  17. Set the global for playing cut scenes to false. Go into your SCNR and goto script globals, find g_play_cinematics (this will vary between games) and make note of the expression index. <--- The dev build of assembly has a tick box for script info, I suggest you use it. (h100, ODST) Next goto script expressions and goto the block index according to what you noted, in my case its 13914. The expression will vary between games, all you need to do now is set the data so it returns false. You may need to add a line to your plugin depending on what version of the engine you are using (Not require for H3, so you can skip this). EG in quote below: Change the first int8 in the data to 0. <-- red box yo, called data 00 or something in default plugins Great, now go check your global in the script decompiler, it should be false now. Make sure to close and reopen to see your changes. Doing this will make the scripts skip the cinematic scripts entirely.
  18. Modding

    Jump to your relevant effect tag, goto the parts block and remove any particle tags. There will be a tagref with the suffix of prt3 for each one that is used. It sounds like you want to remove effects entirely? Just null the effe tag for whatever it is you want to remove.
  20. You can either poke the memory address for it or set it on a bipd by bipd basis:
  21. PLEASE NOTE: I'm working on a NEW guide: SCRIPTS LIST: [Link] Placeholder cs_fly_to example: PasteBin Complete fly to example, uses indexes 18-33 with some empty space in the middle. Points are set to Set 0 with index 0. Go learn Halo CE scripting. [Link] Scripting Guide by TCK [Link] Kornman's BSL Bible [Link] CE Script
  22. Gametype

    What do you mean by "Where do I put?" you need to be a bit more specific.
  23. .MAP

    Use the dev build of assembly, it is far better than the old master build.
  24. Modding

    Pretty sure its a shader function that deals with the 'glow'. Go check the brutes shaders from odst and have a look.